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Australian author Markus Zusak wrote this book in 2005 and it has won numerous awards as was listed on The New York Times Bestseller list for more than 200 weeks. We are also delighted to have 2 new authors joining the Fiction Express family, a very warm welcome to Saviour Pirotta and Jo Franklin. Saviour will be delighting you with an Ancient Greek mythical adventure and Jo will be taking us all into the wilderness to check out our survival skills – compasses at the ready!
CONTENTS:* playing board* rules folder* six player aid cards* 45 power cards* eight special power cards* 360 player counters (60 x 6 sets)* 53 marker counters"Amoeba Wars is a fast, exciting game of galactic struggle for two to six players. CONTENTS:* 1 24"x22" Mounted Gameboard * 1 8"x22" Mounted Gameboard* 1 16-page Rulebook with Historical & Designer's Notes* 2 Sheets of Die-Cut Playing Pieces* 24 Pirate Cards* 40 Action Cards * 8 Ship Logs"A highly-informative game, BLACKBEARD puts to rest several myths about those who went "A-Pyrating", while relating the careers of another era's scoundrels who became infamous, yet were often admired by the common man for their misdeeds. CONTENTS:• 256 Die-Cut Counters • 22"x24" Mapboard • Rules Booklet and Historical Notes• 17 Victory Point Cards"Britannia is The Avalon Hill Game Company's new multiplayer game about the 1000 year history of the birth of Britain. CONTENTS:• rules booklet (16 pages)• 2 piece mounted mapboard• 260 counters"Dark Emperor is a fantasy wargame for two players set in the unique world of Loslon. Down with the King: A Fantasy Political Game [BOX SET]"DOWN WITH THE KING is a game that has everything that makes a game fun.
CONTENTS: • 1 21"x23" mounted mapboard• 24 page Rulebook & Historical Notes• 90 Event cards• 80 Crown cards• 125 die-cut playing pieces"Be a Kingmaker in Avalon Hill's realistic portrayal of the War of the RosesSet in the midst of a chaotic English Civil War (1450-1485), KINGMAKER will astound you with its opportunity for diplomacy, fast moving play, simple mechanics, involved strategies, and sudden turns of fortune. CONTENTS:• A 22" x 32" full-color gameboard depicting a section of trenchline on the Western Front. Magic Realm"MAGIC REALM is a game of fantasy adventuring, set in a land filled with monsters, fabulous treasures, great warriors, and magicians. CONTENTS:• 18-page rules booklet• 2 mounted mapboards• 360 counters (2 sheets)• 4 clan charts"You are now back in time — 12th through 17th century Japan, to be exact. CONTENTS: * Manual of Interpretation (12 pages)* Ritual Board 22"x16"* 8 High Holiday Sabbath cards* 6 Female & 6 Male Witch Character Cards * Horned God Mask (symbol)* Master Ritual Manual (12 pages)* 12 Symbol cards (one is blank)"The truth about Witchcraft! I first read Gary Paulsen’s survival novel Hatchet back in fifth grade, I think, when we were starting out our real chapter book reading and discovering who we were ourselves.
Paulsen’s book focuses around Brian, a young man who is flying to visit his father in Canada when the pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness. Paulsen is a brilliant writer who looks at real-world scenarios and turns them into fiction for the masses.
When Marion Russell was an elderly lady, she wrote her memoirs describing her many trips along the Santa Fe Trail.
Sorry I missed this comment before by the way – I hope my book leads you on to many many more books.
Played against the backdrop of modern Europe, players travel about the board, scoring points for visiting as many cities as possible. Play begins with the Roman invasion of 43 AD, and ends with the last great invasions by the Norwegians and Normans in 1066. Acting as Monarch for their countries — England, France, Spain, or Portugal — players must make discoveries, colonize and protect the lands they discover, and obtain riches through gold, trade, and the acquisition of resources.Each country has a different financial capability, as shown by the level of their National Treasury, depending on the political situation at home as well as the ongoing success or failure of their conquests in the New World.
