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The novel is due for release in September 2009 and the movie in 2010 with filming to commence this June; it's already confirmed to star Miley Cyrus. On the way to Alexandria Safe-Zone, Rick and his squad hear a motorcycle from behind their van; a squad of Saviors are following them. The next morning, Abraham and Eugene leave the Safe-Zone without telling anyone, in order to find some ammunition. Abraham tells Eugene that he's noticed that the latter has lost some weight, possibly to attract Rosita. Meanwhile Carl goes to Rick's room and finds him along with Andrea, indicating that Rick and Andrea had sex. Sometime later, Glenn, Heath and Nicholas are seen fighting zombies behind their car barrier just outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Glenn is telling Maggie about how he wants to leave the Alexandria Safe-Zone and move to the Hilltop Colony. The citizens of the Alexandria Safe-Zone mourn for Abraham Ford in the church with a service by Gabriel.
Rick, as well many other survivors, are about to leave the Alexandria Safe-Zone and travel to the Hilltop Colony. After Rick tells Andrea that she has to stay behind and protect the survivors, a band containing Rick, Carl, Michonne, Heath, Glenn, Maggie, and Sophia leave the Safe-Zone and head for the Hilltop Colony. The same three Saviors are complaining about the plan to attack at dawn, wondering why they can't attack now. On the road, Michonne worries that the group will not make it to the Hilltop Colony in time.
Maggie begins hitting Rick, calling him a coward, but stops as Carl points a gun at her and tells her to stop hurting his father.
The group continues to the Hilltop, where they tell Paul Monroe and Gregory about what happened. Paul and Heath are talking about how the Hilltop is a much better community than Alexandria. Andrea is about to move out of Rick's house because she isn't satisfied with his decision of letting Dwight go free. Negan enters the Alexandria Safe-Zone, mocks Glenn's death, and orders Rick to hold onto his bat, "Lucille". Rick tells Carl to go home, but Negan tells him not to be so rude and not to interrupt their conversation.
At the infirmary, Denise is aiming a gun at one of the Saviors who is taking medical supplies.
Meanwhile, Dwight is checking his supplies in a Saviors' outpost when another Savior startles him.
The Saviors take Paul to their base, a factory surrounded by a wall of mutilated and chained zombies.
Negan and the rest of The Saviors arrive later with the supplies from the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
They are greeted by a man who asks Negan if everything is okay as he heard a commotion outside. A Savior named Carson appears to greet Negan home and explains there has been a situation with a girl called Amber while he has been away.
Negan tells Amber that she doesn't have to be scared as her position in Negan's harem is voluntary. Carl and Negan enter his personal quarters, which is very well furnished, and Negan tells him to close the door. Negan and Carl take a seat opposite each other, he explains he would like to get to know Carl a bit better.
Negan says he cannot carry on talking to Carl like this while he has the bandage around his face, so he tells Carl to remove the bandage and the hat. Negan apologizes, saying that it's easy to forget that Carl is just a kid and he didn't mean to hurt his feelings but he is interrupted by a Savior knocking at the door.
Negan turns back to Carl and tells him that as punishment for Carl gunning down his men he wants something in return for being more than pleasant - he tells Carl to sing him a song.
Negan puts a thick glove on while another Savior gets to work on the fire and molten metal in the background.
During this speech, Dwight and Sherry look longingly at each other and it is evident this has happened before and possibly involving them. Meanwhile, Jesus is fighting some zombies and manages to hot-wire a car back to the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
Spencer looks through the gates of the community, and asks a survivor named Erin what they are doing out there.
Spencer seems to think Carl's disappearance is a distraction to the community at a time when they don't need it. On their way to the Saviors compound they run across Negan and his men in a truck, who explains they were heading to Alexandria and it was mighty convenient to meet Rick and crew. Negan says that's the reason he was heading over, if he can believe it and that he can't wait for Rick to see what he's done to his little boy. Out of rage, Rick punches and kicks Negan, demanding to know what he has done to Carl, but after a few seconds of beating, Negan furiously retaliates, grappling Rick. Later on, Rick tells the community that Negan can be reasonable and that the future is bright, and say that they must work hard for the next Savior pick-up of supplies. That night, Carl reveals valuable information about the Savior's base, prompting Jesus to tell Rick that it is time for him to meet Ezekiel.
Arriving at The Kingdom, Rick meets Ezekiel, who is planning to attack Negan with the help of one of Negan's men; Dwight. Negan is the second villain to appear on the Book covers, the first being The Governor on Book Three. 82 international book critics have spoken: Middlemarch by George Eliot is the best British novel of all time according to a survey by BBC Culture. The novel is a rich, multi-layered portrait of an English town in the 1830s, and follows the fortunes and misfortunes of a number of people, set in the social and political context of the time.
