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There is consistent international evidence that children who have participated in high-quality preschool education programs gain significant long-term benefits from what has been termed the ‘preschool advantage’ (Farrar, et al, 2007). While the evidence indicates that all children benefit from high quality preschool education, the gains are greatest for children from disadvantaged family backgrounds (Cunha, et al, 2006; Sylva, et al, 2004). NSW Preschools funded by the Department of Education and Communities receive additional funding for families that identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or are low-income Health Care Card holders. I do believe that the standard of Indian education should be enhanced else India will be in miserable condition.
They are not Indians, they are Americans who do not know about India, do not want to hear about it, because they really shame on India, and forgets about India forever.
Problem is this – Indians behave like ostrich, they think that by hiding in the cover all the problems will get resolved, in reality, not facing the problem itself gives rise to so many problem.
Working in body shopping firms and paying the bills was not the motive to study Engineering. You know what just shut your mouth, this is a blog intended purely for Indians, we as Indians understand our problems better than others. Also Indian Doctors are the ones abroad and most of these guys are not necessarily American brought up in America.
Education in India is like a Catch-22 situation Because the piece of paper they will give has no value,but at the same time it is absolutely necessary to have it ! Seems like something DRASTIC — like mass boycott of the system will force the system to change .
Like the author of this website , I got my primary education in India followed by working in europe japan n US.
Also, by studying from IIT and opening an apps development shop is not talent, that anyone can do, IITians do it early, so the hype.
Also, ask about the job scenario of the core engineering sector in IIT, you will get a very surprising answer. In India there are lack of the professional education and it becomes very necessary for everyone to make the career at the high stage and get the satisfaction. But Engineering is not a professional course, it is an expert level education and those who have aptitude for it must join. So government of india must step in to make sure that talented people’s talent are being utilized to develop the india as a strong state. Yes, Indian educational institutions have global standard education, one of the best schools called vibgyorhigh have their branches across India. A man without any academic knowledge may become a Vice chancellor or ProVc in a private university but can not become a good faculty. In case of IIT, they will increase the fees and will maintain the quality, so that way, their standards will never go down. Education is not just science and mathematics, merely solving questions from books is not education, it is much more than that. Not to forget the emphasis placed on entrances, I don’t think so that if one clears an Entrnace exam, the aptitude and the interests can be found.
1.In India, teacher does not give a damn about thoughtful planning of the lecture, he considers it as a burden. For effective learning it is imperative, that students are asigned to go through the topic beforhand that will be covered next time in class.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. People often only associate quality principles and particularly quality management with manufacturing organizations.
The author has managed to weave into the book lots of anecdotes, quotations and stories that cover education in our rainbow nation. The first chapter is dedicated to the question “What is Total Quality Education (TQE). He first of all summarizes each pillar in an easy to understand way giving practical examples of their application in the classroom.
The author then sets the tone for the rest of the book by showing what the characteristics are of a quality school and compares them to those of an ordinary school by means of a simple table.
Once the five pillars of a good quality school have been digested, the book concludes with a nine step easy to follow approach on how to implement Total Quality Education. SAQI believes that every South African school has the potential to be a place of educational excellence.
A team of quality practitioners and educationalists have designed a Quality in Education model for schools. Details about each of the pillars can be obtained by downloading Quality Education News (QEN). The Learning Channel of SABC1 has teamed up with SAQI to televise programmes on school leadership and management.

