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So maybe it’s no surprise after all that Folgers still manages to outsell every other coffee brand in US supermarkets. In any event, java snobs who may have written off Folgers long ago in favor of Starbucks a la carte or Green Mountain in a pod may have to smell the coffee differently.
In a tough retailing environment and facing all manner of new QSR coffee gambits, Folgers has been able to hang on in part because of savvy marketing, Smucker asserted. B est Western International recently announced sweeping changes to its brand — including heralding a “completely new look” — and the changes are so dramatic that its name has changed. My first impression of the new logo to identify the master company is that it looks too playful, elementary and childish to represent a lodging company. That is not to say that the old logo was great, as it is certainly dated despite using a stylized variation of ITC Century Bold Condensed, which is a typeface I do like.
The Best Western PLUS logo is similar to the main Best Western logo; but with a rounded three-dimensional diamond in a rich red color instead of the blue circle, with the word PLUS screaming out in bold, red and underlined. Did the designer just slap together two words using the new custom typeface to create the Executive Residency logo? MiresBall — the design agency behind the creation of the logos — missed the ball on them, in my opinion. Another thought of mine is: do we really need yet another lodging company to attempt to upscale itself? The lodging industry is crowded with participants all over the world despite all of the mergers and acquisitions which had been announced in recent years; and Starwood Hotels and Resorts has been rumored to seek a suitor to purchase it.
This leads me to another question: how does Best Western Hotels & Resorts plan to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack? There is nothing outstanding about Best Western Rewards — its frequent guest loyalty program — in general, either. For example, did you know that Best Western had seven distinct brands before reading this article?
The bizarre part was that I saw no mention of this celebration of 25 years anywhere on the official Internet web site of Best Western Rewards at that time — or at any time, for that matter. Best Western Hotels & Resorts has a long, long way to go to achieve its goals, in my opinion — although I do wish the lodging company the best of success. I really would not know much about affiliate credit cards, brteacher; so thank you for sharing your opinion on them.
I stopped staying at Holiday Inns in general for the same reason, Captain Kirk: I never knew what to expect, as they were wildly inconsistent. I have not stayed at a Holiday Inn hotel property since the brand was refreshed; so my opinion may be outdated. You give a good point regarding the impression that the words Plus and Premier give to the standard brand; and — come to think of it — that is generally not seen with the other major lodging companies. If I want something inconsistent from the typical brand chain experience, I would rather book an independent or boutique hotel property; or do something different altogether — such as stay in a hanok in South Korea or a ryokan in Japan.
I have to be careful here but I was at the meeting in Honolulu a few weeks ago when this was announced and revealed.

I have no doubt that they worked hard on the logo — perhaps a little too hard and overshot their objective? I have no doubt that David Kong and Dorothy Dowling are doing everything they can to prioritize the Best Western brand in the minds of more travelers — frequent and otherwise.
Thank you for your insight — and I truly do wish Best Western luck in the future even though I have no plans at this time to stay at a Best Western hotel property in the foreseeable future. It does not suggest to me that Best Western Hotels & Resorts is serious about competing with other lodging chains worldwide.
This logo will clearly define that Best Western is a company of hotels and resorts across the globe with brands that meet the needs of today’s travelers. As an example, Hampton Inn is a brand of Hilton Worldwide which has updated its offerings — and, in many cases, its room rates as well — leaving people wondering if Hilton Worldwide needs a new low-cost brand for those guests who might believe that staying at a Hampton Inn is no longer within reach financially. It is a lodging chain of which I do not even give a thought when I want to stay somewhere for a night. Did you know that the Best Western Rewards frequent guest loyalty program celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013? If that is your answer to at least one of those questions, you are apparently in good company. I do not even want to know how much money was spent on the logo design alone; but any amount is too much. I personally would have waited for its 70th anniversary and celebrated the living daylights out of it; as well as offered some memorable promotions you and I could not possibly refuse. Speaking of signs can you imagine the sheer anger that some of the hotel owners have now being faced with new signage at their properties? David Kong, Dorothy Dowling and the board of directors are trying hard to make BW a player in the market. If they can make this work, focus on outstanding customer service and keep the price point focused on a value stay I think they can do well with their target customer base. I do understand the need for consistency across as many technology platforms as possible; but it just does not work for me. Hotel owners under Hampton Inn and other brands had similar issues in recent years where they were forced to pay for new signage and other items associated with new branding.
I just believe that improvement — not necessarily upscaling — would have been the better direction. 1 CPG coffee brand of the year in the 2013 Harris Poll EquiTrend rankings, followed by Green Mountain and Seattle’s Best. Perhaps with time, I may take the logo more seriously as a brand representing a lodging company — but as of right now, I do not take it seriously at all. I have written articles pertaining to Best Western over the years — promotions, for example, with at least one which was considered “confusing” — and readership has been rather low on those articles when compared to most other topics about which I write, which is why I rarely write about Best Western in general. Did you know that there were 25 weeks of promotions and giveaways to celebrate that milestone? Despite being the sixth largest lodging company in the world in terms of number of properties — although it may have moved up the list with greater than 4,100 properties located in greater than 100 countries — does Best Western have any chance of achieving its objectives and goals?

In my mind, it would make more sense to make totally different named brands like the other chains to describe its offerings.
I don’t really have an opinion but I can say I do like the way they strived to make sure the logos would work in as many ways possible including on small screens and computers in general.
The change that allowed properties to pick up the Plus and Premier monikers was not too long ago and some of the owners have modest properties and fought that change due to the cost of the signs and other rebranding expenses.
The management team need to read this post and take your advice and constructive criticism to heart. I do agree that arguably, Best Western had only one general direction to go for improvement; but it was not specific, as I will discuss in a moment.
I stayed at one in the Alaskan town of Seward; but that was only because that was the best offering I could find at that time. Sadly, I do not expect for this article to be any different — but perhaps you will surprise me. I have stayed in lots of Hilton’s and SPG properties but for me, those three and Hyatt are the only brands I consider when booking a stay. I hope their strategy does work and wish them success, it just won’t be with my money. While I do not disagree with your points the fact that they are trying to move forward is a good sign (no pun intended).
Honestly I would try to give them more stays but it just seems for my travels it’s just not convenient or when it is I pick a brand that shows me more rewards for my loyalty (SPG, Marriott and Hyatt). I do agree that perhaps the announcement of the rebranding efforts might indeed have been too soon. Is there really a truly consistent and clean yet affordable option in lodging these days which offers a significant amount of value? I do give them preference over HIE stays, but again those stays are location based and if it’s a 10 minute cab ride farther to a BW property they lose that stay based on location alone. That is the direction in which Best Western should have proceeded, in my opinion; and not implementing that specific strategy is the main reason why the fight will be long and difficult moving forward. In fact, I cannot think of any stay at a Best Western hotel property which was positively memorable — and yet the room rate in Seward was more than $200.00 per night, which was certainly not worth it. In regards to Best Western, and my choice to avoid them completely was on the advice of a well traveled man.
I was in a franchising class in college when the professor who was probably in his late 60s and was well traveled said he never stays at Best Westerns because you never know what you’re going to get.
At the same time, those brands have some amazingly great and high end properties where I don’t know that BW does at all. McDonalds may not be the best food in the world but it’s the same no matter where I go.

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