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Home PhoneLet Alpine help you connect with your friends and loved ones with our home phone service. Business Phone SystemsOne company, one call, one efficient way to handle your business phone systems. Fusion TV Features and Add-onsAlpine offers a variety of TV features and add-ons to make your viewing experience more enjoyable. Watch TV EverywhereAlpine FusionTV customers can stream TV channels to tablets, smartphones, laptops or PCs – for free! Smart Solutions – Home SecurityHome automation solutions you control from any smart mobile device or Internet connection. Smart Solutions – Business SecurityEnhance security, reduce your risk of property crimes, decrease energy costs, and more. Smart Solutions – Farm SecurityManage many aspects of your farm at any time, from anywhere! Because you’re an Alpine FusionTV customer, we’re bringing you a convenient new way to enjoy TV.
Plus, Watch TV Everywhere is FREE! You only need a subscription to the network you want to watch. Before gaining access, you must register, so have your Alpine Communications account number handy. Enjoy the freedom to record and watch programs in multiple rooms with FusionTV’s Whole-Home DVR. FusionTV’s Whole-Home DVR service lets you keep up with all of your activities and still not miss your favorite shows.
Manage all DVR recordings including scheduling a one-time or series, deleting existing, viewing currently recording, and organizing in folders. Your community is tuned-in to Alpine FusionTV’s local weather and community channels for the inside story on what matters in Elkader and Guttenberg.  Just about everything we do revolves around the weather and community events.
Alpine’s Weather Channel 100 is exclusive to FusionTV and your best local weather information to help you plan your busy schedule and stay safe. Precise hourly and 5-day forecasts, current conditions, radars, rain totals, and up-to-the-second sensor data focused specifically on our area. No waiting for “weather on the 8s”, you get immediate access to current hyper-local weather conditions for northeast Iowa. Current conditions measured on the weather sensor mounted to the Alpine building in Elkader. You get the most accurate weather predictions because a team of meteorologists created forecasting models based on Elkader’s latitude and longitude. Contact Alpine for more information about promoting your business or event on FusionTV’s ACTV Channel 3. Non-profit organizations and government agencies may be eligible to receive a FREE ad displayed for up to 2 weeks. We show you: you'll get a lower monthly bill and more channels with DISH, than with Charter TV. Locals channels, like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, Univision, Telefutura, etc, are included at no extra cost. As part of the lease program, there is no upfront cost for popular equipment configurations. Since HD programming is free with so many of our packages we're offering the necessary HD equipment free, without any upgrade charges.

Enjoy the premium content of HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and the DISH Movie Pack free for three months, with no obligation. Charter TV claims that they give you all the great features like the major competitors but doesn't explain why they charge you more. DISH's America's Top 120 channel package includes 190+ channels and costs $54.99 per month.
DISH's America's Top 120 channel package includes 190+ channels and costs $78.99 per month. Charter TV offers a multi-room DVR service but with vastly inferior features compared to DISH's Hopper.
This comparison probably deserves its own webpage, but for now, we will describe the two offers for you briefly and cut right to the chase. DISH charges $7 per month for regular HD-DVR service, or $12 per month for the Hopper HD-DVR service. We said it in the beginning of this guide: Both DISH and Charter TV are very popular TV services.
Selecting this checkbox allows us to store your email address and some non-secure profile information to expedite your next login. We look forward to sending you the latest news and offers tailored to your specific interests. With DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR service, everyone in your family can enjoy their favorite entertainment on their own schedule on any TV in your home, not just the one connected to your HD DVR. Say you're enjoying a recorded movie in the living room, but you want to finish watching it in the comfort of your bed. You can even set your DVR to record a show from any room or delete any recorded show from any room.
The state-of-the-art Whole-Home HD DVR setup requires one Genie® Whole-Home HD DVR connected to one of your TVs and a small, easy-to-hide box called Genie Mini for each additional TV.
This setup requires one DIRECTV Plus HD DVR for one of your TVs and a DIRECTV HD receiver for each additional TV. If you already have a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR and at least one HD receiver in your current DIRECTV system but are not enjoying Whole-Home HD DVR service, you may just need to activate Advanced Receiver Service.
On the go, on any device! Watch TV Everywhere streams some of your favorite channels and programming — including live TV and full episodes of current TV shows — to your tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC. And it works from anywhere you have an Internet signal: at the office, hotel, airport or vacation home, and everywhere else! For example, you must be an H2 subscriber (Premier Package) to watch H2’s Watch TV Everywhere programs.
We are actively working with other providers to secure additional channels to offer you the most available entertainment options. Then click on the logo of the service you want to watch, and select programming from the on-screen menu. With DVR (Digital Video Recorder) service, it’s quick and easy to automatically record an episode or a whole season and watch it at your convenience. As you can see (pictured right), Charter TV's pricing is higher per month in nearly every package, despite offering you less channels. There are many aspects to assessing a good deal, but a good point of reference is: number of channels per package, and cost per month. You cannot experience the Whole Home DVR functions that the Hopper gives with their HD-DVR's and will pay extra per month to get service in only 4 rooms of your home. If monthly price, or the equipment promotions aren't enough to decide one way or another, sometimes the exclusive promotions can.

So if you want to enjoy a recorded show in the comfort of your bedroom, even though your HD DVR is in the living room, you can do just that. Our professional installer will set up your DIRECTV system for Whole-Home DVR service at NO additional charge in up to 4 rooms. Limit one remote viewing per HD DVR at a time, or up to three with the Genie Whole-Home HD DVR.
Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email and you will need to click on the link in that email to complete your registration. The first time you use a new app on your device, you will be prompted to select Alpine Communications from a list of providers and enter your WatchTVEverywhere password. Even when you start comparing the HD receiver upgrades, HD service, and the different HD-DVR offers, like the Hopper or the Charter TV HD-DVR, then the argument is very black and white.
DISH gives you the power to record 8 shows at once and store 2,000 hours of your favorite shows. Any HD receiver will work and most of the most popular programming packages qualify for this. Sling--built into the Hopper for free--allows you to watch recorded or live TV content anywhere you want with devices such as: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Some of the differences are stark, like the monthly price being lower with DISH, and the superior technology you get with DISH. Just stop the movie, and once youa€™re in your bedroom, just go to your DVR playlist and resume watching where you left off. To order new receivers and arrange for Whole-Home HD DVR installation, please call 1-800-531-5000. In this section we will show you how much better the Hopper really is and let you determine which offer is best for you. The regular DVRs are designed to deliver DVR to a limited number of TVs in the home while the Whole-Home DVRs are designed to deliver DVR to all of the TVs in the home. One is the ViP 722k, which is a two-room HD-DVR, the other is the ViP 612, which is a single-room HD-DVR.
The Hopper receiver fee is included in your channel package price, and each Joey is $7 per month and has full HD-DVR access via the Hopper.
Charter TV's streaming of live TV is extremely limited, covering only 50 channels; of which the local networks--like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX--are not included. As a DISH retailer, we lean towards DISH but in this guide we will do our best to give you objective facts to help you make your decision. You can use this receiver upgrade and still get two additional non-DVR HD receiver upgrades for free.
This free upgrade will service up to four TVs and can record up to six HD channels simultaneously. You then pay $5 for compatible boxes in every other room which can quickly raise your monthly bill.

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