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When I was struggling for ideas, I wondered whether anything would spark if I Googled the Top 100 Books of All Time, but as I was scrolling I clicked instead on the Top 100 Best Selling Books of 2012 …. Game of Thrones also doesn’t float my boat, but when Beth has read them, the Wimpy Kid books do look cool. Hi Goddesses Like most of the Western World, I have recently become addicted to Candy Crush. Hi Goddesses This year has been the year of texture, so it's no surprise to see more textured polishes from Barry and his M.
Another interesting thing is that while Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is there with 107 million copies sold, the second book in the series only has 60 million copies sold, so it seems that about 40% of people are not continuing on with the series after book one. I was surprised to see series there that I had to look up; Perry Mason, The Railway Series and San-Antonio, I expected to see only series that were radily familiar. I’m going to guess that there is either a copy of a Harry Potter book or A Tale of Two Cities in your house. We run a pretty sweet little bookish Instagram account, if we do say so ourselves (and we do). You may have noticed that the message is simple, sharp, direct, and it immediately penetrates the minds of those who would like a good book; most likely they buy it and return home hoping to read some quality escapism. But with disappointment, after a while he realizes that what he has in his hands is not what he have been  promised and for which he paid a considerable sum. IT IS NOT TRUE at all that if you don’t introduce sex scenes or violence in a movie it will never hit the box office. Pay attention to what happened to the TV and Music: would you say that the quality level of TV programs or music you listen has risen over the years? Are you happy you have paid the ticket price, or more and more often you are disappointed of the movie you watched and you have thought you have wasted time and money? To understand this better let me tell you a story: years ago I had the opportunity to speak with one of the most important key men of the Italian Mediaset broadcasting network, he was a journalist and a businessman. During the conversation emerged the topic of quality decline of TV formats and with a bitter taste, he explained me that even though he was one of the two owners (the other one was Mr. And the spot broadcasted shortly after will cost several million more, due to the new audience peak: all of this is organized in advance by advertisers, and is fully programmed by the producers who choose the guests thinking about what might happen between them and rubbing their hands thinking how they will earn by this. Continuing with the character mentioned before, he told me that unfortunately in this system whoever owns a television network, or a film production company, or a large publishing group, is a slave of this terrible machine able to destroy the brains and cauterize the consciences, lowering and in many cases eliminating the moral reference values that make us human. If we think about the power of the Internet and all the garbage flowing in the net and reaching our screen, the absurd violence we see in video games, in movies and on TV, you may have a little idea of the mind control power of mass media: the final result we can read in the newspapers, in  the crime news, every day. It is clear that none of us will think to kill someone because we see constantly murders in our favorite serial, but researches show that our behaviors in time will be influenced by what we see on a regular basis. If we eat junk food we will have a damage, if we see trash TV we will adopt trash thoughts and behaviors, garbage, garbage in – garbage out.
In practice, turning back to our discussion, people generally don’t want to read stupid books, or full of violence and sex at the expense of the plot; nevertheless the fact is that the human being is what it is, and violence and sex rise then and there interest.
Following the trend, because our are not artistic experimentation times, but crisis times, media producers exploit only the lines able to raise the peak of interest, they continue to follow for years only models that have already sold.
The masters of media are able to easily create a virtual initial success, for example writing on a cover strip of a book that it is a best seller, adding emotional adjectives, brilliant, superb, a masterpiece, and so on, but the reality is that in many cases it deals with mediocre books and when you has finished it you wonder why we have bought it.
The pressure of the media and their communication techniques are so effective that eventually these books sell. Furthermore there is a difficulty for customers who ask texts that are not among the favorites of those groups: booksellers reply to clients that it is difficult to get them, make the customer wait for weeks, and at the end he gives up or buy another book. Returning to our books on display, at this point if a potential customer reads on the cover strip that the book is extraordinary, evocative, exciting, and it is a best seller, that’s it, the book will go like hot cakes. Just as an example, have a look on the internet to a book that you now can find in all bookstores and that is defined a worldwide success: Fifty Shades of Grey, published in three volumes. Have a look also to reviews of the movie from the novel, saying a lot about the quality of the story. But do not do this on the first page of the reviews, where editors and publishers do ask to complacent collaborators to write very positive reviews; they always enter the reviews as first, and gradually even among those successive negative, in order to defuse a little the general negative tone. Unfortunately I am telling you the reality of publishing, and I know it because I work in this area but I hate and fight these mechanisms. However, in the book (and the movie) Fifty Fades of Grey, is to be recognized that readers, except for a few cases, have not at all been conquered by the plot, the characterization of the protagonists and the descriptions of the novel, but have been disappointed by the flatness and the inherent foolishness of a book whose story is described as “unlikely and inconsistent”.
