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When Karnataka health minister SA Ramdas raided the offices of YGen Management Consulting Private Ltd, on a series of complaints against it and its partner Karnataka Open University (KSOU), little did he have an idea that he was opening a Pandora’s box, which would affect lakhs of students. The Supreme Court, as well the government has banned franchising of higher education institutions. Subsequent to that, UGC has come up with a series of notifications banning such centres (See: Official Notification, previous page). Because Distance Learning (DL) degrees have only limited traction, some universities  like Bharathiar and Manormaniam Sundaranar and even IGNOU have invented names like Centre for Online and Participatory programmes (CPOP), Offsite Academic partnerships (OAP), Convergence Scheme etc. Most professional degrees like MBA, BE, B.Tech, Paramedical courses, Nursing, Rehabilitation  etc. Another education services company at New Delhi, StrataPro Education Advisory, too functions unquestioned.
DL degrees, especially the professional ones like, MBA and MCA can be offered in distance mode by those universities which have got the approval of joint committee of UGC-AICTE-DCE. Take the case of another university, EIILM.  EIILM has joint committee’s approval to offer distance learning, only of three programmes to be offered in DL mode. Why are the regulators in a ‘conspiracy of silence’ with the actors allowing to break all laws with impunity and disdain, at the cost of students’ lives and country’s future? Why can’t AICTE initiate suo moto action against these players and direct the respective state governments to initiate police action and shut them down?
Q: So students take admission to the respective colleges you have like Vaishnavi and Anit.? Q: Suppose, in Anit college, a student takes admission, so he will get a degree of KSOU or NIMS? A: … If a student has taken admission in KSOU, then he will take admission from that particular regional centre.
A: Yes, and classes are regular (9 to 5) for both universities, but PTU is come under DEC and we are the partner institute of Bharathiar university. Have you been a victim of such scam or would like to add any information to the above story?
Qualifications Framework Not sure if your qualification(s) obtained from Hong Kong is quality-assured? 2.Vocationally-oriented associate's degree educational programmes which are related to or within undergraduate programmes. Introducing the exclusive tokidoki back-to-school collection, featuring innovative bags, stationery, and coloring products.
His own quest led to another university, Gulbarga, which hastily ‘suspended’ its tie-up with YGen Management Consulting. Such arrangements get a facade of credibility from state universities like KSOU, Gulbarga Univeristy, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Bharathiar University and several others, offering their degrees. Gulbarga appoints YGen Management Consulting Pvt Ltd as the exclusive partner for offering its outreach programmes. UGC, AICTE and Distance Education Council (DEC) have come up with notifications to this effect reiterating the same. The cause for confusion is the stand of DEC, which states that the off campus study centres are subject to the statues of the respective university. States like Haryana, have valiantly come up with notifications, warning students about fake and dubious institutions (See: Official Notification, previous page).
In effect, these partners (who work as intermediaries) are master franchisees of the universities.

