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Following the report on the quality of teaching in higher education (phase 1 of the project), IMHE introduced a second phase that aimed at helping institutions explore their institutional engagement into quality teaching through individual reviews. Each review was structured around core questions, which allowed emphasis on aspects that pertain to unique institutional contex.
The case study is a method of holistic analysis applied to complex situations and is used in this case to understand reactions, behaviours and effects of the initiative – through the structures the organisation and the persons involved- as a frame of reference. The triangulation of the data must also be made in the form of a comparison of information to check its coherence.
Although the review targetted the quality teaching support, some Quality Teaching initiatives referred to a student-focused support like learning environment or tutorship. An on-going initiative is likely to be diffused and to generate tangibles impacts, as well as being perceived and judged in a particular way within the institution. Click Back to home page for Supporting Quality Teaching in Higher Education to return to the home page for Supporting Quality Teaching in Higher Education. There is consistent international evidence that children who have participated in high-quality preschool education programs gain significant long-term benefits from what has been termed the ‘preschool advantage’ (Farrar, et al, 2007). While the evidence indicates that all children benefit from high quality preschool education, the gains are greatest for children from disadvantaged family backgrounds (Cunha, et al, 2006; Sylva, et al, 2004). NSW Preschools funded by the Department of Education and Communities receive additional funding for families that identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or are low-income Health Care Card holders.

A system for monitoring the integrity of implementation of the interventions and instructional programs – are the interventions being implemented the way they were intended? KU has long had a commitment to the provision of high quality long day care, preschool, occasional care, outside school hours care and vacation care services and as such, wholly supports the National Quality Framework. By understanding the changes that are happening within the early childhood education sector, and the often confusing terminology, we believe that families will be better positioned to make an informed assessment of the quality of the early childhood service they choose for their child. The Childcare Quality Checklist App is designed to help families gain a better understanding of each of the seven quality areas in the NQS. By using the survey function in the ‘Rate a Centre' section, you can easily rate and compare services based on some of the key factors that make up the NQS. The 'Understanding Quality in Early Childhood Education' booklet is designed to help families gain a better understanding of each of the quality areas in the National Quality Standards, while providing some practical ideas on what to look for, and what to ask when visiting or selecting an early childhood service for your child. We hope you find this booklet useful and we look forward to meeting you at one of our high quality early childhood education services soon. Click on the image below or download a printable version of Understanding Quality in Early Childhood Education here. Other data sources will include primarily interviews and direct observations, etc., with a view to gleaning facts, viewpoints, opinions and perceptions, and suggestions. The notion of context (international, national and regional environment in which the institution operates) encompasses all the factors which could affect the case studied (adapted from European Commission-MEANS-Eureval-C3E, see further reading).

Most initiatives aimed at improving the conditions for better learning have an impact on the teaching delivery and the competences of the faculty and vice-versa. A newly established initiative might not be appropriate for inclusion in the set of initiatives. This additional funding allows the service to reduce barriers to preschool access, targeting these families. We know the new National Quality Standards will provide positive outcomes for Australian children, and as an organisation we are well under way with preparations for implementing many of these requirements. To view our National Quality Standards ratings so far, visit our National Quality Standards - KU Ratings page. It also provides practical ideas on a range of questions to ask when visiting and choosing an early childhood service for your child. Each initiative was investigated under a distinct angle and enriched by diverse viewpoints from decision-makers (e.g.

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