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Plus they both work with Passport Media player to give you a more a virtual reality training experience. So what’s the difference? This article will go over the main differences between the Horizon Adventure 3 vs Adventure 5 treadmill to help you decide. As of this writing the Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill is about $200 less than the Adventure 5 Treadmill. The Adventure 5 is more of a bridge treadmill with a bit more substance to it than a starter treadmill but not quite as expensive as the commercial grade treadmills.
The console on the Adventure 5 is a bit larger (7 inches vs 5  inches) and it’s easier to see your workout stats.
The Adventure 5 comes with a few more workout programs than the Adventure 3 treadmill (35 vs 30). The Adventure 5 treadmill is a bit heavier than the Adventure 3 treadmill, giving you a bit more stability.
So those are the main differences between the Horizon Adventure 3 vs Adventure 5 treadmill. It really depends on your budget and how much you’re planning on using your treadmill. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As manufacturers will do, they grabbed onto a popular customization and began to build dual sport bikes for mass production. No windscreen and a minimalist seat allow for a wide range of body positions to handle off-road conditions. The biggest drawbacks to a dual sport are the very things that make them great for off-road riding.
The lack of a windscreen does not bother a rider off-road, but it can beat you down at highway speeds. The high front fender vibrates and can break if top speed is maintained over long distances.
The use of knobby tires for better off-road grip can make the bike drift and float at highway speeds. The motocross seat is great for maneuvering, but it plays hell on your body when riding in one position for a long time. The small displacement engines are not very durable when frequently used at top speed for prolonged periods of time.
The on-pavement drawbacks of the dual sport left a whole section of the riding community looking for a bike better suited for their needs. Adventure bikes have continued to evolve, with manufacturers improving performance and more manufacturers entering the class. Again, we have generalized the characteristics of this group of bikes so that a new rider can make the most informed decision possible. Durability: the larger displacement twin cylinder engines of an adventure bike allow them to last longer when used at top speed. The larger brakes and street biased tires allow for better braking and improved highway safety compared to dual sports. The larger gas tank allows for better range, increasing the number of trails you can explore without having to haul your bike to a site.
The luggage system allows you to carry gear inland, so you can ride to a camp or travel over great distances. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage an adventure bike has when compared to a dual sport is weight.
A rider’s body position is limited because of the larger seat, the windscreen, and luggage system.
These bikes are more susceptible to damage in a crash because of the added body features, making them more expensive to repair over the long term. So, with all of this information at your finger tips, what are the deciding factors that will determine whether you should buy a dual sport bike or an adventure bike? Interestingly, the adventure bike (ADV) bike category seems to be following the evolution of four wheel drive cars.