68 at firstcryBuy Shree Book Centre Novel Educational Worksheets Learning To Read Blends - English online at a discount of 15% from its original maximum retail price of Rs. After it, Abraham asks Maggie if everything is alright, as he sees her holding her stomach. Rick says they have to put some people in danger in order to defeat the Saviors, but not to make an army. Carl then says Rick does not have to say anything about sex, Rick replies and says that it would be uncomfortable for both him and Carl.

While Rick and Andrea are pursuing the saviors, they are surprised to see the corpse of Abraham. Carl walks in on Rick and Andrea hugging, without them knowing, and backs out of the room and smiles. All the while, three saviors are watching from a nearby building and say that they will attack at dawn.
One of them says that he is going to get a man named Paul, whose group is the farthest away. Glenn is buried there, and Maggie and Sophia stay behind as the group and Jesus return to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Carl asks if Andrea has Dwight in the infirmary and tells Rick to kill Negan to show him they're "NOT to be fucked with." Rick replies that he doesn't know and that they are all mad about Glenn.
Rick stops her at the last minute and tells her about his plan, about how he is letting The Saviors think that they are scared so they can strike back. Negan and his men are clearing the gates of roamers, when Negan notices Rick, hesitating to open the gate for The Saviors. Negan is surprised to find that the Alexandria Safe-Zone has plenty of houses and notices that many of them are vacant. Negan tells Denise not to misunderstand his associate, but she replies that all the the morphine, Oxycontin, and anything that can be abused are taken by the Saviors; all they are left with is aspirin, penicillin, and cold medicine. As Negan and The Saviors are driving back to their base, Carl is hiding under the mattresses that the Saviors took.
The Savior informs Dwight that he has been followed since he left the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and gives orders through a walkie-talkie for another group of Saviors to capture the follower, Paul Monroe. Carl fires the rifle again, killing several of the Saviors in the process, until he runs out of ammo.
Negan tells Carl he will show him around while he orders the rest of the Saviors to burn the bodies of the dead. Negan tells Carson to find a guy named Mark and to keep tabs on him, and he will speak with Amber himself. If she wants to go back, she CAN go back to Mark and be with him but forfeit all her privileges that come with being Negan's wife. He wants to know how smart the boy is, as any other child Carl's age would have tried to make a break for it by now, where as Carl had stood right at Negan's side the whole time. He apologizes and tells Negan that he has brought Lucille as he left it in the truck during the earlier ruckus. Negan asks Carl to hold Lucille, and he then tells everybody present that what they are about to witness isn't going to be pleasant and didn't even have to happen but he cannot ignore the rules.
Near Alexandria, Rick, Michonne, Andrea and Nicholas are fighting a huge group of zombies in the search for Carl.
She says that even though she has only ever said things to Rick, he seems to have their best interests in mind and Rick shouldn't be expected to do nothing while his son is missing. Eric doesn't think it's as safe anymore since the arrival of Negan and The Saviors and that they should maybe be prepared to go at a moment's notice if necessary. Jesus explains that they have a "killing zone" of zombies as a defensive measure that are either chained up or impaled into the ground. He taunts him saying that he'll be sorry, and reveals that nothing has been done to Carl, and that Negan was just lying to Rick to see him breaking. Eugene tells him that she's fine and she doesn't want to see him, implying that they are in a relationship.
After noticing that they aren't from Hilltop, the man claims that they "must give a different tribute" to Negan and demands that they give up all their supplies as opposed to just half. He asks that if anyone objects to the plan, they are free to speak their mind; no one objects to the plan. Then the two hear Abraham's machine gun and Rick goes to see why and who was shooting and tells Carl to stay at home. Rick says that there's "no fucking way they're going to escape." While still pursuing the Saviors, Rick and Andrea get cut off by a group of zombies, Andrea is going to kill them when Rick tells her to save the ammunition. When Rosita tries to talk to Holly, she snaps at Rosita while crying over Abraham's covered body. Rick stops her and she tells him that he killed Abraham, attempted to kill Eugene and was going to kill them all. He tells Andrea about how they were attacked on the road at about the same time the Alexandria Safe-Zone was attacked. Andrea wonders why Rick didn't tell her earlier, and he says he didn't want anyone to know.
Negan says that his man only took half of the supplies from the medicine stockpile, as was promised. Rick states that anybody can leave the Safe-Zone if they are not satisfied with the new world order.
Dwight kicks Carl in the stomach and screams, "You little fuck, --KILL YOU!", but Negan orders Dwight to stop attacking a defenseless child. Savior asks what medicine the Saviors got on the run to Alexandria as someone named Molly has a bad cough.
