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Pop star ED SHEERAN has threatened to boycott the Grammy Awards in future if he does not win a prize at the 2016 ceremony. The Thinking Out Loud singer quit social media and embarked on a break from music in December (15), and he had initially planned to snub the prizegiving in California on 15 February (16). He has now changed his mind because he does not want to miss out on the chance to pick up a prize after going home from the ceremony empty-handed for the past three years, but Ed is adamant he will never attend the show again if he does not finally win. Thinking Out Loud is nominated for Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, but Ed is not planning to celebrate any potential win at the afterparties. Ed was pictured looking drunk and dishevelled coming out of an afterparty for the 2015 BRIT Awards, where he won Best Male Solo Artist and Album of the Year for X.
I've listened to the acoustic versions of this song and absolutely love them, even more-so than the album version because it's a little more upbeat. Not a favourite yet but I can see it becoming one as it seems like this is one of those songs you appreciate a lot more once you can sing along. Basically a sequel to You Need Me, I Don't Need You but the chorus isn't as catchy and feels out of place.
Overall, I don't think Ed has suffered from the "Sophomore Slump" with this album but it's not as good as + and it never was going to be. Ed said he wrote over 200 songs for this album and chose the ones that he never got bored of - I definitely see where he's coming from as he's got to play these songs for the next 2-3 years hundreds if not thousands of times but I honestly think there would have been some songs out there that would've made a more cohesive second album as 'Multiply' it seems a little bit scattered and experimental which is fine but unexpected.
Don’t worry Directioners, we got some more One Direction album news for you – straight from Ed Sheeran, who has written songs for 1D before! I love how creative and inventive he is - he's proven he can excel by himself and with others.
Listening to this song makes me feel like he's lost and drifting, searching for something which kind of ties in with the lyrics.

I think by this song on the album you can tell he's not singing about the same girl from the first album anymore. There was a performance I watched and he looked so vulnerable and nervous whilst singing it which was really sweet to watch. Kind of feels like he had to do it in a rap to make people focus on that at first more-so than the the lyrics. This is another one of those songs that will grow on me once I know the lyrics and can sing along to it. That said, I really like a getting an update on how he feels about fame and his career 3 years later. I really think lyrics are the heart of Ed's songs and without knowing them they can fall kind of flat, I don't think Shirtsleeves does though.
It's not necessary because track 15 would've been a great ending but I do like that it's included for people who don't follow Ed online and know what he's up to all the time. I think we're all relieved to have new music from him and I have no doubt that the songs will grow on me just like + did. I've had such an amazing ride over the last 5 years but I find myself seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes so I'm taking this opportunity of me not having to be anywhere or do anything to travel the world and see everything I missed.
Don't get me wrong, when I see it live I'll be jamming but I don't feel the need to listen to it before then. There's a completely different tone and subject matter that you get when listening to the album, it's not all sweet, naive first love anymore. It's quite funny that there's still speculation about who this song is about - Taylor Swift being the obvious guess and after reading this I can see why people would think that. I feel like this is one of those great wedding dance songs or something that people will still be using in 50 years.

I See Fire is such an incredible song because he plays every instrument on it himself and some of them he learned the day he recorded it.
I love every single song on that EP and listen to them even more than I listen to his first album.
It kind of entices you because it's familiar and you initially want more of the same when you pick up the album. You can see some things are the same just repurposed which is quite fun if you take notice of it. Not going to lie, I downloaded the album but I don't feel guilty about it because I've bought the vinyl and am just waiting for it to arrive. Obviously everyone's heard Sing so we know not all songs will be like One which is quite exciting. I suppose he left it out so the album is age-appropriate for everyone but when he starts touring I hope he adds it in! I'm still new to it though, I think I might like in more and more as I listen to it more. I really suggest buying either the deluxe edition on iTunes, I never see the point in not shelling out an extra couple of dollars for more songs. I think everything just aligned perfectly with Plus and it's a once in a lifetime album.

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