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Low testosterone can come from Type II Diabetes, Liver or Kidney Disease, COPD, pituitary gland issues and testicle injuries. It is important to see an endocrinologist or an urologist when dealing with testosterone levels. However, you must remain under the care of a doctor because extra testosterone carries the risk of high red blood cell count, enlarged prostate and other conditions, some which may prove fatal. 1st degree burns is when only the outer layers or the superficial layers of your skin is burned. 2nd degree burn is burns not only the outer layer of skin or the superficial layer of skin but the burn also reaches the underlying layers. 3rd degree burns are burns that damage all the layers of your skin and also nerve endings and tissue beneath your skin layers. 4th degree burn is a burn that not only damages skin, underlying tissue and nerve endings but may reach all the way to fat and muscle or even to the bone in some cases. An interesting burn fact is out of burn injuries recorded 60% of them are men and 40% are women. AndroGel and AndroForte are both testosterone replacement therapies that are applied to the body.
Let’s got through the similarities and then we’ll focus on the differences. This infographic shows the main differences.
AndroGel and AndroForte are both topical testosterone treatments used to treat Low testosterone in men. AndroGel is more well-known and widely available online and in the USA compared with AndroForte that is approved and mainly available in Australia. You can buy AndroForte online for as little as $132 per tube when you take advantage of the bulk buying discounts which is much cheaper than AndroGel in the USA or online.
Once you discover that you have low testosterone or feel like you would benefit from using testosterone replacement therapy, the next step is deciding what treatment to go for. AndroGel is a topical gel and AndroForte is a topical cream, which one is easiest to apply? AndroForte is applied directly to the scrotal area where there is a vast network of blood vessels, making it a prime place for absorption.
AndroForte works out much cheaper than AndroGel, or in fact all other reputable topical testosterone therapies.
You can also compare AndroForte and AndrofoGel to other low testosterone treatments by using our comparison chart. If you have any further questions feel free to comment on this post and we’ll be happy to answer.
I have heard that using testosterone creams cause strokes and heart attacks is that the case with using your testosterone creams,and are your creams bio identical considered safe?
Being that is is so concentrated and three times so as compared to Andro Gel does that result in a greater propensity to develop testicular or some other kind of cancer? The lawsuits here in the US are starting to grow regarding testosterone related products and I am a bit concerned with using the product in the future although I am using it now with good results. Hi Chris, In answer to your first question, there is no documented link between testicular cancer and testosterone replacement therapy. In answer to your second question, we recently wrote a blog post about the flaws in the PLOS study that the lawsuits are being based on. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is a condition affecting approximately 10% of the female population. Androgenicity, either clinical (for example hirsutism, acne, or male pattern hair loss), or elevated androgenic hormones such as DHEA-S, testosterone, bioavailable testosterone or androstenedione in the blood. In my upcoming book on PCOS, I will go through the different phenotypes of PCOS and how to treat them effectively. In women with PCOS, androgens like testosterone are a very problematic part of the disorder. Unfortunately, in 40-50% of women with PCOS, there is also another source of androgens, which is the adrenal glands. A 2012 study comparing a group of 280 women with PCOS, looking at their adrenal and ovarian androgens. Across the board, the group with the higher ratio of adrenal androgens had better outcomes with respect to body mass index and waist circumference, hirsutism and also had a shorter cycle length.
A similar result was found in another study, completed in 2007 on a group of 238 young women with high androgens.
As such it appears that the source of the androgens may make an impact on the metabolic and reproductive outcome of a woman with PCOS.
I have just written a long article about this for a professional journal that will be out in January. Hi there I was diagnosed with pcos and adrenal problems after the birth of my second daughter that was 34 years ago!
I guess it’s a whole lot of ignorance on the subject and the fact that a patient knows more about the problem than them is another factor and a battle of superiority in my case . On a blood test for hormone levels, she was found to have normal levels of Testosterone, Estrogen, etc., but high DHEA. We are really hoping to have kids some day (we are both under 30 years old), so it was a little bit of shock to read about the lower fertility levels, risk of miscarriage, etc.
