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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. National CoverageWith local knowledge and national representation, our local representatives are experts in providing and servicing your business with the right products for your application. CustomisationWe recognise that first aid standard kits are great for basic use but may not be customised to your type of work environment.
Specific first aid kits are available, they don't have a set A,B or C grading for the workplace but are packaged up for a specific type of need. Since there are not an specific product requirements for home first aid kits, you’ll have to be smart about the specific items you choose to stock. Below is an example of the different categories of risk.  Make sure when purchasing a first aid kit you not only determine the amount of risk but also the number of individuals it will be used for. Infections are probably the most surprising problem because cuts can infect rapidly overnight,” Tarter says. The best scenario, Tarter says, is when the injury is minimal enough to allow the victim to walk out of the backcountry, avoiding having to carry them or leave them to go get help. Blisters are probably one of the most common problems people face while recreating in the woods or on rivers. Shana Tarter of the Wilderness Medicine Institute says if the skin is pulled off to treat it like an open wound. The WMI offers seven courses, everything from 180 hour wilderness EMT training to the 16 to 24 hour wilderness first aid course. Many youth sports teams will carry a basic first aid kit with them in case of an injury during a game. This entry was posted in First Aid and tagged First aid, first aid kit, little league first aid kits, sports first aid kits by admin. Quite an informative post, sports aid kit is an important item to be kept along while playing; it can help in healing small injuries and can also help as a basic aid for major injuries. Perhaps one of the biggest components you will need in your prepper kit or your overall plan is a emergency first aid kit.
One of the benefits of buying a pre-made emergency first aid kit is that everything is available to you all at once. If you really want to be prepared you should consider having one of these emergency first aid kits available in your survival bag or your survival kits so that you can take care of the bumps, bruises, scrapes, and other problems that may come about trekking on foot to one area to another.

Some emergency first aid kits can be small enough to fit in your pocket, of course there isn’t much that you can do with them other than patch up a few small wounds but the intent is pure. Now the second choice would be to go out and buy a full blown EMT bag that has everything a licensed EMT would want to use. Since many businesses actually want to hire people who have EMT skills on their staff, because they want to also be prepared, you could use this as a selling point on your resume. Our experienced first aid specialists have access to up-todate knowledge of relevant standards, legislation and codes of practice. Accidental can work together with you to assess your workplace needs and can include specific products for your industry. We organise with each individual workplace on the frequency of visits and can come as often as every month, quarterly or half yearly.
The kits for workplaces or sports centers must conform to legal requirements, they should also be clearly marked and easily accessible. Look for a variety of quality components and make sure you have all of your bases covered.  Most of our recommended suppliers will be able to give you some great advice as to how to stock them based on your specific needs. Given the unsanitary environment, they can quickly escalate into more serious injuries if not properly treated. To prevent the skin from pulling off, build an elevated donut around the blister to the height of the blister using tape or moleskin. Don’t share your water bottle or use your personal spoon to stir the community pasta. Before high school, it is very unlikely that there will be any trainers on site to treat younger players who just need to be fixed up to get back into the game.
With a sports first aid kit, you will have the tools necessary to help an athlete get back into the game. You don’t have to buy separate items to piecemeal your own kit; these kits are even small enough to be able to carry in your bug out bag without any difficulty. It is pretty easy to carry both a survival kit and an emergency first aid kit in your trunk of your car without taking up too much space; some of these kits can even fit in the glove compartment.
Regardless of how small an emergency first aid kit is the usefulness comes from what is inside the kit and your ability to use these tools to help save someone from getting even worse than what they are at the moment. After all, these EMT’s are probably going to be deployed all throughout the city with this same equipment.

For a home or car, you can either buy a kit or assemble first aid items yourself and keep them in a clean waterproof container.
There’s also the worry that events will cascade into bigger problems if poor decisions are made.
By having a sports first aid kit available, a team will be better prepared to treat a young athlete with a sports-related injury.
With more specific contents, a sports first aid kit is great for youth basketball, little league, soccer, and any other sports. A sports first aid kit is a must for any little league, basketball, midget football, or soccer team. Just about everyone who is responsible seems to carry a version of one of these kits in their car when a major accident should hit. Signing up to become an EMT at your local trade school or community college shouldn’t be too difficult. Consider that if your place of employment may not pay for this type of training that you may be able to get a tax write off of your taxes.
Learning how to become an EMT is not the same as getting advanced medical training such as becoming a Doctor but this training will help you get through most scrapes and help others along the way. Any first-aid-kit must be kept in a dry place, checked and replenished regularly, so that the items are always ready for use. There are some who go all out and buy a full blown fully equipped EMT bag, that is going to extremes but when an extreme situation should hit you want to be prepared.
Fire departments and other local government agencies are always on the lookout for people who have these types of skills.
Wilderness First Aid courses, such as the one WMI teaches, help students learn how to deal with minor and major injuries to help stabilize patients and avoid further injury.

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