It pits the divided, but formidable, human kingdoms against the small, but powerful, forces of Padrech dar Choim.As the Great Necromancer, you must subdue the kingdoms before they can unite to oppose you. In the cities and vast wilds of planets circling the farthest stars, the sparks of insurrection are being fanned by the courageous few who cry for freedom in the galaxy.Freedom in the Galaxy is a strategic and tactical simulation of this epic galactic struggle, played on a map that schematically represents some 30 odd solar systems. Each player assumes the role of one of a matched pair of gladiators pitted in a contest of arms to the death. In GUNSLINGER, YOU play the part of a western character who is caught in a sudden gunfight, and YOU face the split-second decisions and incidents of the showdown as bullets start to fly.GUNSLINGER is based on a quick and easy game system that recreates the split-second nature of gunplay. Not a wargame in the classic mold, KINGMAKER is a game the entire family can enjoy — especially those who relish the role of the underdog and combining forces against the leader, be he Lancastrian or Yorkist. The scene is set in the ruins of a mighty kingdom, now inhabited by sparse groups of natives and swarms of monsters.
The map portrays a small cluster of star systems, where 14 intelligent species lie hidden in the ruins of the First Empire.
Indoors, at home or in camp, it teaches what there is to know about getting along away from civilization - or sharpens whatever Knowledge and skills players may have, for when they might be needed in real life.It's actually five games, all played on the game board representing approximately 13,200 square miles of woods, rough terrain, mountains, plains, rivers, lakes. Battles are mere punctuation marks at the conclusion of often long marches.— the map's hexes are smaller than on any other game map. How to use it to Ifind love, secure happiness, and enrich your life.Have you ever "dreamed" of an event that actually did occur later?Ever felt that you've "been there before"?
The mapboard portrays the island of Marnon, which has been divided into thirty-six territories and eight castle spaces. In the short novel, Brian became relateable for us young readers, and Paulsen succeeded in keeping our attention. Thus, Brian, a city boy, must figure out how to survive on his own with very little knowledge and a hatchet as his only tool. There was plenty of action, but it felt like Brian got off a little easy when he managed to get home so quickly, and before the real trouble began. A young man who goes into the wilderness is changed, and by bringing that character back and continuing his story with four other books was the perfect way to show just how much Brian has grown.
It may be written for the younger demographic, but the adventure, the sorrow and the beauty of nature are all things anyone can experience or wish to experience.
This book, in Marion’s own voice, is about her first journey in 1852 when she was seven years old.
She whispers her secret to the rooster, the roly-poly bug, her pet rabbit Fluffy, her baby brother Andrew, and all her closest acquaintances. After the death of her brother she goes to her new home and meets her foster parents Hans and Rosa.
Each commands several historic Pirates plus King's Commissioners — a form of sea-going bounty hunter sent out to bring them to their final day of reckoning. The consequences of performing the ritual are dependent upon the psychic awareness level and skill of the performer. In doing so, your first goal is to conquer two or three of the lesser kingdoms, to provide fodder for your vampiric host. Superbly trained and equipped for the sole purpose of entertaining the citizenry with their life and death struggles, each man must fight with all the skill he can muster for his very survival. Each turn the players secretly play cards to define exactly what they will do during the next two seconds in the game.
Each player is dealt a number of cards which comprise his faction of nobles with an inherent combat strength in supporting men-at-arms. Each card contains a diagram of a specific maneuver just as it was actually flown.• A set of Airplane Performance Cards. An abstract wargame devised by ancient rulers, chess was played to resolve territorial disputes. Beneath it all are the rich remnants of a magical civilization, scattered and lost across the map.To this scene come the adventurers, seekers of riches and fame, to make a name for themselves in this promising field. Each species is the dominant culture of a different system, but after centuries of savagery, no one knows where each culture dwells.
