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Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and thus they must be taken care of by ensuring that they are fed with the best dog food. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates provide dogs with energy, which is needed for his various activities such as running around, playing and doing tricks. Minerals: These are needed to help with the bodily functions of the dog and also growth and development of the dog such as the development of bones. Even when you have chosen the best brand of dog food, it is also important to be able to determine the right food for your dog. If you are still confused on what is the best dog food to buy for your beloved pet, ask the person in charge of the pet shop. Picking up a new choc pup tomorrow afternoon and was wondering what is the best pup food out there. Everyone probably has an opinion on brand but the most important thing regardless of brand is to feed him puppy food specifically formulated for puppies. Even if you agree with their biases, such sites only review ingredient lists under the worst case allowed by labeling law, rather than the feed as sold. Given the science on large breed puppy diet, suggesting moderate levels of protein and low levels of fat, such a diet would fall well short of the optimum for a hard working adult dog. I feed my adult dog Taste of the Wild but I would feed a puppy some type of puppy chow specially formulated for puppys. Again, I understand the science, and I know this argument has been hashed and rehashed numerous times. If I was in a quandary about puppy chow vs adult dog food for my pup I'd go to an expert and I'd ask my vet for adice.
Again, I know this has been beat to death, but i will compare the bag of Iams Puppy ProActive Health with Taste of the Wild, just for kicks. Grocery store brand dog foods have been getting it right for decades according to Dr Lisa P. Many general practice and holistic veterinarians strongly disagree and point to corn and grains as an unnatural protein source with links to food allergies and cancer.
I've tried a lot of different so called best dog food, and have researched them extensively. Many people are surprised to find that buying dog food online is not only more convenient, but is often cheaper. I get more emails from people seeking advice and Pitbull Information than you could even imagine. Dogs are no different than humans in terms of their biological need for certain nutrients to maintain good health. Just as humans who eat a lot of processed foods are at a higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other serious medical conditions, dogs that eat food with highly processed ingredients and harmful chemicals and preservatives are at a higher risk of obesity, arthritis, diabetes, periodontal disease, and cancer. In searching for the best dry dog food, we scoured ingredients lists and chose Orijen brand foods for their complete nutrition, quality ingredients, and reasonable price.
The vast majority of us can’t afford to feed our dogs their ideal diet of raw meat and whole foods prepared in the kitchen. Cheap foods usually contain rendered fat, a very popular flavoring agent, which is a source of microorganisms like salmonella, and it typically has high levels of toxins like heavy metals. If a dog food is made from such cheap, flavorless ingredients that flavor enhancers are necessary to ensure that a dog will eat it, it’s probably best to leave it on the shelf. Orijen dog food, for example, contains no flavoring agents, which are unnecessary due to the long list of quality meats in their mix. The most common food dyes used in dry dog foods are Blue 2, Red 40, and Yellow 5 and 6, all of which are potential allergens and known carcinogens.
Respectable dog food producers know that dogs could care less what color the food is, and their dog food contains no artificial colors.
Chemical preservatives BHA and BHT are cheap and commonly found in poor quality dry dog foods. Ethoxyquin is a chemical preservative that’s illegal in human food but permitted in pet foods. Ideally, dog food should be preserved naturally using Vitamins E and C, which are also important antioxidants.
The biological value (BV) of a protein is a measure of how beneficial it is to a dog and helps consumers determine whether certain proteins supply enough amino acids, particularly the ten essential amino acids required for optimum dog health. Although some people claim that corn and wheat gluten are great sources of protein in dog food, those folks usually have a vested interest in doing so.
Wheat gluten is what’s left over from whole-grain wheat after the beneficial starchy carbohydrates have been stripped away. High-quality animal meats are the very best way to supply your dog with the protein and essential amino acids required for good health and longevity. With no artificial colors, added flavors, chemical preservatives, or cheap fillers posing as protein, Orijen dry dog food appears from the get go to be a high quality food for your dog. Cheaper dog foods use corn, wheat, and other grains to supply carbohydrates, but the fact is, dogs don’t need high levels of carbs, and while using low-quality carbohydrates in high quantities adds bulk to dog food, it also leads to obesity and poor health. One major problem with the vast majority of dry dog foods, including more expensive brands, is that they’re cooked at high temperatures to kill bacteria, but in the process, beneficial enzymes are also killed. Because protein is the basis for a healthy diet for dogs, Orijen also adds chelated minerals that are chemically attached to the proteins, making them easier to absorb. Deciding on the type of dog food you provide is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your puppy or older dog. With all the recent publicity and concern with the dog food recall of 2008 the spotlight has been aimed fairly and squarely at the big commercial dog food companies. Is "Premium Dog Food" the answer we've been searching for or "Natural Dog Food" or how about "Healthy Dog Food"? Choosing the best dog food can be an overwhelming decision - but why does it have to be so hard?
