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Those continuing formal education can, after 12 years of schooling, sit the Academic Baccalaureate examination which is required for entry into an academic university. Switzerland has adopted the Bologna system of a 3-year Bachelor and 2-year Master.A  The programmes operate with the European Credit Transfer System. Literacy rate defined as knowledge of 1,500 Chinese characters in rural locations and 2,000 characters in urban areas. Before the Communist party took power in 1949, about 80% of China’s population was illiterate.
Since 1998, China has invested in “a massive expansion of education, nearly tripling the share of GDP devoted to it. By the first semester of first grade, students are expected to recognize 400 Chinese characters and write 100 of them. To boost literacy rates, the Communist party switched from “traditional” Chinese characters to a “simplified” form (using fewer strokes). During the early days of Mao’s Cultural Revolution (1966-76), higher education in China effectively shut down.
More than 60% of high school graduates in China now attend a university, up from 20% in the 1980s.
The number of students in China enrolled in degree courses has risen from 1 million in 1997 to 5 million today. The number of higher-education institutions in China has more than doubled in the past decade, from 1,022 to 2,263. Today, China has over 2,000 universities and colleges, with over 2 million total students enrolled in higher education.
China is creating their version of the Ivy League, by singling out nine of its top universities.

Between 2003 and 2009, the average starting salary for China’s college graduates has stayed the same…while the starting pay for migrant workers during the same period rose by nearly 80%. Chinese students (over 127,000) are the largest group of foreign students in America’s universities. China has over 1,200,000 IT professionals and is adding 400,000 technical graduates each year.
Since launching in 2008, Disney English has “rapidly expanded” with eight schools in Shanghai and three in Beijing—with plans to double the number of locations in the course of a year.
Most students learning Mandarin are from Japan and South Korea, according to the Beijing Language and Culture University Press (the world’s biggest publisher of textbooks on learning Chinese). Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Education at a Glance, 2004. This graph shows that on secondary education (per student) the United States spends more than 17 other nations. This graph shows that federal funding for Title I, which provides grants to help disadvantaged children, rose from under $3 billion in 1980 to more than $7 billion in 2000 and nearly $14 billion in 2005.
This graph shows that average education expenditures per pupil (for fall enrollment) rose from $3,400 in 1965 to $8,745 in 2001.
This graph shows that the federal investment in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act rose from under $2 billion in 1966 to $15 billion in 2000 and $25 billion in 2005. This graph shows that federal grants from special education rose from under $250 million in 1977 to $5 billion in 2000 nearly $12 billion in 2005. You may click on any level in the flowchart below to see the relevant list of recommended Singapore school materials. At completion of their apprenticeship, following another year of full-time education, these young people can sit the Vocational Baccalaureate which qualifies for entry into a University of Applied Sciences.

Students with an Academic Baccalaureate who wish to enter a University of Applied Sciences must first absolve a one-year practical traineeship in that field of study. There are numerous professional schools offering certificates and diplomas in vocational fields. Enrollment rate was below 20% for elementary school and about 6% of junior secondary school.
NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote about this “paradox: Chinese themselves are far less impressed by their school system. According to data from China’s Ministry of Education, China has a 99% attendance rate for primary school. However, students must pay a small tuition fee after the compulsory nine years of education during middle and high school. In the five years between 2005-2010, the market has nearly doubled in size to be worth around US$3.1 billion. Almost every time I try to interview a Chinese about the system here, I hear grousing rather than praise.
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