PS #001 – What is the Difference Between Team Building, Adventure Activities, and Experiential Learning? Ryan Eller is the founder and lead consultant of Paradigm Shift, which provides custom-built team-building and leadership training. Ryan serves as the Program Director for The 20 Leadership Camp, a faith-based camp designed to develop and enhance the leadership skills of America’s youth. Mark is one of Australia’s most experienced and qualified adventure educators, and one of a very small number of international facilitators working with Project Adventure Inc. On a personal note, Mark has been struck by lightning twice, can’t back-up a car towing a trailer to save himself and has camped on the lawns of Australia’s Parliament House for three days (as part of a logging protest). Although these terms are often interchangeable, there are certainly differences between experiential, adventure and team-building activities. No Props – Some of the best games, energizers, trust exercises and group problem-solving activities using no equipment whatsoever. The Hundredth Monkey – The Hundredth Monkey is a resourceful collection of some of the newest icebreakers, energizers, group games, and teambuilding activities. Heel to Toe Walking – Whenever you have a large (or small) group that is full of energy but needs to emphasize safety during a tag or mass hysteria activity, you can implement Heel to Toe Walking.
Finding Nemo – This activity is based off of the wonderful Disney-Pixar film Finding Nemo.
Stepping Stones Auction –  This activity is a variation of Stepping Stones in which teams bid on different resources they will use to cross the lava pit.
What is the Difference Between Divemaster and Master Scuba Diver - Adventure Sports Newmarket Inc. These are both new treadmills from Horizon with strong motors, Viafit connectivity, and backlit consoles. This gives you extra room to stretch out and move without feeling like you’re bumping up against the edge of the treadmill belt. This is great for runners who don’t want to see their treadmill shake or wobble when they run.
So basically the Adventure 5 treadmill can handle a bit more use (and abuse) than the Adventure 3 model.
You can get both treadmill direct from the Manufacturer here and get Free Shipping – including inside delivery to your home. To make matters worse, there are several unofficial classes of bikes that riders themselves have created.
Enduros are motocross or dirt bikes with a headlight, tail light (but no brake light), and a wide ratio tranny. The early bikes were enduro rides with a license plate, gauges, a key, and a quiet muffler. This group wanted a long-distance bike that could perform decently off-road–reversing the strengths of a dual sport, which is a short-distance bike that excels off-road.
The larger engines and higher gear ratios allow them to cruise at highway speeds without the annoying whine and obvious engine stress that dual sport bikes suffer. Adventure bikes are significantly heavier, causing them to be harder to handle off-road, especially on technical trails.
The added electronics and engine complexity can make them harder for a rider to fix if they breakdown in a remote area. First, we had dedicated and capable off-road vehicles (Jeeps, 4×4 pickups and other body-on-frame truck-based vehicles), to which manufacturers added accessories to make them more road-worthy.
On the very first episode, your hosts Ryan Eller and Mark Collard share their thoughts on the differences between team building, adventure activities, and experiential learning. He has facilitated in over 20 US states and hosted leadership conferences in Cuba and Brazil.
He spent seven years as Grant Coordinator for Educational Talent Search at Northeastern State University, the college where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and master’s in Higher Education Administration. He calls Melbourne home, and counts his time devoted to group programming as some of the most rewarding and funnest times of his life! More than 100 new and adapted activities, plus nearly 200 variation ideas and a special activity sequencing chapter.

Encourage a group to move as quickly as they want…but only in a certain manner, by placing heel to toe on each step. In this wild and crazy activity, groups are given the opportunity to find the secret Nemo in the group while learning how to meet and interact with new people.
Groups try to cross a lava field on carpet squares to get their entire team to the other side. It provides teams with opportunities to collaborate on vision and goal setting while finding a common goal to cross the pit. Feel free to call or email us to see how we could put together a custom event for your group.
All of these classes of bikes can make it hard for a new rider to decide which type of bike they would like to start out with. Adventure bikes are only mildly designed to take off-road conditions, and they are more comfortable for long trips on pavement. The trade-off for becoming street legal was added weight, decreasing the dual sport’s agility off road.
They wanted the ability to load gear and a passenger, as well as being able to explore some trails. A modern adventure bike offers the nimbleness to handle the vast majority of trails while providing the comfort needed to ride on pavement all day.
As evidence, look at the exhaust pipes, which have no protection and wrap directly under the bike, where they would be exposed and vulnerable over even the slightest rough road. We talk about our favorite books, websites, and resources that help us as facilitators, and we share our favorite activities. When you use an adventure or experiential activity to grow and develop a team it is deemed team-building. Designed for a wide range of practitioners including camp counselors, classroom teachers, physical education teachers, counselors, therapists, and more. During Stepping Stones the group learns about planning, collaboration, vision, and follow-through. Dual sport bikes, on the other hand, have a genetic makeup that thrives off-road and offer very few frills for long distance, paved riding. That has been the challenge that producers have faced since production began: making these bikes more street-oriented, while retaining the lightweight agility needed for off-road excursions. Meeker is also the author of “The 10 Habits of Happy Moms”. She has been traveling to several cities about how to keep our kids (and ourselves!) well this cold and flu season. An adventure bike is technically a dual sport bike, so what’s the difference between the two? That answer maybe a little too short, so let’s have a look at the evolution of both, some engine displacement guidelines, etc to further clear up the differences between these types of motorcycles. Essentially, these bikes came into being so that riders could maximize their riding opportunities.
You might have a general framework where the outcome might land, but you can not without certainty know where it might land. It differs from adventure-based learning because experiential learning could have a determined outcome. The adventure bike is essentially a street bike wearing many of a dirt bike’s body parts. So, knowing that the light is green makes it a lot easier than fubling for my bottle-cap glasses (no-joke) and sticking a thermometer up their wazoo.
Bikes like the Cagiva Elefant, Kawasaki KLR650, and the Honda Africa Twin eventually came onto the scene and, voila, the adventure class was born.

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