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Solution-providers, integrators, IT, and designers alike are welcome to join the EDX Solutions Alliance.
EDX is a robust standard format for the exchange of library, component and design data between the design authoring systems and ANY consumer of the data. EDX is an XML in zip format based on existing IPC and OPC standards, yet refined specifically for PCB data management applications and processes. An EDX package has a standard definition for Design, Partlist, Library, Component, and Work Instruction data.
The EDX package includes a manifest which defines each of the data objects included within the package.  Each individual data object may also have its own child manifest which defines each of the individual files included within it. The EDX package definition, the use of the manifest, and the security requirements are all defined further in the EDX format specification. Join the EDX Solutions Alliance now for full access to the format specification and supporting documentation! I have a difficulty in figuring out the appropriate addresses and values stored in particular registers when x86 commands are executed. I have a particular problem with the following commands: lea, not and sar and I am not sure whether xor command sets a register to '0' in xor edx, edx command or not. That aside, the main goal of Stack Overflow is to create documentation for other people to find. To check your answers for the other instructions, just assemble that code into an executable and single-step it in gdb, while watching the register values change. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged assembly x86 instructions instruction-set or ask your own question.
After being founded just last year, online education startup Coursera turned heads this summer when it raised a $43 million Series B round. The company created by two Stanford professors told AllThingsD it had added $20 million more, with the delay from the previous close attributed to the fact that much of the money was coming from three university partners, who have long due diligence processes. Coursera isn’t naming the three university backers, but said the round also included additional money from existing investors GSV Capital and Learn Capital. Coursera, with 5.5 million students taking classes from 100 universities and institutions, is one of the largest companies in a crop of ed-tech startups. Coursera now has a staff of about 70 people, and it is making some money by selling verified certificates that students can use to show they’ve completed a MOOC. MIT electrical engineering and computer science professor Anant Agarwal was a guest on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” a few years ago. Humor aside, the exchange touched on a controversy that has been raging for years now about distance learning programs.
About a decade ago, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) generated tremendous excitement over the idea that anyone with an Internet connection could learn anything they wanted for free. Big questions remain, however: Is it better to learn online for free than break the bank (or your parents’ bank) to go to college?
At the recent Reimagine Education conference at Wharton, Agarwal said that edX — a non-profit online learning destination founded in 2012 by Harvard and MIT — is trying to take MOOCs to a new level, and represents the future of education. Agarwal himself taught the first edX course — an MIT class on circuits and electronics –which drew 155,000 students. He said that having a low marginal cost per student means that the current in-person higher educational model — in which each student typically shells out thousands of dollars for an education — can be completely changed.
Agarwal talked about some of his “favorite students,” including a 25-year-old Pakistani woman who was married when she was in ninth grade and had to leave school.