Heinlein, says about the game: This game is based on the military axiom that final victory depends on the willingness of brave men to stand and fight and hold — or die trying — despite all fancy technology, all superweapons.
This allows us to portray a very large area on a map 25% its normal size, easily accommodated by ordinary table space. Players will move their Legions of characters around the strategic Masterboard racing to muster the largest and most powerful army, Depending on the characters already in the Legion and the terrain which it has entered, a new character can be added to the mustering Legion. Has your life at one point been altered dramatically by what seemed at the time a strange coincidence?
Orcs are placed in approximately one-third of these spaces, and players in turn place their men in the remaining unoccupied spaces. After her foster parents give shelter to a Jewish man Max, the family is endangered even more. The pace is dictated by a Fast Action card system that brings merchants over the horizon to be plundered or ports to be raided and sacked. It is here recognized that persons vary as to their level of psychic awareness and belief in spirit worlds.No claims are made with this kit as to results.
Afterwards, you may march against the seat of empire and avenge yourself on the descendants of Padrom III.

Then they step through these actions on the playing map, resolving each shot in the split-second when it takes place. These forces are increased when drawing cards conveying possession of key fortified towns, fleets, companies of mercenary soldiers, support of bishops, and titles which increase a noble's inherent following.
A different card has been prepared for each airplane."Avalon Hill's game, KNGHTS OF THE AIR, recreates the deadly combat of the World War I air war. In KRIEGSPIEL the Knights, the Bishops, the Castles, the Pawns become units of infantry, armor, special forces, and mechanized troops. Swordsman and Dwarf, Magician and Sorceror, the humans and the half-humans come seeking to loot the legendary riches of a lost civilization. As you discover the cultures you can trade with them, buying and selling exotic trade goods and special devices. Flushed with success, you now retire to the sartorial splendor of your very own Pullman Palace Car. In the long run the infantry is always the "Queen of Battles."Unlike most wargames, STARSHIP TROOPERS is laid many years in the future. When two Legions become engaged in the same land on the Masterboard, play is transferred to the respective Battleland where the Engagement is resolved in a tactical Battle.
An opposing player then places your treasure in the most inaccessible spots he can find.Each turn, orcs currently on the board are reinforced with additional orcs by a random die roll. Not only must he be prepared to battle the Space Amoebas, but he must also be ready to fight competing Space Lords to win. While a nation exists, you must attempt to score as many victory points for it as possible.
With these, players must try to be the first to make voyages of discovery to find the Pacific Ocean or Hudson Bay or to follow the Amazon or Mississippi Rivers. It is kill or be killed and each man must muster all the skills and cunning he can summon in this most desperate of battles for survival. Players then maneuver their forces in such a way as to capture the 7 members of the royal families eligible to be proclaimed King (or Queen in the case of Margaret of Anjou). You learn to fly the great airplanes of the period much in the same way the Aces did — right in the cockpit using control stick, throttle and rudder pedals. Now you can play the part of one of these adventurers, stepping into an unknown Realm of magic and monsters, battles and treasures.As a player, you will take on the role of one of the sixteen major characters who are represented in detail in the game.
In your journeys you can also stumble across other remnants of the First Empire, including unique treasures and weapons that automatically attack passers-by.MERCHANT OF VENUS is a game of luck and skill. The world has become a very savage place and corporate television has turned to more and more violent 'trash' sports to boost sagging ratings. Some planets unknown today are the war theaters for this game.The playing units of the Terran Federation, the Mobile Infantry, are an elite corps akin to the US Marine Corps or US Army paratroopers. In Battle, the characters of the two Legions maneuver among any hazards of the terrain and strike to slay the members of the opposing Legion. Spaces which contain four orcs then frenzy and attack any and all players in spaces adjacent to their spaces. Facing each full page of art, sequential boxes show all the recipients of Rachel’s secret. Use of the kit for other purposes is beyond control of the maker.Use the kit in fun and stay within the confines of the spirits indicated. Points are scored for controlling areas in Britain, eliminating the armies of other nations, for killing enemy kings, and for having the leader of your nation proclaimed King of England. Some will also be driven to attempt mythical quests like the search for the Seven Cities of Cibola or El Dorado.
