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Now it's clear why Ed Sheeran told us he was training five hours a day for his "Thinking Out Loud" video. In the video, Ed sports dress pants and a vest, looking almost as spiffy as his gorgeous, talented dance partner, who spins barefoot as they move together, falling on the floor at the end for a cute cuddle session. Not many artists can produce such a high quality debut album that the nation really takes to their hearts, but Ed Sheeran certainly does this.
This was the singers first commercial success, releasing the album with Atlantic Records, and Asylum Records, it out did all of his previous EP's (5 of them, released independently). I have chosen to talk briefly about some of the standout songs on the album that are definitely worth a listen if you are still unsure about purchasing. Firstly, I wouldn't be able to not mention 'The A Team' the first single from the album, and emotional song about the struggles of drug abusers. Sheeran also explores more upbeat territory with the likes of 'Grade 8' and 'You Need me, I Don't Need You'.
This is then slowed down with 'Wake Me Up' an achingly sweet song, utilizing the piano sound to really get across the emotion of the track, celebrating the love for another.
The album ends on 'Give Me Love' which samples a more gospel and soul sound in the climax of the song, which even has a hidden song at the end, a rendition of an old folk song which is a great listen to fully appreciate his voice. Overall, this is a great album, and for a debut really sets Sheeran in good steed for future releases.
Being very ill towards the end of last year I wasn't particularly as up to date with music as I would have been six months before. I love this album.The reason why I like this album so much is that it's full of emotion and Ed really does put his heart and soul into the album. The album peaked at #1 in the UK in it's first week, with over 100,000 sales, and also debuted in the US at #5.
With fantastic vocals, great music and meaningful lyrics, there's a song that can please any music lover at some point.
It's a pretty deep topic, and only goes to show the meaning that has been put into the production of this album.
There are many other songs worth mentioning, for example 'Small Bump' which never fails to get your tear ducks jerking and 'Lego House' another track that went straight to the public's hearts and into the top 5 UK singles. I had heard Ed Sheeran's 'The A team' a few times on the radio but had no idea who he was and I hadn't even really paid much attention either. He's clearly based it on personal experiences and the songs are all very honest and meaningful. Once Atlantic had in, they blew his underground hype up into an uncontrollable mainstream buzz which everyone saw coming. I hear things in passing I'm not keen on and will have an minor outburst as to why it's awful, but these days if it's no good I just don't pay attention.
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The gentle guitar creates a melody that sticks in your head, yet the sad tone to the track keeps you thinking about the real life struggles people still face today.
In particular 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' dips into the more urban genre, with Sheeran showcasing his rapping ability which, to someone who doesn't rate rap very much, is pretty impressive.
These are two of the strongest, catchiest songs on the album with very different, subtle messages hidden in their vocals that resonate inside of you long after the album is finished! However, I sat up and noticed the song when Frankie Cocozza performed it for his X Factor audition and me and my best friend both went out and bought the CD album of Ed's the very next day!Who is Ed Sheeran?-----------------------Ed Sheeran was born in 1991 in Halifax.
I haven't been able to escape Ed Sheeran in 2011 - with his music being everywhere for the past 12 months, but specifically due to the fact I work with a few obsessives that insist on playing him whenever possible.
In the UK, 6 separate tracks were released, all of which peaked within the top 25 singles, with three of those peaking within the top 5. In fact, A-Team opens this album and is a very moving piece about a homeless girl; not normally anything to sing about but it helps get across a message of desperation, hope and encapsulates the loneliness that people forced to live on the streets must feel.
He began playing the guitar at a very young age and by the age of 14 he was already writing and recording his own songs. The track shows what strong capabilities he has as a vocalist and songwriter and how effectively he puts melancholy subject matter.
He released another two albums over the next four years.In 2009, Ed toured with one of his idols - Just Jack. This was the real kick start to his career and in early 2010 he was asked to tour with Example.

