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People who travel, work, recreate or live in the wilderness and other remote areas must expect that, sooner or later, they will have to deal with an injury or medical problem. This Wilderness First Aid Course is affiliated with the Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ESCI), American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), and American College of Emergency Physicians (ECEP). Anyone who travels into the wilderness or other remote locations should be prepared to spend an unexpected night (or longer) in that setting. If you are alone or lost, you will have to deal with psychological factors such as; fear, loneliness, anxiety, depression and boredom.
This course will focus on the psychological and physical threats to your health and well being, outline your survival priorities and immediate threats and examine your resources and possible solutions.
This six day hands-on wilderness first aid and wilderness survival combination course is a must for backcountry adventurers and a great resource for experienced wilderness travelers.
When a school is one of the military’s go-tos for desert survival training, you know it means business. Whether for yourself or your children, you're looking for mentors, and perhaps for a whole community of like-minded folks to support the journey of deeply connecting with nature, others, and self.
You want to be guided into a deep relationship with the natural world, into a powerful connection with a nature based community of like-minded people, and into a profound awareness of your own true self. You want to be trained to be a nature based mentor, one who guides others into these same, powerful connections.
You want your kids to have deeply connective experiences that facilitate health & vibrancy like learning wild edible & medicinal plants, wilderness survival, or wildlife tracking. You want your kids to be part of a program with smaller group sizes and more instructors, one that facilitates real world challenges and believes youth are capable of so much more than the modern world asks of them. You want real mentors for your kids, people who will really show up for them and foster resiliency, responsibility, a work ethic, health, happiness, compassion, self-confidence, gratitude and inner peace. Hi, we are Tim Corcoran and Jeannine Tidwell, co-founders and co-directors of Twin Eagles Wilderness School. Frank now leads the Path of the Hunter Mentoring program and co-teaches the Ancestral Living Skills Apprenticeship program. Frank has a recreational leadership degree and has studied with some of the leading primitive technologists in this country, including Steve Allely, Errett Callahan, Jack Cresson, Jim Hamm, and Charles Worsham.
Frank is a trained citizen volunteer with Washington State’s “Eyes in the Woods” program and a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, and the National Wild Turkey Federation.
Frank’s depth of experience, professionalism, and his ability to help others master skills of their own, make him a unique and effective teacher.
After 15 years with the Tracker School, Karen returned to Washington to start Earthwalk Northwest with her husband, Frank. She has taught custom courses for numerous organizations, such as the Washington State Department of Ecology, Washington Outdoor Women, King County Parks, the Hyde School Wilderness Challenge Week, Ashland Wilderness Charter School, and The Earth Mentoring Institute. Karen is widely-respected plant expert and has assisted many outdoor skills schools and organizations with developing their curricula.

Mike Isaac: Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Mike was watching steelhead before he was 7 years old. This Wilderness First Aid Course provides comprehensive information about how to deal with medical emergencies when help is hours or even days away.
Urban first aid trains students to respond to medical emergencies when an ambulance is only minutes away.
What starts out to be an enjoyable reconnection with nature could turn out to be a nightmare if the unexpected should happen. If you are in a group you will have to deal with group dynamics and individual personalities of people in the group.
Your ability to survive, to a large extent, will be determined by your knowledge and skill level. Come join us in beautiful Northwest Montana and expand your wilderness skills and make new friends. Run by survival guru Tony Nester (inset) since 1989, Ancient Pathways offers classes in the art of bushcraft—“walking into the wilderness with a minimum of gear and relying on your skills while foraging and depending on nature‘s resources,” as Nester puts it—ranging from four to 14 days. He was introduced to ancestral living skills by renowned tracker and wilderness survival expert Tom Brown Jr.
He specializes in teaching skills such as bow making, traditional tanning, and wilderness survival.
He completed Washington State Hunter’s Education and Advanced Bow Hunter Education training, and earned a Master Hunter designation. She started backpacking, camping, fishing and hunting at an early age and shared her father’s affinity for all things growing. Karen is the lead instructor for the Ethnobotany Apprenticeship program and co-instructor for the Ancestral Living Skills Apprenticeship program.
Her professionalism and credibility are enhanced by a special gift for helping students become confident and comfortable with ethically harvesting and using plants.
He had his own drift boat before he was old enough to drive a car, and by the time he was out of high school, Mike was catching (and releasing) dozens of steelhead each season. A student of Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School, Don began teaching the art of fire by friction as part of a continuing adult education program and at Earthwalk Northwest’s summer Gatherings.
Hikers, skiers, climbers, hunters, horseback riders, snowmobiler’s, four wheelers, kayakers, canoeist’s, river rafters, fisherman, foresters, linesmen, ranchers, farmers, outdoor enthusiast, and people who live in small communities, or vacation homes where the EMS system may not be able to respond immediately, will all benefit greatly from this course. Wilderness first aid must focus on extended care, harsh environments, a lack of medical equipment, improvisation, outdoor specific injuries, rescues, evacuations, and more. Physically you may have to deal with fatigue, exposure, hypothermia, hyperthermia, rain, snow, lighting, insects, animals, etc.
The school’s signature course, says Nester, is the “Knife Only Survival Course” ($295), which actor Emile Hirsch used to train for his role in Into the Wild.
While there, they not only taught primitive living skills to thousands of students, but also developed and taught additional programs which they now continue through Earthwalk Northwest.

Over the past 35 years, he has taught thousands of students of all ages and from all walks of life, ranging from the military to law enforcement agencies to the Boy Scouts.
At 16, she met the rigorous qualifications for search and rescue where she participated in searches including mountain rescue as well as homicide cases.
In addition to wild edible and medicinal plants, her specialty areas of teaching include the vast and wondrous uses of seaweeds, as well as traditional Northwest basketry. She also teaches for and holds leadership positions with the Northwest Basket Weavers Guild. His passion for angling led him into the tackle industry, where he has worked as a salesman, tester, and developer. The author of Ravencroft Garden’s Slow Medicine column and the Mystery Plant series for student of all ages, J.T.
In 1998, he began taking classes with Earthwalk Northwest and has since taken all of the multi-day courses, plus a number of day classes. One good definition of wilderness survival is “The ability and the desire to stay alive (or thrive), all alone, or in a group, under adverse conditions, until rescued”. While studying ethnobotany at the University of Washington, the renowned tracker and wilderness survival expert Tom Brown Jr. Currently, her passions consist of the utilitarian uses of plants, including cordage, net making and natural plant dyes. Mike was also a Washington State Steelhead Guide, as well as a professional fishing guide in Alaska.
In addition to developing competency in flintknapping, Donn also fell in love with bow making and began to make bows at home out of whatever wood was handy. In addition to teaching a variety of classes, Frank used his outdoor skills training to help local authorities locate missing persons. He has taught a bow making fundamentals class at the Earthwalk Gathering since 2007 and assists Frank with the regular Earthwalk Bow Making class. After 16 years with the Tracker School, he returned to Washington to start Earthwalk Northwest with his wife, Karen. Angling students of all levels will be blown away by the depth of knowledge Mike Isaac has to share with them as our Fishing Specialist in The Path of The Hunter Mentoring Program. His love of the woods eventually led him to become a student at Earthwalk Northwest and his quest for the perfect knife eventually led him to the study of Blacksmithing.
After teaching workshops at the Gathering for several years he began teaching Blacksmithing to the Apprenticeship students which finally led to the creation of the Backyard Blacksmithing Class. When he’s not in the woods or in his garage working on his latest creation, Howard practices law in Yakima, Washington where he currently resides with his family.

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