Another notable learner was a former American soldier who wanted to continue his education after two tours of duty.
Commentators speculate on whether online learning can ever measure up to traditional on-campus education. He said it’s important to consider how our children are learning today and how it differs from years ago.
Moreover, the technology continues to improve, yielding possibilities that Agarwal said he could not have anticipated when the organization was founded only four years ago. He said a videotaped lecture, for example, could be replaced by a “a learning sequence”: a series of short videos interweaved with interactive exercises such as quizzes, discussions and other forms of interaction between the instructor and the students, or even among the students. This article is NOT an investment recommendation, please see our disclaimer - Get our 10 free in-depth ebooks on famous investors here, Got a tip on hedge funds, banks or related?
The content on this website is strictly the property of Insight and the Students’ Gymkhana IIT Bombay. Insight had published an article on IIT Bombay’s plunge into the world of online courses last year on edX.
IIT BombayX, the institute’s very own Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider has completed its first year in offering online courses on its online portal. At present, three courses are being offered on IIT BombayX: namely, Introduction to Computer Programming (CS 101 at IIT Bombay) designed by Prof.
It is expected that IIT BombayX will have a better reach than edX in India because of the so-called IIT Bombay brand value. Whether IIT Bombay students would be able to take credit courses on IIT BombayX, similar to foreign universities, however, seems to be irresolute. The response from the Gujarat University students has been encouraging enough, citing “in-depth lectures and wonderful discussions on the forum”. In conclusion, we’d like to quote Professor Gadre on the future of this platform inside and beyond IIT-B. This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service.You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, tag clouds, etc.
The EDX format is a neutral format that is independent of the internal tool database structures and will ensure stability as the PCB design applications and flow continue to evolve.
The Work Instructions specifically add support for Engineering Change Orders, New Part Introductions, and Part Change Requests. If you aren't already a member, join now for access to the available tools and information. Good documentation needs to be easy to find, and this means that questions need to be very specific. Learn Capital partner Rob Hutter observed that at least 60 technology startups in the education space were venture funded in 2012, coming from a drought just a couple years earlier. But as (physicist) Robert Oppenheimer said, “When you see something that is technically sweet, you go ahead and do it and argue about what to do about it only after you’ve had your technical success. Is higher education about acquiring knowledge and skills, or about acquiring an elite university degree that can get you a foot in the door with an employer? In addition to being the CEO of edX, Agarwal is a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded several companies including Tilera Corporation, which created the Tile multicore processor. Taking cue from the Harvard-MIT initiative edX, the concept of IIT BombayX was pioneered by Prof. DB Phatak of the CSE department, to help students all over India get access to top quality teaching facilities at IIT.

Phatak has been working on the concept of blended MOOCs where exams on IIT BombayX would carry a certain weightage in the final evaluation in universities. He responds, “With this system, we have been able to connect with students all over the country and help them learn on a much broader platform compared to their classrooms.
The EDX package definition is also flexible enough to incorporate additional files which commonly are used to support the PCB design process – this might include firmware files, test plans, design specifications, or Specification Control Drawings.
You have xor edx,edx, this is edx=edx^edx, but a^a is equal to zero (check xor truth table). If you were Googling for information about lea, chances are that you would never find this question because it is not phrased around that. And edX, the nonprofit version of Coursera that originated at Harvard and MIT, now seems somewhat more focused on open-source MOOC tools.
It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources. Currently offered in several languages are 838 courses in 31 subject areas, from architecture and business to physics and the social sciences.
He was asked about edX’s overall expenses as a non-profit organization, and acknowledged that substantial fixed costs do exist. Her husband is very supportive.” He noted that the first course she took was “Justice,” an introduction to moral and political philosophy that is considered one of the most famous courses taught at Harvard. Think about how we tolerated that and how we still tolerate it.” He said that today’s technologies give learners quick feedback that can improve educational outcomes. We can grade formulaic responses … we have drag and drop; we have image response.” What about essays? At the end of first year, 250 plus students had completed the courses and were provided with certificates on completion”, adds Prof. This system has very high potential to revolutionize the academic community.” However, as a strong advocate of the teacher-student relationship, he cautions, “The classroom interaction is the best way of learning for any student.
Stack Overflow is very rigid about phrasing questions, and we all understand that you want us to check your results, but the documentation value (as currently phrased) is low and people probably won't answer.
But more recently, pundits have been opining that the low completion rates don’t really matter if people are still benefitting from substantial amounts of the content. Louis that places people with non-traditional credentials in technology jobs, he got a job at the creative studio Yellow Brick. A trial of this concept was run in Gujarat University where around 1000 students took Signals and Systems on IIT BombayX as a part of their curriculum and some weightage was allocated to the examinations on the portal. Gadre and his team for Signals and Systems, a course currently being offered on the online portal. The courses run similar to their edX counterparts, comprising of weekly lectures, problem sets, and occasional exams.
He has divided his entire course into 2 parts this year, to ensure that more students stay with the course for longer periods, and complete it.
Multiple workshops for teaching staff on “teaching these courses and exploiting IIT BombayX as a platform to the maximum” were also held on IIT BombayX. Every course has a back-end team led by the professor in charge of the blueprint of the course, teaching assistants (mainly IITB students) catering to aspects of doubt-solving and the discussion forum, and the technical staff looking after execution.

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