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I’ve been absent from blogging here for a few months, as I’ve been busy trying to write a fictional eBook about a woman who gets abducted by an eco-survivalist cult. I do plan to be back to blogging here more regularly, but in the meantime, I’ve been thinking about the fact that I’ve been a guest blogger here since June 2008.
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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. Your question raises more questions, and without answers it's hard for me to know what's going on. In that case I might tell my wife, "He's been my friend for thirty years and I'm not going to stop my friendship with him. If you are kind and gracious with your husband's friend and your husband still insists that you leave the house and don't ask questions, then there is something strange going on and your husband is keeping a secret. And then he will think she's cheating with him, and the marriage and the friendship will all be destroyed. FIRST OF ALL, why does your husband bring a friend into the house where his women [wife&daughters] are staying in, for so long that it botheres you? I plan to self-publish this book in 2014 and make it available for download on Amazon Kindle and all other eBook distribution platforms.

Over the years, I’ve written more than 100 blog posts here, covering everything from PR to social media, arts, apps and other random goodness that I pull from the world around me. He tries to send me to my parents home or my cousions home to find some time to spend with him. If you don't like it then why don't you leave the house when he comes and go to your mother or sister's house for a few hours." Or maybe instead of bringing him to the house I would go out to dinner or a coffee shop, or the masjid, or something like that. You must observe your husband's behavior after he has spent time with his friend, and be wary for any signs of strange behavior. You will have to consider everything I have said here and try to determine whether you are the one who needs to change, or your husband, or both of you. A couple months ago my husband had went out with his friend witch is a girl that i am not to fond about. He's a good man, religious and humble, and he really stuck by me when I went through some difficult times.
But really, I would find it very awkward and strange not to be able to invite my best friend to my home.
All the time he thinking about him he says me to take care of him and cook food for him when I say no then he fight with me.
May be this is more about the confinment your husband feels in his friend and he is not yet ready to share that special bondage with you.

Perhaps u should suggest leaving ur husband if this is what he feels, because if he really is gay, he may try to offer u a solution. We cannot answer that for you when we are not aware of all the details, however you on the other hand have the situation in front of you and so should be better able to assess. Now suppose I get married and my wife is jealous of my friendships, and she says things like, "Don't bring him Jafar the house, if you bring him to dinner I won't cook.
By the time i got off he was not home i called him and he stated to me he was still out i asked him with who and he told me with the girl so of course i gotten mad. What you can do is to ofcourse Pray at first place secondly you can share with him some materials regarding husband wife relationship.
I asked when is he coming home and he told me in the next hour he didnt sound very clear to me so i asked if hes been drinking and he said yea so i got mad at that too. This all may not be helpful yet you will be giving him no choice to actually tell you why this husband -friend relationship is more imp than husband -wife relationship or if he is a sensible man he will comeback to you as a good life partner.

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