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Tophi – appear in patients with gout, being represented by solid urate that deposits in the connective tissue.
Injections with betamethasone and bupivacaine – these are recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, reducing the painful symptoms. No surgery has proven to be effective for the treatment of piezogenic pedal papules but the surgical approach can be recommended for a skin lesion that is persistent and intensely painful.

These can either be accompanied by pain or be asymptomatic and they usually take the form of papules.
It seems that they appear when fat herniates through the dermis, having a characteristic popular appearance. It is not genetically inherited and it is not related in general to connective tissue disease (in certain cases, it might be associated with such conditions but this is not a direct cause).

As for the actual papules, these become obvious when the person stands up, distributing the entire body weight on the heels.

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