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Another must have in your first aid kit, is a pain reliever and medication which brings down fever as well. One of the best options for communications during an emergency situation is a battery-operated radio. Board games and books can provide many hours of quiet entertainment for everyone in your family.
These 10 ways to prepare for a pandemic can keep everyone in your family healthy in the event of a pandemic or other emergency situation. Sign up for Confessions of a Prepper newsletter to gain access to the latest survivalist news, tips, and tricks. When your cat gets hurt, you should be armed with the knowledge and materials necessary to help him.
Take the time now to learn some basic first aid, and if an emergency situation arises, you'll be glad you did. Absolutely Creative Training Solutions is a Training Partner of the Canadian Red Cross First Aid Program, which is designed for people of all ages and skill levels.
The Red Cross program was updated with 2010 ILCOR First Aid & CPR Guidelines, a full colour manual and new skills, including the use of automatic external defibrillators (AED) by the general public, use of epinephrine auto-injectors, and use of metered dose inhalers. Attire: Our courses are learner-centred and there is a lot of practical work on the floor, so please wear comfortable, casual clothing.
This 8 hour course provides the skills to deal with immediate, life-threatening priorities, including: airway, breathing, cardiac emergencies, severe bleeding and shock. A 16 hour course which includes all the information in Emergency First Aid, plus how to recognize and handle sudden injury and illness. This is a review and retesting of skills and knowledge, not a new course; learners should review the course content prior to their session. This 4 hour recertification is a retesting of skills and knowledge, not a reteaching; learners should review the material prior to their recertification course. Recommended for nurses, physicians, paramedics, and allied health care providers such as RTs, OTs, and PTs. This 4-hour workshop from the American Red Cross will help you respond to a life threatening emergency involving your dog or cat. Samba the Basset Hound passed away on February 22, 2005, after 13 years of happy, drooly life. A showcase of environmental orientated things that our staff and students do, as well as things we find interesting.
Want to live in a coconut plantation, in a jungle, with the Caribbean beach as your front yard, while working with Jaguars and turtles or sloths?
I’ve just completed a one month paid voluntary program with Global Vision International (GVI) in Costa Rica as part of my Global Environmental Placement, on their unique wildlife conservation expedition based in Tortuguero national park. At GVI, I helped collect important research data on jaguars, marine sea turtles, aquatic birds and other biodiversity surveys; my favorite part was exploring jungle trails and seeking out sloths, tapirs and tamanduas while I worked! HOWEVER, if you are looking for a good trail companion to carry day packs, or even share part of load on Overnight, Week End, or A Few Week Long Backpacking Trips per year, with the right conditioning and training, a GSD is a GREAT choice. As I have said over and over on these pages, we lost all of old our 1980 - 1990's GSDs photos to Black Mold in N WI. This page is written from our own experiences of being out on the trial with backpacks on our back and dogs wearing backpacks right with us. There is no better way for me to enjoy the great outdoors and my animals then to take a hike.
There are many items a person should carry with them in the woods and sometimes the dogs can carry the weight without the owner carrying a pack at all.
Most dogs (I have only seen one squirrely dog that did not, and it was not mine) take to a backpack easily.
Photo of Marna with two our our, now gone, AKC Registered, Seppala Line Siberian Huskies, Petey and Zamboni.
It is not Rocket Science, training a puppy or a dog to wear a backpack, but it might take a bit of your time. I usually start my puppies out very young learning that I can touch them anywhere, I can put anything on their bodies, and they are not to refuse.
When our puppies are young I put small sized harnesses on them, just to let them learn what it is and it will not hurt them. Most dogs, especially large breed dogs, should NOT carry loads in a backpack for at least 18 months and many of the breeds, two years. You might notice a slight roach in your dog's back the first few times it wears that empty Backpack. What is the percentage of weight, now really get on the scale and weight yourself and then weigh your backpack, the do the math. A dog should not carry 25% of it's weight on it's back unless you have a well conditioned dog that you have started with a light load on it's back and worked up to the 25%. Any more weight then 25% is like a fat adult riding a Shetland Pony with a heavy western saddle!
