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Assistance Strategy (CAS) normally takes a three-year focus on Bank activities and is developed in cooperation with the government and, often, with civil society. At the 1999 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the IMF, low income countries agreed to prepare participatory poverty reduction strategies, which should provide the basis of all World Bank and IMF concessional lending.
PRSPs are prepared by governments through a participatory process involving civil society and development partners, including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Lead role in mobilization and coordination of external aid: either in collaboration with the EC or on its own (for Moldova).
Edited May 15, 2009 to correct percentage of anthropogenic contribution to model, and minor edits for clarity. Global warming theory assumes that the increasing carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere comes entirely from anthropogenic sources, and it is that CO2 increase which is causing global warming.
During a warm El Nino year, more CO2 is released by the ocean into the atmosphere (and less is taken up by the ocean from the atmosphere), while during cool La Nina years just the opposite happens. So, I keep coming back to the question: If warming of the oceans causes an increase in atmospheric CO2 on a year-to-year basis, is it possible that long-term warming of the oceans (say, due to a natural change in cloud cover) might be causing some portion of the long-term increase in atmospheric CO2?

I decided to run a simple model in which the change in atmospheric CO2 with time is a function of sea surface temperature anomaly. Which simply says that the change in atmospheric CO2 with time is proportional to some combination of the SST anomaly and the anthropogenic (manmade) CO2 source. The peak correlation between the modeled and observed CO2 fluctuation is now at zero month time lag, supporting the model?s realism. The best model fit assumes that the temperature anomaly at which the ocean switches between a sink and a source of CO2 for the atmosphere is -0.2 deg. And just how strenuous and vehement the resulting objections are to what I have presented above will be a good indication of how politicized the science of global warming has become. Based on an assessment of the country's priorities, past portfolio performance and creditworthiness, the CAS sets strategic priorities and determines the level and composition of financial and technical assistance that the Bank seeks to provide the country.
Specifically, this paper identifies areas of activity, consistent with the CAS priorities and the World Bank's comparative advantage, where there exist cross-border externalities, economies of scale, or opportunities for " scaling up " successful interventions across borders, and thus where interventions may need to be coordinated across countries to fully realize their potential benefits. The framework for poverty reduction and economic growth are the countries’ own Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs), developed by the government through a participatory consultation procedure.

This paper also aims to identify opportunities to encourage regional cooperation within the ambit of World Bank activities. In fact, despite remarkable progress over the last few years, and somewhat greater country ownership of regional initiatives, the legacy of past conflicts and the still unfinished sovereign arrangements of the region continue to limit cooperation among the countries of South Eastern Europe.
Any differences between the country's own agenda and the strategy advocated by the Bank are highlighted in the CAS document. And it is clear that there are natural imbalances of that magnitude on a year-to-year basis, as shown in the first graph.

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