In May 2010, Careers360 did a story on how such tie-ups (Click here to see a slideshow that explains the nexus) violate the letter and spirit of the law. As you can see from the graphic, while YGen management services says ‘We will come back soon’, all the partner universities as well as the institutions have moved to a new company ‘YGen Consulting Development Centre’, another group company of YGen. Bhoj Open University, Bhopal says private players open a shop, keep a fancy name and seek an MoU with a university. PTU has the committee’s approval but IIBS, a Noida-based institute, which offers PTU’s DL degree, also offers Bharathiyar’s regular degree.
But what is not disclosed to students is this: EIILM had DEC’s regular approval till year 2010 only and that too only for three programmes   while more than 50+ degrees in fashion, paramedical, engineering and even MPhil programmes  are being offered on behalf of EIILM (based on EIILM and DEC websites). In the case of PTU Jalandhar, the fee is three times more than what one would pay if one pursues the course directly. Bhoj Open University says that the objective of private players who have opened shops for sale of degrees in the market have only one agenda – just to make money. If the student get admission in EILLM university, then directly the  admission will be from Vaishnavi. If one takes admission in NMIS, if Anit is not approved from NMIS, then he will be a Madhumita education student. Academically-oriented associate's degree educational programmes which are related to or within undergraduate programmes. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Today, as jobs depend more and more on certificates, degrees and diplomas, schooling has become more and more a ritualized process of qualification-earning.
Gulbarga’s registrar Hiremath clarified, “There was some problem with the outreach centres and the university was having second thoughts about running the programmes.”(Deccan Herald, May 8, 2012).
The applicability of this ruling for open universities is reaffirmed by the Madhya Pradesh High Court in the Canam Technologies Vs. But even that DEC administrative order will not be applicable to professional courses like MBA which would need the approval of AICTE or the Joint committee of AICETE-UGC-DEC in case of distance learning. Programmes offered under these schemes claim that students are taught in ‘weekend regular’ or ‘online regular’ or  ‘face to face’ mode.
None of these centres have such approvals and hence their professional degree offerings, despite coming from an approved university may become invalid.  AICTE has already taken a view that no institution other than a university can start any technical programme in any mode without its express approval.
If he is admitted in NIMS University then the student will become Madhumita education student. Professor Dore traces the underlying causes of this change through the educational histories of Britain, Japan, Sri Lanka and Kenya, showing how the late development effect makes what is a worrying problem for the rich countries in the North a disaster for the poorer countries of the South. The newspaper further quotes him, “Only provisional admission was made by the agencies and the university neither admitted any student nor collected any fee from them”. Worst of all, the entire method of functioning maybe illegal and degrees thus offered to students may not be legitimate. These outreach centres are institutions without requsite regulatory approvals.  These providers charge hefty fees from students and flout norms. Besides, in India, education (offering legitimate qualifications) cannot be ‘for- profit’ as of now while most franchisees are ‘for- profit’ organizations. Government of India Ors 2007 case, where the court adjudged that “Mode of Distance Education system may be practiced by way of telecast, broadcast and correspondence courses but that does not mean a regional centre or a study centre can be established beyond the territorial jurisdiction of the State as the Act extends only to whole of Madhya Pradesh.
Moreover, the DEC approval norms very clearly state that franchising in any form is not allowed at all.

But none of them speak a word about these institutions which operate beyond the purview of law. While UGC and other regulatory bodies sleep, students continue to trust their careers and lives with  institutions that dispense, in all probability, invalid degrees. It is obvious IIBS is not a study centre owned by PTU.  Similarly, PTU has collaborated with NRAI School of Mass Communication, Gautam Nagar, Delhi, to offer Bachelor’s in Mass Communication. Because, it is  in the interest of colleges not to obtain requisite approvals as they need to fulfil certain quality-related academic and infrastructural parameters. 5 lakh for an MBA degree, he issues the demand draft on the name of the institute (and not the university). If Bharathiar going in a company then PTU also going for a same company there is nothing difference from my side. Hiremath was obviously referring to more than 2000 students enrolled by YGen through its ‘outreach centres’ to be offered Gulbarga University degree.
The disdain for law is such that some of these institutions are registered under the ‘Shops and Establishments Act’. Section 3 provides that the headquarters of the University shall be at Bhopal or it may establish or maintain Regional centres and study centres at such places as it may deem fit, but such places have to have the nexus and the connection with the provision of the Statute inasmuch as it cannot go beyond the territorial limits of the State of Madhya Pradesh”.
And when one of them gets raided and closed like in the case of YGen, they re-appear in a new avatar. For instance, in Punjab, the alliance is with Shri Sai Institute and in Gujarat, it is with Karnavati Education.   Careers360 tried to get in touch with all the players involved but barring one, no one responded. In all probability the institute pays, the university fee, (varies between Rs, 30,000- 60,000) as a demand draft on behalf of the student. These centres, further proceed to  advertise that they offer legitimate degrees, as approved outreach centres for Gulbarga University (Click here to see a slideshow that explains the nexus).
Careers360 sent an e-mail and a fax to the Chancellors of the Universities mentioned, i.e Governors of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu but did not get any response.
They do not declare the total fee and let the institute demand and receive whatever they please. More importantly, the number of students they can admit and fee they can charge are regulated. Why would a state university flout norms, and accept payment from the private player with such impunity? The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), in its statutory role as the Accreditation Authority, is entrusted to implement the quality assurance mechanism to underpin the QF development. There have been cases, where more than 3000 students were stuffed in one campus, charged Rs.
Interestingly, the degree that is handed out by IIBS, Noida doesn’t bear a PTU centre code, (or name of the programme-giver, IIBS) anywhere.
The fee, in some instances, is 5-20 times the cost of a distance learning degree, which a student pays in comparison to what he would pay under direct enrolment to a university.
How is the rest of the money, which amounts to 85 percent of the fees paid by the student at times distributed? Another institute, IBMR- Gurgaon, which offers BU’s regular MBA degree too, pegs it a lakh more i.e.

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