What they have written is that they hoped to find in the other two books what the publisher promised in the advertising messages, but at the end there was nothing of what they desired.
Definitely, it is not the audience that convince the publisher to print millions of copies, except in quite rare cases; it is rather the opposite.
Admittedly, to explain the second reason able to activate these dynamics, we must say that there is a will to control the collective minds by a small group of people, For those interested I spoke about this, in my books (expecially the Rune Trilogy, and I GIORNI PERDUTI).
I cannot say more, but what is sure is that the control has been working for a long time and is reaching now an efficacy never before experienced.
They can convince you of things that do not exist and even of events that never happened the media created from nothing, but this is a too long story to tell in a simple article. However, fortunately in bookstores and online there are many good authors, one must choose carefully but there are many beautiful things. We have seen that IT IS NOT NECESSARY to lower the level of a book focusing on the basic instincts of man to sell more copies, INDEED, IT IS TRUE THE OPPOSITE but behind these mechanisms there are specific objectives.

Ultimately the media are basically in the same hands of those who govern from behind the scenes, if you do a little research on the net you will find that all the major American media, weekly magazines newspapers, the major TV networks and film production companies, are the property of the most important financiers (bankers) of the world, the same great family behind American politics leading foreign politics as well. The point is that there is still a lot to say, because there is a plan, some actors, and the show is going on, the final is not far. Each chapter is an absolute gem, a source of Ohhmazing inspiration, and a meaningful moment of truth. We encourage you to find a quiet space to read, as you will be utterly surprised by what is revealed inside this book!This book is the only tool you’ll ever need to step onto the path towards your own success with wellness, confidence and self-love.
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Whether the topic is education or exercise, core content and core activities tie everything together. The ultra, high-tech world depicted in the popular television series “Star Trek,” is what many may envision when thinking of the future. Maybe this is why we read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know. I came across this intriguing infographic recently that shows the world’s most read books, based on sales over the past 50 years. A book I just finished, State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett, Also, her earlier novel Bel Canto. I was never disrespectful, next time I want to express my opinion I’ll make sure to agree. It is nice to see The Alchemist on Top 10, because i'm from Brazil and normally brazillian writers are not so famous! I can’t believe the Twilight series is on the top ten list but if it gets kids reading then all good! The Zahir by Paulo Coelho was also very meaningful to me, and I was never able to get through Sedaris books, although I enjoy him. If we were to add together sales of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, arguably a series, they would fit in right around the middle, with 250 million books sold.
If many have purchased it, they think, there is a reason, and this reason must be: it is an exciting book. This is another lie that the media have foisted us for long time, blaming who are not to blame, the end user.
The media producers (including books industry) and those who work there, say that they produce this kind of works because people want these things.
Berlusconi) of Mediaset, he was forced to bow down to an evil system for which you have peaks audience when you leverages the lowest instincts of man. Soon he changes channel and realizes that he lost valuable time to see an unedifying scene. Very often, also, the TV invents ridiculous and tearful stories or creating situations that leverage the very human emotions of the TV viewer, etc.
This reckless policy is carried out with the purchase of the best and most visible places to display the books in their own and other non-proprietary bookstores, so that all those publishing houses that are not part of these large publishing groups, are physically removed from bookstores. Sure, there is a solution: just go to a bookstore that is not yet a slave of this system, (few in Italy) or order them on the Internet, where the books are cheaper, always available even in the sites of the biggest publishing groups we are talking about, and sent within two days directly to your address. The truth to be told, it is much worse and had already happened many years ago with cinemas: the most of them had been bought by the same movie production houses. Then try to read the reviews of those who read it really and you will find the most colorful literary expressions of disapproval. I also, of course, ask sometimes readers to put my books reviews on bookstore  sites on the net, but I’ll leave it to them, I do not write and do not make write, fictitious reviews. From what you read on the net and in the reviews, the vast majority of women (few male readers have read it) says that it is not worth anything and many add to feel sorry to have spent money on such a book. They believed the three books were a treasure chest full of valuable jewels, instead they realized it was a nice box desolately empty . Of course, it is not envy, I really appreciate other authors, which also sold much, much more, it was just to give an example, because the same process applies to most of the books distributed by big publishing groups.
But it will be especially in the second book that these explanations are to be thoroughly explained together with other dark aspects in this regard. For example I love Clive Cussler, but also the Tom Clancy and Patrick Robinson of the early books, for the spectacular dynamics of the plots and the descriptions of military technology, partly James Rollins for the pure American style adventure, with various historical mysteries linked.
Silvio Berlusconi, owner of Mondadori (one of the most important publishing groups) and Mediaset, is a clear example of that.
