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Modern-Day Slavery By the Numbers  – a good article about what is going on in the world in terms of slavery and steps for how you can get involved right now to spread the word and take action. Free2Work  – this is the site that rates companies based on how they relate to labor and human trafficking.
We'll also be hosting a live webcast with director Nick Broomfield for KS4 students to talk about the issues surrounding anti-slavery say, and how they are dealt with in his film Ghosts.
Anti-Slavery Day provides an opportunity to draw attention to the subject and pressurise the Government, local authorities, public institutions and private and public companies to address the scale and scope of human trafficking. A compelling drama that shows a side of London that tourists don't get to see, one populated by criminals, traffickers and migrant workers. Tired of awful jobs, Angie starts an employment agency, sympathising with the illegal immigrant she comes to represent.

To accompany the topic we have created a free resource to help you discuss issues of slavery in the 21st century with your students, and what can be done to help combat them. We're really thrilled to also have prolific documentarian and director of the intensely poignant Ghosts, Nick Broomfield, coming in to the FILMCLUB studio on Tuesday 27 November to answer your questions and talk about the topic, and in particular just how Ghosts deals with the issues surrounding Anti-Slavery Day.
Because Ghosts is a 15 certificate the webcast is only available to Secondary clubs, KS4 and above. Unchosen Campaigns is anti-trafficking charity promoting human trafficking film campaigns nationwide. Anti-Slavery International works at local, national and international levels to eliminate all forms of slavery around the world.
13 year old Siberian girl Nadya is picked up by model-turned-scout Ashley and begins a career in fashion modelling.

Through film, documentaries, interviews and Q&As, Unchosen raises awareness about domestic servitude, forced labour, child and sex trafficking happening here in the UK. Passionate about learning to be available to God, being a voice for the unborn, and engaging community.
However, soon her innocence is corrupted and swallowed by the cutthroat industry she has entered.

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