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The Survival Intensive course provided me not only a comfort in survival basics, but also the inspiration to ask bigger questions of myself. Note to MSB Members – I have gotten you guys a 10% discount on the 180 Stove, a special link is already on the Benefits Page of Your MSB Account. Today Curt joins us to discuss short and long term survival skills in nature including shelter (year around), water, food, staying hidden or getting found, simple traps, fire starting, and more.  But more importantly, he explains how critical community is in emergency situations. Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon.
Alex Leavens has a long wilderness and survival background that includes: the Eagle Scout Award, back-country ranger and climbing assistant in the Hoh River Valley, Olympic National Park. He has also served as a wild land firefighter in three states and as an instructor for the Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS).  He has studied Aikido for over a decade  and studied extensively under Jon Young, founder of the Wilderness Awareness School (WAS). We also discuss tracking lore, the tails of dangerous game hunters Jim Corbett and Robert Ruark and what many predatory animal’s abilities can teach us about tracking as a skill. Zak would spend year upon year learning about local natives, searching for arrowheads and seeking out wild edibles, more importantly, he learned self reliance, integrity and a love of solitude from his Grandfather. The Human Path is an ecology-based, wilderness-survival and wilderness-living school offering a huge variety of outdoor, bushcraft classes (outdoor fitness, wilderness and primitive living skills, wilderness medicine, herbology, self defense, teamwork and leadership, primitive engineering, permaculture certification, aquaponics, green building and much more) in both the San Antonio and Austin areas of Texas. Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon.
Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Well it is Monday and time to air your questions, comments and concerns.  Today we discuss subjects like second hand shotgun maintenance, self watering air conditioner gardens, the ass clowns ramming a health care bill down our throats and more. Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. David Wendell of Bushcraft on Fire joins us today, so while I am at my BOL today you guys still get a show.  I met Dave at Dirttime09 and we struck up a friendship so I asked him to appear on TSP.
There is an extremely good reason for this, which is the same reason I founded and run a very successful survival and herbalism school in Texas: Plant medicine may be all that we have to turn to in a post-disaster situation and the resulting loss of all or most existing allopathic medical care. In a world without clinics, emergency rooms or even doctors, how would you take care of yourself or a loved one who had a chronic illness like diabetes?
There is another reason for this renewed interest in plant medicine however, and that reason is that plant medicine works.
My point is that you can absolutely use herbal medicine as a very successful part of your post-disaster medicine plan. To not do so is the equivalent of packing a bug-out bag or a first-aid kit and storing it away, to never even look at it again until an emergency happens and you actually need it. Let’s talk specifically about different types of herbal medicine in a post-disaster, remote or even post-apocalyptic environment. This article is an overview, so as an overview, here is a table of some very useful medicinal herbs and their uses throughout the healing of acute, traumatic injury. Moving from acute trauma into acute illness, we know that when people get sick all of a sudden, there is often some type of infectious agent involved.
There are certain herbs that have more of an affinity for this type of tissue than other herbs do.
Chronic illness is a huge concern to a lot of people focused on disaster preparedness who may have a chronic condition that requires pharmaceutical medication. While there is obviously no way to address full herbal and natural treatment of a chronic condition within the limitations of an article this size, or even any article (as opposed to in-person consultation), I can at least point you in the right direction in regards to some of the most chronic and problematic illnesses in a post-disaster situation. In the chart below, there are a list of general chronic conditions and the herbs that may be effective in helping your body deal with those conditions. All chronic conditions have underlying causes that are often not addressed by pharmaceutical medicine, and have to be addressed when using herbal or natural medicine. Gymnema, Esperanza, Prickly Pear Cactus or any plant high in inulin such as Burdock root, etc.