So when I set out to determine the best dog food available my main focus was always the health, vitality and longevity of my dogs - I want my dogs to thrive.
A wholesome well balanced dog food diet promotes: Healthy skin and coat, strong well developed bones, bright clear eyes, firmer stools (and less of them), well defined muscle tone, quality of life and longevity, healthy teeth and gums, fewer trips to your Vet, no bad odor, fewer digestive problems, energy, vitality, fewer behavior problems and over-all health. In my search to find the best dog food available I have narrowed our options down to three broad groups. The sad truth is that most of these commercial dog food products (regardless of what fancy name is printed on the label) are rubbish - these big companies are taking us for a ride. Some of the ingredients hiding behind the laughably inept labeling laws and fuzzy feel good marketing tactics are: Indigestible waste products, colors, dyes, toxins, pesticides, chemicals, harmful preservatives (BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin) and antibiotics.
Just imagine if you or I were able to lay all of the contents of a typical commercial dog food product out on a table in front of us.
Raw foodies argue that a raw food diet provides the enzyme rich nutrients and amino acids in a perfect unaltered state - which is easily digested.
On the other hand detractors of feeding raw focus on the danger of foodborne illness through the threat of bacteria like salmonella and E. One tip I would suggest if you are considering the raw feeding option for your dogs is to go out and visit a breeder or friend who already feeds a raw dog food diet.
With all the recent news about the dog food recall and associated concerns with commercial dog foods, the homemade dog food option has really come to the fore. Preparing your dog's meals from scratch has many benefits, including the complete control of all meals served.
It does take an organized person to set up a homemade feeding plan and then prepare all of the daily meals. Typical homemade dog meals include big meaty stews, healthy soups, pies, vegetables and maybe some raw bones every now and then. For hundreds of well thought out and nutritionally balanced dog food recipes check out this resource - Dog Food Secrets. For further research into the best dog food to feed your dog I recommend this ebook - dog food secrets.

There are several brands of dog food that you can get in the market and the Instinct dog food is considered to be the best dog food brand present. This means that it should contain all the necessary nutrients and other ingredients that will be beneficial to the dog. My golden had to have special food because he was allergic to beef or something in the beef food so the vet said. Sort of like my kids- when the milk was done, they went straight to mashed up whateverwewerehavingfordinner. Weeth, DVM, DACVN told the audience that every commercial dog food meets the nutritional requirements set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), therefore they are all the same with none having a nutritional advantage over the other. Weeth went on to say that corn and grains are easily digested by canines, pose no health risk and are a good source of protein.
Grains listed as the first ingredient in dog foods are considered plant protein based foods found in low grade commercial brands. Weeth also scoffed at the suggestion that the grade of meat proteins used should be considered such as rendered meat by products that includes animal parts not suited for human consumption, slaughterhouse garbage, and euthanized animals. Weeth was referred to the Pet Radio Show by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition when they were asked to provide a guest to appear on the show.
I have provided some links here to some of what I consider to be the best quality dog food available. So while the price may seem high per pound for the best dog food, because of the greater meat content, you will feed less of it.
For instance, if you sign up for "Amazon Prime" you will receive FREE SHIPPING on most dog food orders! Feeding your dog a healthy diet is essential for longevity, disease prevention, healthy joints, tissues, and organs, and for a good quality of life.
There are a few other dry foods available that are possibly better, but we discounted them for two reasons.
The colors of the rainbow appear to dogs as dark blue, light gray, light yellow, brownish yellow, and dark gray. Caramel color, which contains 4-methylimidazole (4-MIE,) a known carcinogen to animals, is also a popular color in cheap dog food.
While most countries have banned these artificial preservatives for human consumption, the United States still allows them to be used in human-grade food, even though numerous studies on animals show that they’re both potent carcinogens.
Orijen dog food and other high quality dog food contains no harmful artificial preservatives, instead using both Vitamins E and C as preservatives in their dry dog foods. The near-perfect protein in chicken eggs makes them the ideal benchmark when talking about BV, and so chicken eggs score a perfect 100.
The fact is, corn is neither easily digestible by dogs nor an ideal source of protein for them.
Although high in protein, this protein has very little biological value to dogs, scoring a dismal 40.
Orijen dog food contains high quality carbohydrates in the form of red and green lentils, chickpeas, and peas, all of which are also high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
Orijen dog food includes probiotics that are added after cooking to replace those enzymes to enhance dogs’ digestive and immune systems. We not only give you our top recommended brand, but show you how to separate good dog food from the bad quality brands. In addition to the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site maintains additional ongoing affiliate partnerships as well as on-site display advertisements through 3rd party services such as Google Adsense.
