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TV survival guru Ray Mears has swapped the trade that made him famous for a new history travelogue show about the Wild West.
The survivalist has taught bushcraft on British television screens since the 1990s, and has been pitted against Bear Grylls as a 'real' survivalist, who doesn't do tricks, fakery or gimmicks for entertainment's sake. Although Mears still teaches survival as a subject and continues to be a guide, he has no plans to do any further survival shows. Mears believes US survival shows are the worst, "[Bear Grylls] does it a lot better than some of the stuff I’ve seen coming out of the US recently," said Mears, who's not impressed with survival shows like Discovery's Naked and Afraid (which does pretty much what it says on the tin).
In How the Wild West Was Won, Mears veers away from the survival genre and uncovers the tales, routes and struggles of North America's Wild West. Sign up to our newsletter to receive industry insights, news and listings as they are published.
By Gabe GarmsIt seems as if survival shows are being introduced onto television networks with more frequency every season. Dona€™t get me wrong, survivalists such as Cody Lundin and Les Stroud helped to inspire me to pursue survival skills as a profession, but Codya€™s parting words to his fans after leaving Dual Survival left me scratching my head.
I think ita€™s important that I take a moment to expand on the energy conservation component of survival because ita€™s obviously misunderstood within the reality television world.
Wilderness guide and survivalist, Hazen Audel, travels to the world’s most extreme and punishing environments to test out the extraordinary survival methods of the indigenous people who live there.
Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. Growing and maintaining Plant Species X is actually quite simple if you have the farming skills. One of the easiest and perhaps safest and fastest ways to get your hands on Plant Species X is with Dino Power. Dick, Johnny and Dave head to the heart of Texas to hunt and trap hogs in the center of an overrun hog population, using only handmade weapons. I know this not because I watch them (although I was a fan of the early episodes of Dual Survival and Survivorman back when I watched television), but because we get a call or email almost weekly from a casting or production company looking to recruit our current staff, students or alumni for their new idea. He thanked everyone and the network for all of their years of support, but then he stated that he refused to compromise his integrity and the views that he has of what survival entails for the demands of the show. You see, you CANNOT read in a book or experience vicariously through someone else in one of the survival shows what it's like to expend large amounts of energy attaining the first three survival priorities. Wild, Bear Grylls demonstrates all manner of survival techniques when faced with nature's extremes--from crossing piranha-infested rivers to fighting off grizzly bears. From Earth’s sub-zero polar regions to it’s driest deserts to most impenetrable jungles, Hazen is pushed to the limit of his strength, stamina and will to stay alive. You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website. Since its introduction into Ark, it has changed little, except for where you'll find the seeds to grow it!

Plant Species X now lives in the Swamp Biome where it was apparently always intended to live. A minimum Dino for this would be the Trike, though a Stego or bigger would definately be advisable.The trick here is that Dinos have a much better chance of getting seeds than you do by hand, except in the case of harvesting an actual Wild Plant Species X.
Let me start by saying that Ia€™m happy that wilderness survival is getting more and more attention in the media. When I read between the lines of his statement, I assumed that they asked him to take more risks and infuse a little more drama (aside from his bare feet) into the survival show. This is especially true after sustaining an injury from taking an unnecessary risk without replenishing that energy with additional calories. He shows us how, armed with the correct know-how and a determination to stay alive, all of us have the potential to beat the elements in even the bleakest of situations.Bear Grylls is the ultimate modern-day adventurer. But he’ll make it through with the help of the ancient survival methods and knowledge of tribal people who call these extreme places home.
I've tried for over 6 hours to see if this still works, and while I found a ton of Rare Flowers, I didn't find any Plant Species X Seeds. And instead of harvesting random bushes to get the seeds, your best bet now is to find a live specimen and harvest that by hand. The two screenshots below show an area with the right type of swamp bushes just inside the edge of the swamp on the East Coast of the Ark. When people go west, I hear the sound of the traces being tied up around the girth of a horse, I hear the clink of a bucket being hung on the back of a wagon, the sound of an axe being sharpened on a stone." In his new show, he intends to bring these fascinating stories to life. However, Ia€™ve noticed from both talking to our students whoa€™ve auditioned and the limited viewing that I have done that there is a pretty clear discrepancy between how a survival situation is being portrayed by television survival shows and how a real survival situation actually unfolds. After reading a few follow up interviews given by Cody in the months following his departure, my assumptions were confirmed.I cana€™t fault the networks for asking Cody to take more risks because thata€™s what sells and draws in viewers. In an actual survival situation, youa€™re expending large amounts of calories while only taking in between 60-100 per day. He spent three years with the British Special Forces (21 SAS), only leaving when a near-fatal parachuting accident broke his back in three places. It is possible to find the odd rare Plant Species X seed by harvesting certain bushes in the swamp, but this puts you in the bad position of not being able to see some of the swamp predators as they approach you. But in the end, if you take risks and infuse drama into an actual survival situation, youa€™re asking for doom. After the first day or two your lack of calorie intake, combined with the energy that youa€™ve already expended, turns into fatigue. Just two years later, Grylls followed his childhood dream and became one of the youngest climbers ever to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
If you don't want to irrigate it, you will have to manually water it.Once Plant Species X is fully grown it still requires fertilizer, but no longer seems to use water.
You see, actual survival in the wilderness is about safety and energy conservation, both of which make for boring television.