Just because you read it in a book or a Dog Club asks for too much weight to be carried by a dog does not make it right. Please note that Turquoise, Black GSD in front, is wearing a different type Dog Backpack than Texas Tea, our other Beautiful Black GSD is wearing. Can you imagine if someone handed you a 35-45 pound backpack and thought you should carry it for 5 miles without training. Make sure you do NOT buy a backpack that only has a few, some as few as two straps rather than a Yoke.

If you look at these photos, the Pink Dog Backpack is made so that the load rides more up on the dog's withers (shoulders). What you need for your dog, is a well fitting dog backpack that does not hang down to it's knees when loaded, with a padded yoke. Remember, the more simple, if built well, the Dog Backpack is, the less on it that might break on the trial, allllllll those miles from home, with all those items inside of it. If you are trying to stay unseen, there are Camo Colored Backpacks, and Deron and I just like the color, that will match many of the terrains you will be backpacking in. This is a photo of our Totally Black GSD, Texas Tea, wearing a smaller Backpacks (Frankie's really) just to get the feel of the pack as she walked.
REMEMBER: JUST BECAUSE A DOG BACKPACK IS LARGE ENOUGH TO CARRY MORE, they make some too big in my opinion, DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD OVER PACK YOU DOG. You need to make sure that soft items are next to the dogs body and the packs weigh the same one each side so that they balance while riding on the dog's back.
Photo of Marna with Tekoa and Texas Tea at the Center of the Nation Museum in Belle Fourche, SD. The Bandanna; what an important piece of hiking, camping, jogging, horse back riding, sports, everyday, equipment it is. Bandannas can simply be used to wipe the sweat off your face or dampened to get the dust off your clothing.
It can also be used as a wash cloth, dry it out and put it around your neck to keep you warm, or wet to keep you cool. It can become an extra collar for your animal or even repair some holes in packs (double or triple the bandanna over and set it into the place where the hole is in the pack). You can put a bandanna on your face, stage coach robber style, in a wind storm or snow storm. Your bandanna when rolled or scrunched up, can become a pot holder or a cushion for a bucket handle that the plastic broke off of. Something else that is really fun is to teach your dog to bring you the bandanna (as a trick, see the trick page here at this site).
You should carry First Aid items in your First Aid Kit with both people and animal items included. Think about what you might be sewing while out on the trail or in camp with your dogs, friends and family members. Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, small tents, camp chairs and the like can be tied up on top of many types of dog packs. It is always a great idea to carry lighter weight items and smaller items when you go packing. Many years ago we bought these wonderful little light weight skillets for $1 each at a store called The Dollar Store. Many times you can prepare your food enough before leaving home so that you will not need to carry spices with you. Two even four Sterno or Sterno type stoves will take up less room then a camp stove and fuel.
Carry a pillow case and stuff clothes into it rather then taking a pillow with you on the trip. You want to stay light weight when packing, but there are some items you will might wish you would have thought of and brought with you. Let's face it, if your animals run into a porcupine you will need a small set of needle nose pliers. If you will be gone for the week end or for a week, it is a good idea to take a little extra food and extra drink mix just in case you do get stuck there or if you are a bit hungrier then expected. If you have an extra dog you can also carry more First Aid and other items for emergencies with you too. If you are camping for the week end or for a week you might want to take your favorite novel and or your journal and a pen with you. However, if you are on private property or your own property or even some, very few, but some public properties, you might be able to carry off rocks, fossils, arrrowheads, and other interesting items. If you will be grilling with fire or camping you need special permits and will have to pay a fee. I normally send out a small fossil we found out here on the prairie with orders for our animal items sold in our On Line Store.
Andy, Cheryl Andersen and their sons Derek and Levi as well as Deron and I and Blake went on the adventure.
We did not SEE Bear, but the trees around the camp were Marked (scratched deep with bear nails) and one tree was awfully freshly marked.
We hiked, the guys fished, we had a very nice campfire (two different areas), we visited, we laughed and had such a GREAT time! Today we will each go through our backpacks take out anything that will melt or you can eat, before storing them for the next trip. DID YOU KNOW?The German Shepherd Dog Club of America was founded in 1913 with 26 Charter Members. In the high plains of South Dakota, USACopyright © 2013-2016 DogStar KennelAll Rights Reserved.