Us dog lovers are finally becoming more aware and educated about providing wholesome, nutritionally balanced meals for our dogs. I know from personal experience it can be difficult to see through all of the conflicting views, hype, marketing tactics and secrecy surrounding the dog food industry. I hope this article will help you to determine the very best puppy food for your dogs and make your feeding decision clearer. I've listed them here with a brief explanation and expand on all three options further down this page, including reviews and direct comparisons. Commercial Dog Food: This includes the packaged foods you find at your local supermarket, pet store or veterinarian. Commercial dog food is so convenient and reasonably priced - but what are the long term implications of feeding it to our dogs, and is it really value for money? It's bad enough that they are happy to deceive us and rip us off blind, but the thing that really gets to me is that they appear to have no regard whatsoever for the health or wellbeing of our dogs.
Most of these products are woefully deficient in key nutrients and are chock full of toxic rubbish and fillers (like grain) that provide no nutritional benefit to our dogs.
It doesn't stop there, then you've got a wide range of dead, diseased, disabled or dying animals prior to their visit to the slaughter house added to the mix. I've got no doubt we would be at first surprised, then disgusted and angry - have you ever tried to read the label on a can of dog food?
Some have even realised that we are capable of looking beyond the hype and doing some research of our own - some may even care about our dogs. This category includes the raw food you source and prepare yourself or the pre-made and packaged products like Dr.
The common thread with raw food enthusiasts is that they believe feeding raw is the most natural way to feed a dog.
The same applies with fruit and vegetables - some people say that vegetable matter is a natural part of a wild dogs diet, gathered from the stomach of their prey. They believe that the raw dog food diet leads to fewer visits to the Vet, strengthened immune systems and less allergy and disease.
Have a chat with them and take a really good look at their dogs - the health of our dogs is always what matters most. You know exactly what goes into every meal (and where it was sourced) and you also know that it has been prepared in a clean environment. The homemade dog food option also comes with the added responsibility of formulating nutritionally balanced meals (proteins, vitamins etc.) and meeting the calorie requirements for your individual dog.
You'll also learn how to calculate the calorie requirements of your dog and discover all of the foods you must avoid feeding. This package includes which foods you must avoid, the commercial dog foods that are high quality, dog food reviews, dog food comparisons, your dogs nutritional requirements, a calorie chart, the best brand of dog food and loads of tasty dog food recipes. So if you want your dogs to be healthy, make sure you only buy the right kinds of food suitable for their age. Some people start their pups on adult formulated dog food earlier than 9 months and their dogs generally do fine but it is better to keep a pup on puppy chow for the first year.
Everyone has their favorite so you will get a lot of different opinions on brand based on who knows what.
Owning a lot of dogs I have learned when it comes to the best commercial dog food; one size does not fit all.
The list is not all inclusive, simply where I would look first if you are looking for the best dog food. So in the end, cost is generally not as high for the best dog food comparative wise to lower quality dog food.
First, they were prohibitively expensive, so much so that feeding your dog raw prime rib every day might be a cheaper alternative. While high quality dry dog food can provide your dog with a perfectly healthy, nutritionally complete diet, cheap food usually contains a large number of nasty ingredients. They’re known to pull dirty diapers out of the trash and eat everything but the plastic shell.
Artificial colors are wholly unnecessary in dog food, and they’re terribly unhealthy to boot.
The first 15 ingredients listed on this food are: Boneless chicken, chicken meal, chicken liver, whole herring, boneless turkey, turkey meal, turkey liver, whole eggs, boneless walleye, whole salmon, chicken heart, chicken cartilage, herring meal, salmon meal, and chicken liver oil.
Things like how puppies grow, their behavior habits, health, overall well-being and appearance are all closely connected to the nutrition we provide - it's a big responsibility.

And then there's "Human Grade All Natural" - does anyone actually know what all these fancy terms mean?
After years of experimenting with different dog foods and lots of research I have reached an unfortunate conclusion. It includes the raw dog food and bones you prepare yourself or pre-packaged diets like BARF and Steve's Real Food 100% natural dog food diet. Andrew Lewis has recently conducted a detailed study into the merits of commercial dog foods. Billinghurst's BARF raw food diet (evolutionary diet), Steve's Real Food for dogs and Primal Pet Foods.
Raw foodies believe that this is the way dogs have successfully evolved and that eating a raw diet is the way nature intended dogs to get their nutrition. The following is an example of the real whole foods that are included in a raw dog food diet. They also point to the over-all health and appearance of their dogs for proof that the raw diet is the right way to go. If you arm yourself with some good dog food recipes and get into a routine this process is not all that difficult to maintain. Many dogs who have previously had skin allergies or other common health complaints have thrived when switched over to a good homemade dog food diet. To be honest if I had the time (was more organized) I would prepare all of my dog's meals from scratch, plus add lots of raw meaty bones to their diet.