If your wife has high DHEA – first thing to find out is – is it DHEA-S or DHEA that is high. My wife did most of the things you suggested- L-theanine, spearmint, green tea, exercise, Vitamin D. For when we plan to have kids – what do you advise – should we see a reproductive endocrynologist just in case? Thanks to the comment below me, I googled the article you wrote for NDNR and I found it incredibly enlightening. I took 100mg of spironolactone for a year and noticed some improvement in my hirsutism and acne, but an increase in hair loss (not male pattern, not in clumps, just generalized hair loss). I know that was a long explanation for what I am about to say but… I would just like to say THANK YOU for sharing valuable knowledge on how to effectively manage PCOS without prescription drugs. I myself have the elevated DHEA type of PCOS and also suffered with fairly severe cystic acne for many years. 3 years ago, I started getting sick a lot (never really gotten sick in my childhood or adolescence), mostly from strep and I had to take antibiotics because of this. Fast forward a few months later and excess hair growth was getting slightly worse all over and my periods were going on 31-34 days instead of mt usual 28 day cycle. I want to avoid conventional allopathic medicine that will just suppress what my body is doing. I just received blood work that for the first time indicate high levels of DHEA-S and free testosterone. There is a gene, called sex hormone-binding globulin that codes the protein that binds itself to testosterone.

These doctors work specifically with hormonal conditions and have experience in what to do for them. The doctor may need to take X-rays, or MRI’s and he must continue to monitor your overall health condition. The burned area turns red and is a little irritated but there are no blisters or other marks.
Also 69%of all fires occur in homes, 9% occur on the street or on the highway, 7% occur at sporting or recreational events, and 5% occur in the work area. You only need 1ml of AndroForte cream to get your 50mg dose whereas you need 2 pumps of AndroGel to get your 40mg.
Some insurance companies in the USA do cover testosterone treatments but you still might be subjected to a high copay for them. Last week we covered the difference between injections, patches and topical testosterone treatments.
A tube of AndroForte will cost you $130 compared to $337* for a bottle of AndroGel that’s a huge difference of $207!
In this chart we make comparisons with other popular topical testosterone treatments: Testogel, Testim, Axiron, AndroDerm and Fortesta. Recently there have been some studies done which suggest that testosterone therapies have a link to increased risk of heart disease but many find the conclusions of these studies to be flawed. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It is the number one most common reproductive health concern in women and affects not only fertility, but also emotional and physical well-being due to its far-reaching health implications.
Testosterone is produced by specialized cells in the follicles which surround the eggs, the theca cells.
The ratio between DHEA-S (adrenal androgen) and total testosterone (ovarian androgen) were calculated for the group of women. The group with higher DHEA also had better lipid (cholesterol) profiles and lower levels of inflammatory markers.
In this particular study, the women with the highest levels of DHEA, the adrenal androgens, were found to have the lowest levels of different inflammatory markers. As such it may be useful to test the levels of testosterone (ovarian) and DHEA-S (adrenal) androgens, to be able to predict the phenotype or severity of the syndrome, and as such make adjustments to treatment accordingly. Opposing effects of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate and free testosterone on metabolic phenotype in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Prevalence and metabolic characteristics of adrenal androgen excess in hyperandrogenic women with different phenotypes.
I am a 40 year old that was diagnosed with PCOS 8 years ago and had a complete hysterectomy 7 years ago. Can you direct me where I can go to educate myself on this and is there anything I should be doing, i.e., tests or certain doctors I should see to help figure this out? DHEA-S is primarily from the adrenals, while DHEA derives from the adrenals and the ovaries. This has been incredibly helpful and I am looking forward to reading the article once it is released. Regular period has been back for almost the whole year now (~35 day cycle for all of 2015 so far). I was diagnosed with PCOS in March 2013 (age 20) and have bounced around from doctor to doctor since then, always left wondering if the medical advice I give myself is of greater value.
After a year on 100mg, I was worried about what my scalp would look like if I continued to take such a high dose, so I decreased the dosage to 50mg. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what steps to take in my journey of self-healing.