The death of your hosts holds no terror for you, for you are Padrech dar Choim, a master Necromancer who can raise the dead to do your bidding. The attacker draws a result card that shows exactly where his shot hits, which combines with his gun to determine the damage he inflicts.
Each kind of warplane included in the game has been carefully researched to present the same strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncracies it demonstrated in real life.
You will control where he goes, what he tries to do, how he handles himself in combat, and much more. You start with a small spaceship racing to accumulate wealth by transporting, trading and investing.
History is coming full circle as entertainment returns to the barbaric spectacle of gladiatorial combats, full-contact track meets, and no-holds-barred wrestling matches. Samurai presents a see-saw contest based on the proposition that might alone does not make right. Evidence handed down through the ages suggests there is more to life's successes than just good fortune and happy coincidences.
The dragon then goes marauding as he flies from space to space, determined by a random die roll. But be careful, a marauding Doomsday Machine may appear at any time to disrupt any well-laid plans.Amoeba Wars is not a simulation.
These spirits are good and will serve you well and you will have fun as your mind and spirit relate to these forces.Convert the image to malevolent spirits at your risk. The player who has scored the most victory points for all of his nations is the winner.Nations play in order, starting with the Romans and ending with the Normans.
But danger is a large part of exploration, and some explorers will never be seen again.Making life tough for the hardy colonists in the Americas are hostile natives in many areas (even cannibals), rugged terrain and weather, disease, and the other countries competing for their fair share of the land. Aided by the power of Tol Morn and Mezal, and with the Great Sword, He-Sups-On-Prana at your side (if you can find it), you know that you are invincible.As the active leader of humanity, the Kingdoms player, you must fight a delaying action until the heroes and heroines under your command can rouse the land to fight mankind's greatest foe. This recreates the critical differences between weapons: Winchesters, Shotguns, Buffalo rifles, Colt's "Peacemaker", Smith & Wesson's breakopen guns and Remington's Derringer are a few of the guns in the game.
In the course of the game, you will run into deadly monsters, tribes of humans ranging from old friends to sworn enemies, and treasures that will enhance your abilities in many ways.MAGIC REALM is a complex game designed to recapture the suspense and desperate struggles of fantasy literature.
You make money by buying trade goods from one culture and selling them to other cultures, You can use your profits to buy bigger spaceships, with high-speed drives and shields to protect you from the dangers you will meet! The pampered athletes of the last century have been replaced by desperate men willing to stake their lives in mortal competition.
The gameboard's geography and movement concepts do not favor the top heavy army that bulldozes its way through provinces. He stops his flying for the turn as soon as he lands and devours at least one of the players' men.
In addition, a Random Events Table recreates problems at home in the form of political corruption, graft, European Wars, Civil Wars, plague, and royal deaths. The same system recreates hand-to-hand combat with bare hands, knives, tomahawks, axes, cavalry sabres and other weapons. Storms at sea can force landings on hostile shores while bad weather will delay even the most overwhelming attack. Air combat is conducted in a series of maneuvers as each pilot tries to position his plane for the killing run.
The game creates a small but complete fantasy world, where each game is a new adventure with a new map where everything lies hidden at new locations.
As your profits increase, you can build ports and factories to make trading more profitable, As the game progresses, profits will accelerate until one merchant accumulates enough wealth to win the game.
