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I hope this blog has given you something to think about, and a framework for your own First-Aid Kit.    None of us leaves home expecting to encounter an emergency, but the day it happens you will be glad that you are prepared with your very own First-Aid Kit for your pet. I keep baby disposable diapers in our kit and have used them twice and they hold a lot of blood plus they have a liquid proof liner in them, good to keep the area clean too. You don’t want to use pedialyte with crystal light because it is an artificial sweetner and your animals should not be feed articial sweetners. My cat has been cleaning the underside of his back legs a lot lately…to the point of removing his fur. Hi, We are going to go with surgery next week as the vet saw him the other day and marveled at the size and how quickly the tumor had grown. A fire extinguisher is obviously essential, but it must be in working order and that means it must carry a current inspection stamp on its date plaque. The fire extinguisher must be easily accessible within arm’s reach by any member of the touring party. Regardless of the cause the first step is to put out the flames, or disaster will surely follow. Our preference is for easy-fitting riggers’ gloves, for around the fire and for bush repair work.
You don’t need a mobile hospital tool-kit in your 4WD but you do need one of the compact first aid kits that are sanctioned by reputable first aid agencies.
Our experience suggests there aren’t enough Band Aids in any of the pre-packed first aid kits, so we always pack additional ones. 4WD wagon makers should be compelled by law to have cargo barriers as standard, because there’s no point everyone being strapped in as sitting ducks for freight that flies forward in the event of an accident. In the absence of compulsory cargo restraint you should fit an ADR-approved cargo barrier to your 4WD wagon. When you have one fitted to your wagon get the fitters to put in forward and rearward anchor points, so that you can vary the protected area to suit two-people or five-people modes. Tie downs are as important as a cargo barrier for keeping freight in place, because correctly fitted and tensioned tie downs stop heavy items from moving against the barrier - even the best cargo barrier has an impact limit.
Ratchet tie downs are easy to operate and are much more secure than carelessly knotted ropes.
Many wagon floor tie down hooks are weak and should be replaced by screw-in ring bolts that fold flat when not in use.
Our emergency ration pack consists of a two-litre water bottle and dehydrated and packaged food with a long shelf life.

A key component of safe bush travel is knowing your whereabouts and these days there’s no excuse for not knowing where you are.
There are five tiers of wireless communications you can chose from: mobile phones, HF radio, satellite phone and CB radio. Cell phones are unreliable away from major towns and roads, but Telstra has the best bush-area coverage. HF radio has been supplanted to some extent by satellite phones, but HF is a free call system and has excellent club networks that provide 4WD-specific information. Register your travel plans with police or other authority - if you fail to make contact by an agreed time, someone will come looking for you. Triple Antibiotic Cream, Neosporin: after cleansing a skin wound with 3% hydrogen solution, apply an antibiotic cream or ointment. It is a very good idea for everyone to have available, even if the hopes are that we never have to use it. Some days ,I had to change the sock 3 times a day, but using this sock method is sooo very fast, and keeps the hoses the vets put in , nice and clean, not too mention, he cant get at the hose , or stitches !!!!! The formulation changed a while back and what you find in most drug stores is actually bismuth subsalicylate, which is the same as pepto bismol and is a no-no for dogs.
I want to give him a bath, but his skin looks red and sore, I’m afraid it will sting.
Fires usually start because of fuel leaks or electrical short circuits, but some are caused by dry grass build up around exhaust pipes. The alternative is a couple of one-use aerosol can types that haven’t reached their use-by date. If the fire is under bonnet the safest approach is to aim the extinguisher through the radiator, or the slit between the radiator and a just-tripped bonnet rather than lift the bonnet fully and risk hand burns or a wall of flame in the face.
It’s all very well having a first aid kit, but its value is reduced if nobody in the crew knows how to use it properly. Tie downs ensure that roof rack loads don’t shift and upset vehicle balance, or fall on pedestrians.
Other always-present items are warm, waterproof clothing and a small spirit stove with fuel and matches. A $300 GPS will give you lat and long and it’s essential also to carry a compass and a paper map of the area. We had to wrap it in something and what better than a plastic sheet that when laid out tells any aircraft that we’re in distress.

Cut the sock toe off, turn sock inside out, then fold in half…putting your hand in the end that was cut,pull sock up on leg, then roll it down over injury, tape at the top ( on the sock) and wola !! Basic first aid for an animal is ok like putting pressure on a wound but animals are not people they can not tell us what is wrong and most times what we think is something very small turns out to be something very big and life threating.
Is there something I can use to bathe him in that won’t hurt, but still cleanse him good.
Extinguishers buried in the back of wagons or utes are useless, because in the event of a flare-up rapid response is required. Packing and unpacking, breaking and dragging firewood, and campfire cooking are all potential injury activities and the best way to avoid cuts, abrasions and burns is to use gloves. The optimum package for safe bush travel is a cell phone, a CB and either HF or a satellite phone.
There’s nothing like a shiny new version to tempt you into replacing your existing one, and this kit by Best Made Company looks good enough to hang on any wall.
Some new pet owners do not know that some of the human medications can be used for their pets, but in different dosages. It doesn’t take much and it depends on what the agent was that was swallowed if you want to induce vomiting. When overheated you have to be careful when bringing their temp back down, doing it slowly to prevent shock.
If your pet ingests the cream and you’ve given the aspirin it can cause stomach ulcers and in more severe cases, rupture.
They should ask you a few pointed questions to narrow down the issue and help you decide if your pet needs to be seen, or if home treatment is necessary. Please always keep in mind, your pet can’t speak for themselves, you are their advocate.
Always tell your vet anything you have been giving your pet or treatments you’ve been doing at home. We are professionals and even if you do something wrong, no one is going to be mad until its too late.

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