The innards are the first thing eaten due to the fact that they offer the most bang for the buck, by far, in terms of energy and time spent getting to them and eating them. She also contended that commercial dog foods cannot be evaluated, rated according to their ingredients. Although the aforementioned sounds ludicrous, isn't that exactly the way most dogs are fed?
For this reason, a 30# bag of TASTE OF THE WILD, Hi Prairie Canine Formula is the #1 seller in the Pet supplies department at Amazon. Contrary to what some may say, my experience is; there is no need to introduce new dog food slowly. Some of the worst ingredients include artificial colors, flavor enhancers, and chemical preservatives as well as corn and wheat gluten, which are used to increase the amount of protein to make the food look healthier than it is. So it stands to reason that if a meat-based dog food is made of quality ingredients, added flavor is rather unnecessary.
I feel that the vast majority of the big commercial dog food companies are far more focussed on extracting the money from our pockets rather than the health and wellbeing of our precious dogs. All the big names that we know so well are represented in this group, such as Diamond dog food, Pedigree, Iams and Science Diet.
Basically all of the rubbish that other industries can't or won't use can end up in your dog's dinner bowl. He has now identified 9 brands of commercial dog food that passed his strict criteria and are safe to feed to our dogs. These ingredients are usually organic or all-natural produce: Chicken, lamb, pork, salmon, turkey, kangaroo, rabbit, quail and organ meat. But for the moment I feed my puppies Wellness (they love it) and Canidae to my older dogs .
I get TOW at Tractor Supply- there are sevral different formulas, with different fat and protein levels.
I value everyone's opinion on here, and recognize that most have forgotten more about dogs and training than I'll ever know. Some love and do great on one brand of dog food while the next dog won't touch that kind of dog food or has loose stools with it or a coat that looks terrible because even the best dog food is not meeting the nutritional needs of a given dog.
Whenever I change dog food, I feed all I have of one dog food and then start them on the next dog food all at once.
To top it all off any nutrition that is present in this toxic cocktail is then ruined by the cooking processes used. I can't divulge his findings here for copyright reasons (which is fair enough considering that Andrew put in all the time, resources and money to discover the truth). A raw dog food diet is sometimes referred to as an "all natural" diet as ingredients are generally free from chemicals, preservatives, additives, by-products and fillers (like worthless grains). Another benefit of feeding raw is healthy teeth and gums and well developed jaws, neck and shoulder muscles (from all the chewing). I have been feeding for a week now, after i got him off the Iams puppy which he had been eating. According to her most dogs will not have any physical problems associated with any commercial dog food, and suggests that if your dog shows no abnormal physical symptoms such as soft stool there is no reason to switch brands of dog food regardless of the brand being used.
Too, Pitbulls do seem to sometimes be allergy prone, so choosing the best dog food can make a tremendous difference in the quality of life. Most experts agree that even the best dog foods are filled with fillers that have little or no nutritional value. What I can tell you is that I feed two brands of commercial dog food to my dogs - I still do even after reading Andrew's special report;). Plus you'll find nutritious ingredients such as eggs, kelp, yogurt, flax seed meal and other supplements.
This food is more expensive than most but the health benefits far outweight the added cost. Consider the brand that you are buying because trusted brands are proven to offer the best dog food. I know, I know, many people have raised many dogs, and have fed puppy food before switching, but that's not necessarily saying that feeding a different food is bad. Becker was explaining why she believes there is a link between processed grains and cancer in canines, Dr. Next, we divide the 20 percent protein by the 90% dry matter and we get 22%, which is the amount of protein on a dry matter basis. A bag of average dog food will contain far more fillers such as corn, rice or potatoes then it does meat, which is essential for good health.
Compare this list to what you read on a commercial dog food label - there's simply no comparison. Plus you'll find that you feed less when your dog food is of a high quality and visits to your vet will be greatly reduced. I will take a 100% gluten and grain free all-ages food over a puppy food loaded with corn any day. All I have to go on is my personal experience, but to me there's something wrong with feeding corn, wheat bran, and soybeans to a dog.
It used to be that a pet owner when shopping for the best dog food choose the biggest bag for the lowest price and felt he was getting the best bargain dog food.
Maybe we have to prepare all of our dog's meals from scratch to ensure its quality and nutritional value?
You can access Andrew's special report here - Dog Food Secrets - Confidential Dog Food Report (Gold Package). Many today realize that a 50 pound bag of dog food that contains 45 pounds of corn, rice and potatoes, is not the best bargain at all. And it is also no wonder that once a dog is given the right nutrition that you see dramitic improvement in their health.
Thankfully, a number of companies are stepping to the plate and offering some high quality dog food that was not available when Pluto was a pup. So the canned food has more protein per pound on a dry matter basis after all the water is taken out.

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