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Wilderness Survival 101 will consist of basic map and compass reading, fire starting with a flint steel, gathering adequate tinders, finding water, building shelters, signaling for help, and successfully navigating mountain terrain.
Escape and evasion is the ability to flee from a potentially dangerous situation or group of violent people.
Escape and Evasion Level 2 is the "big brother" class of Level 1, digging deeper into stealth movement, scouting, covering your tracks, covering scent, diversion tactics, and superior camouflaging. This dynamic and demanding programme is designed for teams who need a cutting edge to their performance, challenging the way a group works in order to accomplish the task. With a range of survival problems demanding impeccable teamwork, you will be amazed at what your team can achieve. The South Coast of South Australia is the perfect location for many outdoor pursuits, in particular aquatics based programs. Wilderness Escape utilises campsites in Normanville, Victor Harbour, Hindmarsh Island, Robe and the infamous Coorong National Park. The US Military spends a considerable amount of time training its soldiers in the SERE program.
Evade and Escape for Preppers  involves self-preservation when your survival location cannot be defended or is overrun. It's always important to maintain an evade and escape kit, which can double as your Bug Out Bag. Unless you have been kidnapped or in a gunfight, you have no idea the danger you and your family will be exposed to. EBOLA Virus: A Basic Primer for Preppers Video Preview of Practical Prepping: No Apocalypse Required Situational Awareness For Preppers How About This Self-Sufficient Garden Pool Farm? One of South Australia’s true wilderness areas is quickly become one of Wilderness Escape’s most sought after and popular school program locations.  Kangaroo Island offers several memorable and priceless options to groups who venture across to the Island on the short ferry ride. There are world class bushwalking opportunities, from extended multi-day expeditions to achievable day walks. Why not go surfing with Wilderness Escape at one of Australia’s best beaches, Vivonne Bay or sand-boarding on the giant sand dunes of Little Sahara. Adelaide and it’s surrounding areas offer excellent opportunities for Rock Climbing and Abseiling.

Climbing and abseiling offer students many opportunities for fun, challenge,  problem solving as well as developing trust and support relationships between individuals. Wilderness Escape provides expertly trained and qualified rock climbing and abseiling guides that can cater for each groups needs. You will learn about making fire with natural materials, snaring and trapping food, finding edible bugs and plants, building multiple types of shelter, rope and climbing techniques.
This class will consist of learning stealth and scouting techniques in forested areas, as well as basic camouflaging of yourself and anything you do not want to be seen.
You will not be under our supervision, but alone with the other individuals in the class--surviving, escaping, and evading. Decision­ making in a survival situation has clear consequences and this challenge is no different.
Your teams have survived the emergency landing and now face the prospect of surviving in the wilderness until help arrives or until you can make good your escape!
Teams initially decide on priorities and then set out to recover essential survival equipment that has been parachuted into the area by a rescue team.
Only 100 kilometres from the CBD, the south coast region is close enough for flexible program styles yet far enough away to be able to experience the beauty of many of South Australia’s most popular adventure activity locations. We can cater for the adventurous, wanting a tent camping wilderness experience amongst the abundant wildlife and also for the keen tourists who want a more relaxed dorm style accommodation experience.
Visit the increasingly popular sites such as Kelly Hill Caves, Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch and the Flinders Chase National Park. Morialta Conservation Park and Onkaparinga Gorge are easily accessible for half of full day climbing and abseiling sessions in the Adelaide Hills. We also run specialised climbing programs in the Flinders Ranges, Mt Arapiles and the Grampians National Park. Whether its easy graded beginner routes or 100 metre high multi-pitch routes interstate, Wilderness Escape have the staff and experience to get you to the top. The program encompasses many survival skills including bushcraft and wilderness survival, emergency first aid, land navigation, camouflage techniques, methods of evasion and how to make improvised tools. Also, in the context of defending your retreat, know when to hold 'em and know when to fold them. Create a weapons and supplies cache along this route and the bug out location to allow you you to regroup.

Thus, an essential part of your preparedness plan needs to take into account an evade and escape strategy. New World Order Website Declares: a€?The New Society Is Almost Herea€?a€“Get Ready For a€?THE EVENTa€? (Videos) Plants Sizes, Plant Prices and the Value of the Plants We Sell. There is no shortage of activities on the island and the variety of accommodation options throughout the island means there is always a style of program that is perfectly suited to your organisations needs and outcomes. Information on the equipment needed and cost per class can be found  bon the COST AND EQUIPMENT tab to the right. Informaton on equipment needed and cost per class can be found by clicking on the COST AND EQUIPMENT tab to the right. Information on class costs and equipment needed can be found by clicking on the COST AND EQUIPMENT tab to the right. Other popular activities suited to the South Coast environment offered by Wilderness Escape include: windsurfing, raft building, beach carnivals, fishing, aquatic team challenges, surf safety and more. Sadly, as all preppers know, our biggest enemy after TEOTWAWKI will be our fellow man due to the desperate situation. Remaining stealth and under control will provide you your best chance of evading the marauders. Information on equipment needed and cost per class can be found by clicking on the COST AND EQUIPMENT tab to the right. Information on cost and equipment needed can be found by clicking on the COST AND EQUIPMENT tab to the right. Your best chance of survival will be to evade contact with others until you get where you are going.

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