I had strep about 8 times in the past two years and am now stuck with post nasal drip and a sore throat that pops up every few weeks. I am 23 years old and have only had three periods (without cycle inducing medication) in my entire life. Evidence suggests that although, we may not be able to see exactly how, most likely low testosterone came from genetic makeup.
There are four different degrees of burns, 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, and 4th degree. It usually has a low to moderate pain level that is easily relieved with proper ointments or other treatments like rubbing aloe on it. The burn will typically have red layers with blisters that are clear; your skin will blanch or turn white when put a little bit of pressure to the area, and the burned or damaged part of your skin will feel moist.
Both are made using bioidentical natural testosterone and both are applied directly to the skin. Women need a smaller dose as they need less testosterone than men but it’s advised for women to use a product specially designed for women, like AndroFeme testosterone cream.  AndroFeme is also a topical testosterone made from bioidentical testosterone but it comes the dosage is at a women’s level so no half or quarter dose calculations are needed. This means that per dose you are getting more testosterone for your money when you use AndroForte.
Also, you get an extra 10 days’ worth of treatment with AndroForte as a tube lasts you 50 days, compared to a bottle of AndroGel that lasts 30 days.
Today, we take look at the most popular topical therapies, their differences and why AndroForte works out as the most effective, in cost and results. This means that AndroForte has a higher concentration of testosterone so you need to use less quantity.
Don’t forget that a tube of AndroForte lasts for 50 days and a bottle of AndroGel lasts 30 days, so if you are making price comparisons you should also consider the cost per day. It comes in a tube that looks like a toothpaste tube and can fit easily into your bag if you are going on a trip or intend to apply your dosage at the gym, after your morning workout. High DHEA-S and testosterone in PCOS are common, however what is the difference if any between these two androgenic hormones? That being said, we do have a good amount of information on what makes up the unique variants of this common hormonal disorder. Excessive androgens are also responsible for inhibiting ovulation and reducing healthy follicle development. In women with PCOS, the theca cells are overactive and proliferate excessively, producing too much testosterone. It’s important to note that about half of another androgenic hormone, androstenedione, is produced by each of the adrenals and ovaries. Interestingly, although women with high DHEA-S had higher testosterone levels overall, they also had lower insulin, lower LDL cholesterol and higher HDL cholesterol. My main symptom and the reason I am so dependent on medication – is male pattern baldness. I have read a lot about adrenal tumors, benign and malignant that will raise the values of DHE S as well. It was a bit shocking to receive this diagnosis and to then be told to come in for her next yearly physical in one year, without any helpful advice.

You have posted that exercise, relaxation, Yoga are helpful, is there anything else you can suggest (including articles to read)?
Overall, women with PCOS who have high DHEA-S levels are generally more protected from insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. I saw no improvement in the amount of hair loss but I stuck with it for another 7 – 8 months. A year and a half ago, I started noticing some fuzzy hair growth on my chin and areola after I took flonase for 2 months when my DR believed I had allergies ( did allergy test and not allergic to anything). I am mostly gluten and dairy free with the exception of a few treats once in a while.I am still on the natural dessicated thyroid (been 8 months now) and my hands and feet are again cold and my hair on my head is starting to fall out like it used to. It may be that your stress level, sleep deprivation or weight changes have affected testosterone levels, or it may be something more serious. There are other hereditary diseases that may also cause low testosterone such as Prader-Willi syndrome which affects muscle tone and growth. The leading causes of in home fires are oven ranges, cigarettes, matches, candles, lighters, cigars, wood burning stoves, and toaster ovens. And because of the increase of fire alarm or smoke detector installation the in home death rate caused by fire has dropped 50%. It’s important because your body absorbs testosterone supplements better when it feels that they are the same as the testosterone already being produced naturally inside the body. When you apply testosterone therapy to the scrotum it absorbs into the blood stream faster than if applied to other areas of the body, like on the upper torso or thighs.
We often get asked about how AndroForte differs from AndroGel, so this article is broken down into questions and answers for a clearer comparison.