For anxiety-related hypertension, nerviness like Skullcap, Passionflower and Wood Betony can be helpful. Again, asthma and COPD can stem from so many possible causes that it is not possible to begin to address here in any kind of depth.
At The Human Path herbal medic courses, we learn how to make a huge variety of herbal preparations in hands-on classes. Knowing how to make and use all of the various preparation methods of herbs is as important as knowing the herb itself. As mentioned earlier in the article, one of the common misunderstandings about herbs is that an herb is like pharmaceutical. Hopefully this article has given you a short introduction to the usefulness of botanical medicine not just as a preventative, or for minor illness and injury, but as a skill that could save your life in a time of great need. At Earth Native we believe that long term mentoring situations are the best way to learn these incredible skills. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. This love was kindled at an early age by his Grandparents, who were themselves a product of the Great Depression.
Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show.
Class Registration Related Links Videos Contact Us Edible Wild Plants of Texas (Non-woody Species) by Primitive Texas Press COYOTE CLUB About UsMark Suter Mark grew up camping and hiking in a region known as the Callahan Divide of western Texas.
At that point you can no longer remember what’s in your bag or kit, or how to use it, and half the items are likely too old to use. To organize the discussion, let’s start with acute medical emergencies and then move into health conditions that are usually considered chronic. For the purposes of this article, I will only use common names rather than scientific names of the plants, however if you are interested in plant medicine, you will want to also start learning scientific names (it’s a lot easier than you might think) in order to always be certain of what plant you are learning about. If this is an open wound, take care that you are not helping the tissue regrow on top of infection, or you will end up with a very dangerous infection under the skin. Illness is caused by more than just pathogens, but a combination of a weakened immune system (from things like exhaustion, poor sanitation, poor nutrition, chemical toxins, stress and sleep deprivation) combined with an exposure to some type of pathogen, is quite often what causes an acute illness to take place.
For instance if you have strep throat, while you would want to take certain anti-microbial herbs, your body would also obtain great assistance from herbs that support the mucosal and sub-mucosal layers of the throat that are being attacked. People with diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension, heart conditions and multitudes of other chronic illnesses that people in the USA take medications for every day.
Please bear in mind that there is a lot more to treatment of a chronic disease than just taking one or more of the herbs in the table. This also includes many energetic concepts that need to be taken into account, dosage concerns over a long period of time, etc.
One of them is that the route of ingestion or absorption by your body can have a lot of different variations. Preparations like tinctures, glycerites, salves, oils, liniments, cough syrups, capsules, baths, poultices, plasters, suppositories, steam inhalations, eye washes, throat sprays, teas (infusions), decoctions, and more. Usually, direct application of the herb (or solution containing as much of the herb as possible) to the part of the body that needs it, means a much more effective pathway to help the body heal. For instance, you just take the plant orally like a pill and it directly kills all bacteria (good and bad). A few possible examples of this would be when there simply is no other type of medical care available, or a time when antibiotics are no longer effective against resistant bacteria because of the way in which antibiotics have been overused for agriculture and medicine. For this reason we are pleased to offer this opportunity for you to learn the ancient arts of survival and self-sufficiency.

Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.
It was here amid the Juniper and Pecan Forests where his love of wild places and the skills to live in these places first developed. Special Forces Green Beret Medic with over 20 years experience working with medicinal plants. Green Beret Medic) and have been using plant medicine for over 20 years for myself, clients and family, for many health issues that people normally go to an emergency room or go to a clinic for. In fact, I highly recommend that if you are serious about herbal medicine as a post-disaster medical option, you need to start using it now.
Studying, learning and using herbal medicine for your own personal health needs is the fastest way to become slowly acquainted with medicinal plants and how they work. Please note that this article is in no way meant to be a substitution for care from a licensed doctor or health care professional.
This often makes the herbs for that area very useful on different levels for whatever disease processes we find in that region of the body. This list is a general list, and the manner in which herbs are taken, as well as the use of other herbs, exercise and nutrition not stated in the list, will likely apply to any chronic condition. Especially in the realm of chronic conditions, there often has to be a complete lifestyle change and a change in your own level of awareness and responsibility toward your own body and understanding what it needs to slowly balance itself into better health.
This means that we can put the herb into or onto a region of the body where it is much more effective.
We also have an online herbology course that covers the same fundamental material and skills.
It is important to understand that this kind of information could easily take lifetimes of learning.
For over 15 years now, he has been traveling to natural areas acrossA the United StatesA to learn, practice, and live the lifeway that he so dearly loves, primitive wilderness living.
I have also had several doctors approach me over the years wanting to work more with herbs because they are tired of dealing with a pharmaceutical-driven health care system that is broken in many ways.
Taking an herb only orally means that the herb has to pass through the body’s digestive system before being absorbed into the bloodstream.
Although many herbs have very anti-pathogenic properties and do work in this way against pathogens, the real goal when using herbs is to let the plant medicine help the body’s own natural immunity move back into balance so that it can heal itself.
This short article should by no means be your only reference to acute (or chronic) botanical therapy. Is there infection or possibility of infection due to the nature of how the injury occurred? During this process, it is filtered (to a large extent) through the liver before finally ending up in the bloodstream and having its effect in that manner.
There are many herbs, however, that will not work effectively through the bloodstream in this manner.
Experience by trial and error have shaped Mark throughout his life, so he now has a very thorough knowledge of what works and what does not work. He also works with the Lipan ApacheA Indians down in south Texas on survival programs and events. Mark believes that the primitive living skills are an art and science that give people not only a greater sense of security in the outdoors, but a connection to the earth in a real way.
Amy currently works for Texas A&M University and is an integral part of running Primitive Texas by helping in class preparation and with skills during the classes. She continues to seek out the wild places of Texas and provides the logistics for the school to operate.

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