The Human Values Foundation in the United Kingdom has an exclusive licence agreement on their material with Dr Richard Hayward of SAQI.
SACE (South African Council for Educators) has introduced a mandatory CPTD programme for all registered teachers at South African schools.
The workshop is an adaptation of the best principles and practices found in the business, industrial and other professional sectors. In this workshop there is a study of different leadership styles as well as three major challenges that confront most leaders.
An ability to adapt leadership styles to influence learner and staff behaviour will be discussed. The very best and the very worst of schools have to deal with complaints and difficult parents! Following the report on the quality of teaching in higher education (phase 1 of the project), IMHE introduced a second phase that aimed at helping institutions explore their institutional engagement into quality teaching through individual reviews. Each review was structured around core questions, which allowed emphasis on aspects that pertain to unique institutional contex. The case study is a method of holistic analysis applied to complex situations and is used in this case to understand reactions, behaviours and effects of the initiative – through the structures the organisation and the persons involved- as a frame of reference.
The triangulation of the data must also be made in the form of a comparison of information to check its coherence. Although the review targetted the quality teaching support, some Quality Teaching initiatives referred to a student-focused support like learning environment or tutorship. An on-going initiative is likely to be diffused and to generate tangibles impacts, as well as being perceived and judged in a particular way within the institution.
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This additional funding allows the service to reduce barriers to preschool access, targeting these families. I use this blog to write about the things i like and share my everyday learning experiences with my readers. Even AICTE doent know the total number of students got admitted by the deemed to be university in each year. You are truly the product of this system, which is very socialist, and blames the business sector. Even though, many people will say that I always wanted to work in the application side of the software helping clients, deep down they despise this fact that they work as clerks, they are nothing more than vocational technicians who keep on working on the same kind of problem again and again, the only thing is that they are paid better.
Why someone think that Indians can not offer any quality in education but the effect is different on different peoples. In india, everyone wants to study engineering but good or decent engineering colleges are in shortages.
Well, as soon as i return to India, i will write my opinion, infact my observation as a teacher, as a researcher and of course as an unionist.
In of india, everyone wishes to study engineering but good or respectable engineering colleges come in shortages. In the past, we had chanakya, who wrote a treatise ARTHASHASHTRA, a timeless beauty,that’s education.
I am an example, till 10th, I was an average guy because I never had interest in subjects such as hindi etc, but was always good with mathematics and science. As a guess, a typical teacher in India just spends half an hr to prepare lecture, then comes shamelessly into the class to teach. Although it is difficult to enforce in practice, but this is what is followed in foreign universities. This book proves that you don’t need money (although every bit helps!) to create an outstanding classroom and school. He is able to compare the performance of schools that geographically are very close to each other but in terms of access to finances and facilities are miles apart. He then expands on each pillar giving many practical examples of how each one of these pillars can be applied to support a quality school through the next five chapters that are focused on each pillar. This quarterly online newsletter gives guidelines to schools that are on the quality journey.
The management of change, complaints and maintaining sound relationships with the School Governing Body will also receive attention.
Other data sources will include primarily interviews and direct observations, etc., with a view to gleaning facts, viewpoints, opinions and perceptions, and suggestions.
The notion of context (international, national and regional environment in which the institution operates) encompasses all the factors which could affect the case studied (adapted from European Commission-MEANS-Eureval-C3E, see further reading). Most initiatives aimed at improving the conditions for better learning have an impact on the teaching delivery and the competences of the faculty and vice-versa.
A newly established initiative might not be appropriate for inclusion in the set of initiatives. I love to answers concerns of my users and readers which you can ask through contact us form located at contact us page of the blog.

It is the industry-academia’s responsibility to train Engineers, that is also missing here.
To add to it the coaching centers are booming like it is not education but a pure business. Hope to make some students realise that its not about how much percentage you got , it is about what you can do given an assignment. Unfortunately, in current times, people think that VED etc are some sort of SUPERSTITIONS beliefs etc, where as it people will become VEDIC, india will be a developed nation once again and ENGINEERS are the one who bring modernity to the nation itself. India has a huge population and providing employment to such a huge population is a challenging tasks. That’s the most important problem that will why native american engineers do not get trained correctly.
I think middle class people really don’t like to get ahead and are happy in mediocrity. But i have just got admission in b.tech in a private college and belongs to an economically weak lower middle class family and i will my money. He never tells what he will teach in next class, so that the students can learn some background abt the topic,come better prepared and are able to understand the complex material being presented in the class. Handouts contain highlights of key points covered in class and expedite the learning process. However, does this prevent the less privileged teachers and learners from achieving quality performance? The presentation looks at how Quality schools turn the complainant into a satisfied customer.
So much so, that I want to ask if I could you portions of your presentation, in a presentation that I must make for one of my graduate school courses?
I accept India is a great country but Indian education on the other hand is not great at all. Recently I had the chance to meet a Japanese who is a business manager in an american company with a simple btech degree from one of of the 2nd grade american university. On Engineering, I will again repeat, it is not a diploma syllabus but rather a subject on which entire thesis has to be written. Then they must not cry that government is taxing them, they themselves are responsible for this.
Sit down before a pc or smart phone and debating on the topic is not a solution we should unite and take action it.
A small cost is required to cover postage and packaging if the book is to be sent out by mail.
Each initiative was investigated under a distinct angle and enriched by diverse viewpoints from decision-makers (e.g. Many students who are not good in academics have joined in these institutions since they can get degree in a easy way. Otherwise, the so called software engineers working in software factories of India are no different than the electrician who owns a shop in the suburb of the city of the bengaluru. Believe me I told him about indian IITs and he directly told me they do not do good research except teaching. But after that, i have been doing pretty much low lever kind of work, which indian software houses gives you to do so. In present times, the Engineers who are being passed out of such tier-2,3 universities are technicians.
But from then on, i are actually doing pretty much low lever kind of work, which native american software houses offers you to take action. I believe that in India, one who has genuine passion to learn subjects, wants to gain knowledge have to struggle a lot. I felt bad about it but then I realised he was right, even Indias so called elite IITs produce very little of scientific importance.
Very surprised today that all the MBA holders get minimum 75% to 85% without going to the college and attending any class.They pose serious threat to the hardworking students. In the past, we had ITI and polytechnic institues who were producing auto mechanic, electricians, plumbers etc to take care of the systems, in the present times, these IT graduates are technicians in the software industry, who are dressed as software engineers. That’s why more and more people in India are unemployed and even if they get employed they are given former training to equip them with the latest industry trends. Students who got trained in IITs simply go abroad or change their field to more lucrative jobs in IT sector leaving everything what they have learned as their core subject in Btech. So they don’t try to understand what is concept of, they just try to accept that as that is.

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