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The overall condition of the patient and the expansion of the tumor within the lungs are critical in determining the ratio of survival.
Studies have shown that stage 2 lung cancer survival rate is just at 25 percent ratio of survival.
Stage 2 lung cancer survival rate is mostly based on previous records when advancements in detection and treatment are not yet finished. These survival rates are usually expressed in a five year period, wherein doctors will base this rate upon the ratio of living patients after a five year period. In 1990’s there is a certain drop in the number of death among male with regards to lung carcinoma.
Small cell patients have a 10 to 15 percent chance of survival than those with common non aggressive types.

With all these facilities and specialized treatment methods, cancer treatment is now solely up to the patient involved.
Doctor’s advice patients to seek immediate help if one sees any signs or symptoms of cancer.
For extensive cases of cancer patients, there is only 1 to 2 percent chance of survival in a 5 year period.
A patient’s capacity to endure strenuous treatment patterns is the key to his or her survival.
Around fifty thousand people have enrolled in the national lung screening in order to determine if they have cancer of the lungs. If the patient doesn’t respond correctly to treatment then his or her Stage 2 Lung Cancer Survival Rate will surely worsen.

Chest x-rays and Ct scans are given upon these patients in order to improve their lung cancer survival rate if they were diagnosed with the said fatal disease.
With the advanced medical equipments and specialized cure, the early phase of lung cancer is a thing of the past. One must put into their minds that prevention is still better than cure to effectively increase the Stage 2 Lung Cancer Survival Rate.

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