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Recent events and natural disasters reveal our vulnerability when the comforts of home are removed. Mountain Scout Survival School exists to share with you the timeless and enduring wilderness survival skills of our ancestors; the primitive skills of sophisticated people.
View full sizeDaniel Wakefield PasleyShaun Deller, an instructor at Earth Northwest in Sellwood, is that new breed of wilderness survivalist tied to the land, but tied to the urban landscape, too.
A little more than five years old, Trackers (formerly called Trackers NW) has satellites in San Francisco and Bend.
In Portland, Deis said, the company had urban green spaces to offer classes and found kindred spirits in parents looking for activities for their children. Kids: Although Trackers shy away from comparisons to the Boy or Girl Scouts, summer programs in which kids earn badges for learning new skills and completing safety certifications have been among Trackers' most successful offerings, with 2,100 kids in the program around the country this summer. Community: Although it started with classes in urban centers (which it will continue to offer), Trackers will be transitioning toward wilderness and homesteading classes with more hands-on learning. Starting next summer, about 12 students will be building their own primitive shelters out of natural building materials, raising their own food and making their own clothes on a semiremote piece of land. Critics: Teaching people how to butcher and bowhunt animals has brought criticism to the organization in the past but, according to Deis, the most vocal dissent has been from the macho "dudes that run survival schools," he said. Whether you're camping, fishing, paddling, swimming, hiking, biking or just frolicking in the yard, we want to see photos of you experiencing the Oregon Outdoors.

Advance your skills – new fire techniques, low-debris shelter options, advanced snares.
Held in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, our advanced survival skills clinic takes the foundational knowledge from our beginner class and expands it to more highly refined skills and extreme situations. Take a day for yourself and reconnect with the amazing natural opportunities we have in Northern California while learning ancient skills that could save your life! Learning these skills will prepare you to survive comfortably without the luxuries of our modern world.
Awaken to how capable you are and how fulfilling it is to be shed the need for today's comforts we are accustomed to. The Portland location, however, with offices in Sellwood and property in Sandy, is the mother ship. Living on the property seven days a week for a year, they'll begin with neither the standard comforts of home nor standard camping comforts.
It is an excellent opportunity to work with our instructors on advancing your survival knowledge as well as applying these skills without the use of modern tools.
Students who have completed at least 60 hours of self-study on the topics taught in the Level 1 class may skip the Immersion Overnight requirement. Our current social system and reliance on technology has separated us from our innate abilities to connect with the earth.

From this experience, choose your Trail of Journey and continue your modern renaissance in primitive and survival skills.
Students can learn how to build boats, make rope, identify plants, hunt, gather, forage and track animals in the wild, depending on the class. Additional fire-by-friction techniques are taught, new traps and snares will be built, and several other advanced skills. Additionally, you must have either taken our immersion overnight program or undergone a minimum of 60 hours of self-study on the topics introduced at the Level 1 class. Registering for this class without taking the level 1 class could result in you being excused from the class without refund.
Exact directions, maps, recommended packing lists, and other details will all be provided during the registration process.
But like a social movement, there is a greater purpose, a secular commitment to something bigger than the skills learned.

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