It is like the previous two tracks lull you into a false sense of security and then Sheeran hits you with something totally catchy and unique again that throws you totally for a curve ball.
At its heart, Ed Sheeran is just a young man with a guitar, yet many forget this - due to his ties with 'urban' artists. This is another toe-tappingly pleasant tune that you will find yourself singing along to and is beautiful acoustically!Small Bump, I'm never sure about. Foxx himself gave Ed a standing ovation and offered for him to stay with him whilst in the country! It has a very calming feel to it and it makes me happy, even if some of the songs are quite sad. I kind of like it but the lyrics and gentle melody are a bit of a downer if you are in the wrong mood.
Whilst staying with Foxx he became more and more well known with even Elton John noticing him.On 12th September 2011 he signed a deal with Atlantic Records and he was propelled to fame, with this album selling fast and a budding fanbase forming quickly.
Much better are the songs that follow- This, The City, and Lego House - the latter of which I consider his best song to date!Finally, Sheeran brings it all down a notch for his last three songs - still brilliant but starting to wind the album down.
This album reached number 1 in the UK.Ed's Music------------Ed plays guitar on his tracks and he is a wonderful guitar player. Further into it and the splashes of Rock and Hip Hop are just irritating and make the song cringe-worthy, as he tries to appeal to a crowd who simply wouldn't listen to his music otherwise. When singing live he also has his guitar with him which I believe displays his talent beautifully.
There are no fillers - the album is full of quality songs that you can't help but sway along to. When it's not musical aspects pulling him down, it's his need to over-emphasise the emotional side to his songwriting.
You will already be familiar with a few of the songs as they have already been played on the radio, mainly radio 1.
It's not something which all can relate to and often sounds as though he's putting on an act. This song is really slow and sad and has a really sad message to it, to be honest it makes me feel lucky for every opportunity I have been given in life. Ed Sheerans voice is amazing and he sings this song flawlessly in my opinion.DrunkThis is a slower song about losing a loved one and using alcohol to get rid of the pain. It's recorded as a beginner's guide to Pop-Folk (as it's been a while since the last artist of his kind found a young crowd) and little more. This song is really sad song about dealing with being alone but also knowing that you can't change the way you are as a person. While it might have a few songs which are very catchy and will stay in your head, but it's probably more down to the amount of radio play such tracks received. When he left to go back to Germany he took the cd with him so I needed a new one, I bought this and after balling my eyes out I listened to it again.
The lyrics refer to a girl who had dreams but recently has become more and more separated from them. I really love this song and think its sung really well.You Need Me, I Don't Need YouThis is one of the faster paced songs on the album. It's a bit too soppy and over-emotional for most, which is why such a young crowd are gravitating towards it, but some older listeners might see something more in it. He's got the hitmaking formula and has (strangely) managed to wrangle an 'urban' crowd in, but it's far too messy to be viewed as anything but an average debut album. It is quite a sad song when listening to the lyrics as you realise his problems are bigger than just this break-up - money struggles etc. I really like this song as it is a little different to anything else on the album.The Other TracksThere are no tracks on this album that I dislike, they are all very easy listened to and have their own little unique twists to them.
Favourite lyric from the song is 'I wanna hold your heart in both hands, Not watch it fizzle at the bottom of a coke can'.
I think that this is a great album to just chill out with or to have on in the background when you are driving. I was quite pleased when I heard the content of the song because it is a common issue with students and it was nice to hear it addressed. This again is a ballad and Ed's voice in this song is brilliant, he has a slightly grave voice at times which I love and this really does make me as a listener feel that Ed really believes this song.
Favourite line from the song is probably 'I don't drink like everybody else I do it to forget things about myself, Stumble and fall with the head spin I got, My mind's with you but my heart's just not'.

The rhythm is very slow and Ed's voice is clear and crisp over the gentle music and the lyrics are so moving, infact it often brings me to tears! The song talks about how much he really loves this girl and it has such lovely content it really makes me think about those I love. Favourite lyric is hard to choose because there are so many beautiful lyrics to choose from but I am going to say 'See I could do without a tan on my left hand where my fourth finger meets my knuckle'.
The lyrics talk about a miscarriage and the things that Ed thought he would do that he now cannot.
The song to me was a bit of a shock because I don't think I have heard a song with this as a focus before but it really is an astounding piece of music and Ed gets his feelings across so well.
My sister had a miscarriage and I know how difficult it can be so can relate to this song to an extent. It seems a bit insensitive to say 'favourite' song so I'm going to say the most touching line is ''Cos you were just a small bump unborn for four months, then torn from life, Maybe you were needed up there but we're still unaware as why'. The song talks about the start of a new relationship and how everything feels so wonderful and how he thinks it will stay this way.
Favourite lyric is 'You are the earth that I will stand upon, You are the words that I will sing'. I love the fact that its slightly quirky - how many singers can you name who sing about lego? He talks about a relationship where things haven't been easy but they both love each other a lot and are determined to make things work though they are aware that there might be a few hiccups along the way.
Favourite line is difficult as theres lots of great ones but will probably have to be 'I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house, If things go wrong we can knock it down'. The words describe falling wonderfully and it takes me back to the early days of relationships.
Favourite line is 'Yeah I've been feeling everything from hate to love from love to lust from lust to truth I guess that's how I know you'. Another ballad during which Ed sings about a break up and really wanting to turn things around and get things back to how they were.
Favourite line is 'Give a little time to me, or burn this out, We'll play hide and seek to turn this around'. The songs are all so strong and it is a lovely album to just listen to the whole way through. I find the album quite relaxing and like to listen to it when I am a little worked up or when I have a long drive.For me, the lyrics are absolutely outstanding and they are some of the best lyrics I have heard. Ed puts his feelings and thoughts across brilliantly and I really feel as though I understand exactly what he is trying to say. A lot of the situations he talks about are recognisable to most people which is nice as it gives people something to relate to.
He is singing about things that many men would not want to because of embarrassment but he handles these situations so well. It is a modern classic which I believe is timeless and although Ed has finally got his recognition, I still don't believe that Britain recognise quite how talented he really is.Its hard for me to pick a favourite song as I have a few that are definitely firm favourites and my favourite favourite seems to vary depending on how things are going in my life at that particular time. At the moment, I think Small Bump is probably the most strong song on the album for me because Ed exposes his feelings so wonderfully and beautifully and he really captures how prospective parents feel when a tragedy like this happens. Its heartbreaking to hear what he would have done but now cant and I really feel for Ed in this song.
I often have a couple of moments silence when this song comes to an end just to think about other people in that situation.This album is absolutely fantastic in my opinion and I am disappointed I didn't come across him before.
As a result of this album, I will be tracking down some of his earlier music when my bank balance allows but, for now I know this album will keep me going and will still amaze me with every hearing.Why Should You Buy It?----------------------------I believe that Ed's style will appeal to a large percentage of people. Fans of ballads, pop and RnB would enjoy this album and even if you are not a particular fan of these genres then I would still recommend looking this album up as it is a wonderful piece of work which is a brilliant listen. A real tear-jerker and thought provoker which provides me with inspiration and makes me appreciative for what I do have and determined to strive for things that I haven't quite managed to achieve yet.100% wholeheartedly recommended - an amazing album from someone expressing extreme talent.

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