One such sport is the Cross-Country Demolition Race in which drivers in modified vehicles compete for vast prizes on specially constructed courses. Japanese history from the 12th through 17th century was typified by a continuous flow of broken alliances, vendettas, treachery, and subtle military actions. The more powerful characters generally take more hits, are harder to hit, and do more damage.Each player is represented in play by a TITAN piece. They fully believe that the secrets of love, health, and happiness are known to those who practice witchcraft, the world's oldest religion.It's official name is Wicca (the wise).
The wizard also makes a visit to a randomly determined space, bringing with him reinforcements and protection from attack.Each player in turn may petition the wizard and then attack a space adjacent to one his force currently occupies in order to move closer to and finally capture his treasure. A good Pirate needs to know when to make himself scarce and when it's wise to reward his mates with a little harmless fun. A nation's turn consists of placing reinforcements, checking for population growth, placing new armies, army movement and combat.

The Spanish player will also have to contend with the requirement of maintaining Missionaries in a religious attempt to convert the natives.This game has a little bit of everything.
Piracy, peasant revolts, and summons from the King will break an otherwise impenetrable siege while plague wipes out whole factions in a single blow.
With experience, new and more complicated maneuvers become available so that the ace can barrel roll and loop rings around the novice. The optional rules allow you to play a darker version of the game, in which the cluster is torn with strifeand warfare, These rules introduce weapons, forts, swindles, revolts, piracy and the Rastur, an army of xenophobic megalomaniacs who are trying to conquer the Galaxy.MERCHANT OF VENUS is a design with remarkable versatility. Laid end to end, it spells out America and portrays the 28 major rail lines and major cities they connected during the halcyon days of railroading.You start with $20,000 — and a train.
They are armed with advanced weapons that give each infantryman firepower roughly equivalent to a platoon today. As the game continues and Battles are won, victorious Titans achieve increased power, becoming more deadly and harder to slay, and gaining the ability to teleport.
The purpose of historical Wicca has been "healing, helping, and the raising of psychic powers of goodness.
Alas, a poor soul can't even find relief in a bottle without some scoundrel running ye thru amidst your debauchery and revelry.
In the beginning, diplomacy is paramount to allow players to establish footholds in the form of small colonies. Cunning strategy, subtle diplomacy and heroic, tenacious defense are their only hope against this great evil. GUNSLINGER includes eight two-sided boards (a total of sixteen map faces) portraying town and countryside terrain at a scale of six feet per hex.
And he who becomes too powerful too soon ensures the wrath and alliance of his adversaries.
The additional pieces are set up and can appear, depending on the directions in which the characters explore, but many of the treasure troves, treasures, and spells will still be set up, unfound, when the game ends, and many of the monsters and natives might never be met. Few, if any, games can claim to be equally exciting whether played solitaire, head-to-head or with three, four, five or six players. Nor does it hurt to cross the right palm with some ill-gotten pieces-of-eight when it comes time to rest and refit. Opposing armies in the same area fight each other by rolling dice—a roll of 5 or 6 normally eliminates an enemy army. As the game goes on, however, disputes-will no doubt arise and players may resort to economic or military aggression to take what they need.Players have both numerous long range and short range options in the game. Used well, they can lead to glorious and final victory over the powers of death and terror.Dark Emperor is a simulation of Lesion's greatest war, encompassing all of the diplomatic, magical and military factors that were brought to bear. These boards can be assembled in varying ways to create a vast number of different maps that are used in the gunfights. But angereth not the King, nor in his absence the Chancellor of England, for he who summons Parliament dispenses offices and titles of untold power.
An Ace can react quicker, aim his gunfire more accurately, and undertake more complicated maneuvers than a novice can.• Each kind of airplane in the game has been designed to perform just like its real-life counterpart.