You never know when you might need it, but more importantly, you need to ensure that you stock it well with the right tools. If you are someone who loves hiking or indulging in any sort of outdoor activity, then you must make sure that you have a pair of these in your kit.
This may include various over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen, aspirin and even ibuprofen.

When the wounds are small, you will have to use the gauze pad to put pressure on it so that the bleeding stops. It helps in a number of ways like preventing infections in tiny wounds, keeping the wounded area moist which will help in the healing process and also preventing the bandage from sticking to the wounds.
We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. If you wait until your cat is injured before educating yourself on the help he needs, it might be too late.
Red Cross courses emphasize prevention of injuries and prompt, practical first aid care for casualties. Our individual-use manikins and masks are washed and bleached between every course,  new lung bags are provided for each participant’s manikin, and we have sanitary wipes available for additional cleaning, if you wish. For workplaces with more that five workers per shift, WSIB Regulation 1101 requires that at least one worker per shift be trained in Standard First Aid. To qualify for recertification under WSIB guidelines, the learner may, on a one time basis only, have the certificate renewed by completing a Standard First Aid Recertification Course from the original provider (Canadian Red Cross and its Training Partners).
Add one additional hour to the first of your Standard or Emergency First Aid Course; add one half hour to a recert. This program has become very popular across the United States, and Absolutely Creative Training Solutions has brought it to the attention of pet owners across southern Ontario.
Please call 519-649-4122 to see if we’re in; our answering service gives information on availability for the week. I highly valued being able to develop my scientific knowledge and skills and the efficient training. But let me stop here and tell you that if you are looking for a dog to carry 25% of their body weight, to carry large loads for many miles, look for another breed. Start out with low weights, almost nothing in the pack, and add as the dog gets in shape not only for the weight but also the miles. My son had an 18 pound beagle that carried a small backpack I made for her and scaled everything down she needed to carry for her Backpack Title she earned.
When looking at fabric in the fabric store double up a corner (triangle shaped) of the cotton (or cotton blend) print you like and that is how much fabric you need. Add the items you will need to have with your to sew the items for yourself or others with you.
Items such as extra charcoal for those campsites that do not allow campfires, but you can have a grill. No rocks, no fossils, no flowers, no seeds, nothing that others might enjoy on their next trip. If you would like to decorate a backpack for a Christmas Parade just be sure not to sew glass ornaments or bells unto it. We find fossils right on our own property and on the dirt road on the way back to our place. Although this may not completely rid you of the itch or pain, it will at least provide you some comfort and sometimes even quick relief. So you require it when you need to wash your hands but have no water and also at times when you need to tend to wounds and your hands need to be clean. But caution is required while administering the same as people below the age of 18 should not consume aspirin, for its after effect in Reye’s syndrome, which is quite dangerous. Sometimes if you want a bandage in order to cover up the wounds then you can use the gauze with the tape. Hence you need to make sure that you have oral antihistamines in your first aid kit, you never know when your allergies may crop up.
Hands-on practice with manikins and an illustrated manual reinforce the skills and knowledge components of these courses. The learner may attend this course as long as the Standard First Aid Certificate has not expired. If you prefer to register in person using cash, cheque or Interac, please call 519-649-4122 to make an appointment. That doubled piece of fabric in your hand will make two (four if you cut out the triangle) bandannas. There will be times you will need to either take some items off or put them on, or both within the same hour.
For treating any sort of wound, you need to first sanitize your hand, then use the gloves, take care of the wound and then sanitize again after finishing the job.
If you have injuries of eyes or wounds at sensitive parts, then you should use lens solution or saline water.
Sometimes people end up having severe cases of allergies; in that case you need to keep the injectables which include epinephrine. If you thought they would take up a large space in your first aid kit, then you are mistaken, as you get them in mini packs as well. Put the Frisbee in the pack so that the concave side is near the dog and this will protect the dog from other items poking at it as it travels.
For small dogs (under 35 pounds) two straps will work well, one at the chest and one just behind the dog's front legs. On each of my Labrador Retriever Backpacks as well as our sled dogs when they backpacked, we snapped on a tie out line (20ish inches of poly rope with a snap), a pinned on compass, and a keychain flashlight.

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