1ml of AndroForte cream gives you 50mg testosterone compared to 5ml of AndroGel where you need 2 full pumps of gel to give you 40mg testosterone. AndroForte is applied in a small quantity directly to the scrotum area and AndroGel is applied in a larger quantity to the upper body. If you have an existing heart condition or have a family history of heart conditions then I would speak to your healthcare provider before starting treatment.
Why do some women with PCOS have specific androgens that are high, or high in the normal range and most importantly, what does this mean?
High androgens are also associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in PCOS.
As the follicles are often poorly developed in women with PCOS, they lack enough of another important component, the granulosa cells. They then compared body mass index, waist circumference, hirsutism (according to the Ferriman-Gallwey score), inflammatory markers, and menstrual cycle length in the two groups.
When it comes to having kids, it might be good to get a baseline of hormones before starting but definitely give it a go since her period has been doing so well! At this point in time, I had already made a cross country move and did not regularly see an endocrinologist. Just so you know, it is possible to reverse much of these hormonal effects, and it’s also true that the testosterone will reduce with age but you will still have to manage insulin resistance and inflammation for life. I’ve always been self-conscious about my self-image so I went to an endocrinologist and she turned me away telling me it was natural. Your body considers natural bioidentical testosterone as the same so it’s far more effective than other testosterone therapies that contain synthetic material in addition to the testosterone.  Bioidentical means that it is biologically identical to the original testosterone produced by the body. It has been found that women with elevated androgens have a similar cardiovascular risk profile as men.
The granulosa cells normally take testosterone and convert it into estrogen, in a process known as aromatization. However, in some cases stress may actually impact women who have high DHEA-S, as the signals from the hypothalamus and pituitary to stress can stimulate more DHEA release from the adrenals – which can then disrupt menstrual cyclicity.
Also taking a vitamin D supplement (she has a level that is below normal) and I know that is linked to metabolism health, immunity, etc. For the past 4 months or so, I quit taking my spironolactone and metformin cold turkey and noticed a pretty significant amount of hair growth on my scalp, but unfortunately, hair growth everywhere else and moderate to severe acne primarily on the jawline, but also on the chest and back (something I have not experienced for 4 years post-Accutane). I want to see a naturopath but need your advice on what to ask of her in regards to what I’ve been experiencing. I have hypothyroid and a vitamin d deficiency, but treating those alone doesn’t bring on a cycle. It may vary from clinic to clinic but low testosterone is usually indicated by a blood test in which the number is 275 or lower. 3rd degree burn can take many months to heal properly and are that was burned may never go back to the way it originally was. Cardiovascular disease is something which starts many years ahead, and as such it’s important to head it off before it causes major health problems.
In women with PCOS, the aromatzation process is not effective due to the poor development of the granulosa cells, and as such, there is a buildup of testosterone which was produced by the ovary. I have just written an article for this for Naturopathic Doctor News Review, which is going to be released in January so please stay tuned.
I took Ovablend for about 6 months and now my periods are nearly regular and I don’t have dryness. I don’t think I have pcos (even did an ultrasound and it was normal) and no one has formally diagnosed me. 3rd degree burns take specialized treatment to the burn to try and heal it as best as possible. Smoking cigars or cigarettes outside your home can help prevent fires, will also make your home smell better instead of like an ash tray. As such, it is crucial to determine both the level of and how to reduce the excessive amount of androgens in women with PCOS.
I can’t publish any snippets before then due to licensing, but if you follow my blog or follow me on Facebook I’ll certainly post it there once it is released!
I am very sad about this because I wanted to stay away from prescription drugs but had no idea how to better manage my symptoms with anything but diet and exercise. Installing a sprinkler system in your home is another good way to protect your home from a fire if you are home or not.
It has the supplements and general treatments detailed with lots of supporting research (it’s aimed at a doctor audience but I think it’s pretty readable!). Even my hands and ears have these tiny darker looking hairs that are new, my cheeks and nose have longer peach fuzz than usual. One quick tip : L-theanine – it reduces ACTH stimulation and is a great nutrient that helps with alert calmness!
Last but not least when using your grill to cook be extremely careful is grill is on your porch or deck.

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