Pretty soon you've got enough money to build up your empire (you can buy the S&O and C&O for just $44,000). Because Wicca centers on the small group experience of concerned fellows and ladies relating to each other in an intimate, caring way, it happens to be the fastest growing occult religion today.Anyone can be a witch. Its movement and attrition systems reflect the non-combat losses that occur in any war, especially in a period before the modern advances in logistics and medicine. The terrain includes gullies, hills, trees, watering troughs, wells, hitching posts and the interiors of buildings.GUNSLINGER presents 26 different gunfights and several hundred variations, including both historical gunfights and made-up situations. Rates of climb and dive, maximum and stall speeds, and turning abilities all compare favorably with test flight results.• You guide your airplane on the gameboard using real controls. Using formidable samurai warriors, the clans waged endless wars across the major islands of the Japanese archipelago.Concept of PlayEach player controls a clan, with one or more lords.
The combat system rates the relative strengths, and the different capacities, of armies, creating a necessity for intelligent command to assure victory.Dark Emperor can be played in two to four hours. Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp and John Wesley Hardin are just a few of the real gunslingers of history who appear in re-creations of the gunfights that made them famous. You adjust speed with the control stick and the rates of dive and climb with the throttle.• Special attention was directed, during the design, to develop a simple method of allowing one plane to tail another.
Each lord has a province representing his personal "fief" or home, and often has additional holdings of troops, titles, ships, castles, and more provinces.
Included in the game is a four-color mapboard, a sixteen-page rule book (with extensive historical background and designer's notes), two hundred and sixty counters and two six-sided dice.
Indian raids, barroom brawls and poker games are just a few of the hypothetical situations. Do not despair in your quest for the throne — even the smallest faction can gain power through ruthless guile. The reflexes of both airplane and piiot are a crucial factor in this procedure.• With the wide choice of airplanes included, a practically unlimited variety of dogfights may be staged. The game is played in 20 turns, each representing a pace of historical events running between a few months to a few years. If one believes, it works!This kit provides you with all the tools necessary to allow witchcraft to work for you.
CONQUISTADOR is a game with little luck and much skill where players are in charge of the destiny, not only of their own countries, but of the New World as well. From two to seven players can play each game.Each gunfight has different versions for different numbers of players, ranging from the basic version with the minimum number of characters to the largest version with seven characters. Plus a Manual of Interpretation, an informative treatise dealing with the historical, psychological, and traditional symbolism of this ancient Paleolothic religion. In some gunfights the players form two or more sides, while in others every player is on his own. Many Games in OneAn excellent game for 2 to 8 players, Samurai is suitable for beginning and intermediate play, with plenty of optional rules and strategic options for even the expert. Playing time varies with the gunfight and the number of players, but the simplest version of most gunfights can be played in well under an hour.There are even solitaire rules that allow one player to play many of the gunfights alone! And for the really hard-core power-politics fanatics, special rules create a nearly "perpetual" game representing the true ebb and flow of Japanese feudal conflict.Samurai includes a variety of playing aids to make learning and playing the game truly an effortless task. These rules provide a simplified system of controlling characters automatically, so the player(s) can put one side in the game on automatic control, while personally controlling the other side(s).GUNSLINGER also includes extra rules systems for enriching and expanding play. They can make a quick strike, do enormous damage in a few minutes, and return to their starship.
The "Campaign" rules allow the players to string gunfights together to form more extended battles and range wars. Role playing allows each player to develop his character's abilities from game to game as he faces the dangers of the Old West. One sort are the Arachnids (something like giant spiders) who live a communal life and have a social structure resembling an ant or bee colony. All sorts of political problems.Basically, players must gain prestige and influence so they can recruit characters to their cause. Only the Warrior class fights, but Warriors are directed in their tactics by one or more Brains. At the same time they must also attempt to gain the support of the church, the trade guild, the merchants, the army, the navy, the peasants, the townsmen, and foreign countries. But even after they have established a strong faction, they must wait till the political climate is right.
It is therefore necessary to go down and destroy (or capture) the Brains and Queens as well as the Warrior caste.Skinnies are a humanoid race that fights the Terran Federation early in the war.
At a later phase they are allied with the humans to fight the Arachnids.I hope that this game will prove stimulating to game players.

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