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The basic wilderness survival kit items are developed while focusing on certain areas and include items that are useful for specific terrain and climate.
For those who are traveling to some extremely cold areas, the survival kit should always consist of items that will help in keeping a person dry and warm during inclement weather or cold nights.
Survival during any outdoor adventure primarily depends on availability of clean drinking water. Compass can prove their value when a person gets lost in the dense jungles or within the mountain terrains. Equipping yourself with some basic wilderness survival kit items would ensure that you enjoy the thrill to the fuller extent. Description: From smallest to largest, our Wilderness Series includes the Trekker, Companion, Guardian and Survivor Survival Kits. The Wilderness Survivor Survival Kit is the best equipped kit in the Best Glide Wilderness Series of Survival Kits. Some things for every activity: you should always make sure you have a first aid kit regardless of where you are going and what you are doing. Boating for a day: If you are going to be over any water, you should have a flotation device if your boat overturns. Hiking in the Woods: If you are journeying into the wilderness for a day, and there are no real roads along the path that you are traveling, you should try to complete your trip within one day to avoid camping out.
You can also use some rope to attach the plastic to some trees, such as paranoid because it is inexpensive and not very bulky.
Food and water are the most critical supplies for survival and this kit includes a food bar & water pouches. The benefits of a body attached system means that it won’t take up space in your pack, but more importantly, it means if you somehow lose your pack this survival kit, being attached to you, is still with you.
Looking at the picture it’s pretty self explanatory although if you put together something like this be sure you actually know how to use each item within the kit.

Depending on the type of outdoor adventure, the items and tools should be chosen appropriately. In a situation where the person is unable to move or talk, the whistle can be used for alerting nearby rescuers and hikers. Emergency blankets can also be packed into Small Square which can help to shelter and provide warmth. Since, it is not possible to predict emergencies beforehand; it is always advisable to carry water purification drops or tablets to make sure that the water consumed is free from bacteria and other harmful substances. Unlike, button compasses, it is better to have large compass with a diameter of about two inches. It is obvious that you would not like some unwanted incidents to spoil your entire expedition.
It includes an extensive selection of high quality survival equipment, much of which is NATO or U.S.
If you are going to taking a long trip and hiking far away or if you are going to go boating nearby, your outdoor survival kit will be very different in these cases so you need to figure out what you are going to do first.
However, if you do not know much at all about your destination’s landscape, you should definitely stock up on as much food as possible.
Some places have laws so that everyone has to carry a flotation device, but make sure you have one for every person in the boat.
However, if you are stuck in the woods overnight and the weather is hot, you will not have a tent and you will not be prepared for an overnight stay. It contains more than what you need to survive the crucial first 72 hours whether stranded in your home, your car, or in the wilderness. An LED crank-powered headlamp, a lightstick, a survival blanket, and a wool cap will help keep you warm and safe. It contains more of the most needed items, adding a better stocked first aid kit, a highly rated survival guide, a mil spec material (Made in the USA) Survival Bag (choice of colors) and survival food among other quality additions.

On the other hand, while canoeing or kayaking, it is better to include flare gun within the kit in case there is an emergency in the water.
Lighters and matches resealed in plastic pouch are a necessity for any type of outdoor adventure as it helps in numerous ways. Re-sealable plastic bags are a great way to make sure that water can be stored for emergency situations.
Starting from preparation of meal to starting a fire to creating a shelter, a knife is the pre-requisite for any type of outdoor adventure. Also, always bring food like nuts and granola bars, plenty of water, and a flashlight for the night. Also, make sure you bring along some sunscreen because there is a lot of light shining on you when you are in a body of water. Water purification tablets to purify another 24 quarts of water, & a stainless steel bottle & fire fuel to enable you to boil water to purify an additional water supply to sustain you for some time.
A bright coloured fabric can also be used for alerting rescuers, putting pressure on wound, and tying the contents of the kit.
Roll of gauze, bandages, and basic painkiller should also be made part of the first aid kit. It is always better to have a sharpening stone so that the knife can be sharpened in case it gets blunt. Triangle bandages are a common recommendation for outdoor adventure activities as they help in attaching a splint or pressure dressing.

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