As women, way too often we neglect to feed our body, mind and soul with what it really needs to be present, authentically vibrant and whole and there is no better time to get REAL with practical ways of engaging in the act of self-love than by reading the inspiring stories of the co-authors in this book. In education, core content includes the specific information upon which the course is based.
Fred Astaire comes immediately to mind, as do tennis star Andy Roddick, the great Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter, and WNBA star Candace Parker.
As an English teacher and lover of literature, I’d like to offer some alternative book recommendations.
Books I wish I’d gotten to read in high school, or at least college, instead of whatever boring text was required by the syllabus.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby: the author of this phenomenal 1997 memoir wrote this book using the only part of his body that he could move, his left eyelid. Feel free to share more favorite titles in the comments; we can never have too many good books to read! Her mindful, inspiring essays, articles and poems can also be found on The Tattooed Buddha, Rebelle Society, LeanPub, and her site, Yoga Freedom. I think there are plenty of good reads there, and the list just says they are the top sellers, not the highest quality classic literature. Because with so many american writers doing sucess, we forget about our own writers, not giving them their needful support. Same Kind Of Different As Me by Ron Hall and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini is very well-written novel… really worth the time! Cos we've got enough Podcast material to keep you occupied for roughly 2 years and 147 days. The fact that A Tale of Two Cities sits at the top of this list is fantastic and astounding and unbelieveble and gives me hope for the human race.
The way that The Hobbit is selling now (top 5 on a few genres on amazon) means that it may actually be approaching the 300 million mark as a series. There are many authors, British, Americans and from many other countries, who focus on the story, authors writing thrillers, spy stories, etc.
Are we so unintelligent to use precious hours of our lives in front of the TV and then constantly think that we just wasted time on unnecessary things? They state to have bought the other two books of the series  not because they were satisfied with the first one, but because they were so much convinced by the reviews and press releases on weekly and women’s fashion magazines (of course owned by the same publishing group), that they had read the whole series, just to feel even more disappointed.
These courageous women take you on a journey through their lives – revealing their struggles, despair, boldness and triumphs and bring you to an inspired space of living a healthy and happy lifestyle through love, truth and acceptance.
Books I find that I can come back to and reread and enjoy and benefit from and see differently, time and time again. She shares a tiny cabin with her partner, daughter, cat and dog at Lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan highlands where she enjoys writing, reading, playing, teaching, learning, walking in nature and daydreaming. I think you have some good ones on your list as well, although I really don't like David Sedaris at all. While simplistic in style (it's an allegory with a fairy taleish plot), this book motivated me to follow my dreams and take an internship in France several years ago. Stones From the River by Ursula Hegi, Illusions by Richard Bach are both favorites of mine not mentioned. In 1696 the sailing ship Mystique sank and took with it Jonathan Dickinson's gold, diamonds, and a treasury of riches. I also suspect that its age gives it a bit of a head start and that it is probably mandatory reading (and buying) in some parts of the British elementary school system.
Each program must have this goal, as target, before whatever else He confessed me with sadness (he was a very polite and intelligent man) that only they were to be blamed because they were lowering the moral standards of society reaching millions of people and broadcasting continuously trash and sometimes degrading formats.
That’s why at the radio we always listen to the same kind of songs and movies and rarely find something really original and beautiful.
In Italy the biggest publishing groups print thousand copies of the book they want to promote as best seller, and put it in the first place in big bookstores, malls, shopping centers, places they acquired paying them. They are just some examples of good authors who have sold dozens (sometimes hundreds …) millions of copies around the world with good novels without focusing on scenes of violence, sex or spiritualism, in the vast majority of their books you do not find a page on these things, yet they have sold more than all the other novelists. During my sojourn, a visiting friend picked it up, read it, cashed in her return ticket, and moved to Spain for the summer! I was thrilled to see and will be reading the two books by Pema Chodron and Thich nhat Hanh. In this way, he said, they were creating the basis for a debasement of the individual, for a materialistic and corrupted thought. This is a very common (and tacit) practice in Italy, paying a price that other publishers cannot afford).
The same can be said for Dan Brown, despite his inclination towards the occult and pseudo-history. Like many inspirational works, read at the right time, it changes your world lens and challenges self-imposed limits. We do not like them but they tell us that instead we like them so much to make them successful. With their book exposed always in first places the publishers convey the concept that the book is selling so much to be considered best sellers, and to increase the effect the books are set in good number, on one or two piles, maybe in attractive positions, alluring. The list of great reads out there could go on and on – we all like what we like, don't we?
I hope we could be respectful of what speaks to others rather than just pan a book because we didn't like it. Think about it, the next time you go to a big mall or shopping center: the books you see on display are only the books of one or two of the largest publishing groups, the owners of the most of publishing houses.

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