Fatigue to the point where you cannot walk 40 yards to gather firewood without taking a short nap before you return to camp. It doesn't use a lot of fertilizer, but if you run out of fertilizer it may stop functioning as a defensive structure and may die.Plant Species X has various settings like a turret once fully grown. It seemed more fitting to show you with an easier tame that people can get thier hands on earlier in the game.
After you actually experience this a few times, you begin to get incredibly calculating with every step that you take. Wild, where viewers tune in to watch Grylls show what it takes to find your way out of the most inhospitable places on earth with little more than the clothes on your back.Now, in his book, he shows his millions of fans worldwide how to do what he does in an utterly entertaining crash course in surviving every kind of hard ecosystem--mountain, sub-zero terrain, jungle, desert, and the sea. But don't worry, the Plant Species X you find in the wild is not weaponized and can be found on the edge of the swap. When you use your calories unwisely by performing such activities as climbing tall trees or tightrope crawling across a ravine (like a certain survival personality who I wona€™t mention does), you wona€™t have enough energy left to attain the survival essentials (shelter, fire, water, food) and youa€™ll more than likely perish. After going out on a number of survival trips myself, Ia€™m constantly trying to reduce the amount of steps and the time required to complete basic tasks.Another issue that bothers me is that almost every one of the survival shows mixes up locations and constantly puts survivalists into new environments that they are unfamiliar with and NONE of them happen to be specialists in that environment. Grylls takes readers on a journey to the corners of the earth and recreates disaster scenarios such as being stranded on a desert island or lost in the snowy Arctic. This makes it possible to zip in, get some seeds, and get back out.That also means that the Plant Species X does not quite look the same in the wild as it does fully grown in a Crop Plot. While this unfamiliarity with unique natural systems in particular locations leads to struggle and good television, ita€™s not very educational.
Don't worry; I've got a handful of screenshots and, a bit further down the page, GPS Coordinates for you.Remember, you get the best results harvesting the wild plant by hand! It requires a lot more energy to make a friction fire with a broken hand or gather debris for a shelter with a broken leg.
What would more than likely work better would be for each new location to feature a survivalist who specializes in that particular area. This would be a person who can look at a landscape and determine where food, water and shelter are fairly quickly due to their understanding natural systems and relationships. For example, certain trees indicate not only water, but soil types and conditions conducive of other certain wild utilitarian and edible plants.
Knowing wildlife well enough to be able to quickly determine where they would be living and moving throughout the landscape (based upon the availability of water, their track and sign and their preferred food sources) would be incredibly beneficial if you wanted to obtain a protein source. This also would allow an individual in an actual survival situation to stay alive long enough for almost any rescue team to arrive on the scene, not just the typical short term survival duration of 3-5 days.
Also keep in mind that, so far, I've managed to get between 7 & 12 seeds per harvested wild Plant Species X.

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