Negan tells them to carry on their business and then mentions to Carl about them showing him respect. While Negan talks to Amber, another girl, Sherry, interrupts saying Amber knows that she has messed up and for Negan to go easy on her. Negan can tell Carl is impressed with what he sees and can look at all the women as much as he wants, as Alexandria is full of women who dress like "elderly lesbians".
He answers that he always wanted to have sexual relations with a whole bunch of women and there was no reason to follow any rules anymore. Carl starts to sing "You Are My Sunshine" while Negan flexes and swings the bat dangerously close by in the background, telling Carl not to let him distract him from his singing.
Negan suddenly lunges at Mark, who is tied to a chair, and holds the red hot iron to the side of his face while he screams in agony. He asks Carl if he thought he'd be off the hook just by singing a song to Lucille, and then asks Carl if he has any ideas on what Negan should do. Aaron however, wants to stay; he knows the safe-zone is special and they can get through this. He and Rick go for a talk where Jesus explains he knows where Negan and his men are hiding; Rick then tells him about Carl's disappearance. It will be enough of a 'fuck you' to Negan to show him that Rick knows where he lives and it might catch him off balance enough to give up Carl. Negan mentions that its strange that they were heading in the right direction but Rick cuts him off, asking where Carl is.

Way ahead of her time, Eliot questions conventional attitudes to marriage and the role of women (she decided to write under a male pseudonym to be taken seriously). Rick assumes the one talking is Negan; the Savior claims everyone in their group are "Negan". Later, in Rick's house, Andrea talks to him about starting a relationship and says that she is happy Rick stopped being a coward.
He also says that although he still has some feelings for Rosita, he just wants her to be happy whether he is with her or not.
Dwight appears outside the Alexandria gates and demands Rick let him in with a large group of saviors. The two then turn back, taking the body of Abraham so it can be buried back at the community.
Aaron and Eric are preparing for the Saviors, making an inventory over the Safe Zone's guns. Nicholas tells Rick that the Saviors attacked that morning, but none of the Alexandria residents were killed. Rick is afraid because of how low on ammo they really are and tells her he is open to suggestions. Negan says that he doesn't want to take food, for now, because the Safe-Zone is low and if he took their food, they wouldn't be able to survive.
While the Saviors are taking the supplies to their trucks, Heath urgently runs out towards Rick, informing him that Denise needs help. He says the community should gather up their resources into one place for Negan's next visit. Dwight arrives with the other Saviors, ordering Paul to be tied up, stating that, "He is more use to us alive.
Negan explains they have all kinds of good stuff and the guy can take his pick as he has enough "points", the apparent currency here. He tells her that she has had plenty of time to think about going back to Mark and earning "points" or staying with him.
He may not be a hit with the ladies but no one will mess with him either since he looks so bad ass. Carl suggests that Negan should jump from a window to save him the trouble of killing Negan. Jesus explains as he was escaping he heard gunfire from an assault rifle and Rick tells him Abraham's machine gun is missing.
Rick doesn't grant his command and has Michonne and Andrea kill three members of his group, still leaving the one speaking alive. Andrea enlists the help of someone to take the body of Abraham; Glenn and Heath arrive to help her. They killed about a dozen Saviors, and the remaining Saviors retreated without entering the Safe-Zone. Denise tells Rick that they need that medicine in case something serious happens to any of them, like what happened to Carl. Negan's going to have a lot of questions for you." This suggests that Dwight knows about Paul being sent by Rick and that the Zone is not actually abiding by the Saviors' demands.
Negan takes the bat off the Savior and asks him if the Savior treated Lucille like a lady and "ate her pussy like a lady".
Negan says that was pretty good and that there is nothing more Lucille likes than being sung to, and bashing in heads. Negan says the matter is settled and all is forgiven - Mark will forever bear the shame of his actions on his face and all will know what he has done. Negan laughs and says he is having a hard time to figure out a suitable punishment for Carl, but he'll eventually think of something. Dwight says that Negan did not take kindly to the message and once again demands Rick open the gate or they will kill Eugene. They line up all the survivors from the van (Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, Michonne and Heath), kneeling them down. He then orders Rick to show him around the Safe-Zone, while his men go and gather the supplies.
He asks Carl if he's ever looked into a mirror, then comments on how he can see his eye socket and skull. The Savior looks confused and scared until Negan exclaims he was just messing with him because baseball bats don't have pussies.
As the savior leaves, Carl says he remembers his father murdered one of the Marauders with a knife before Rick tells him to get back in the van.
Dwight says that if Rick and the others had not killed their friends along the way back from the Hilltop, they wouldn't have killed Abraham. Glenn asks Andrea if Abraham needs to be shot in the head so he won't come back as a walker, but she tells him that the arrow impaled him through the brain and that he will not reanimate. Then, Negan appears and tells how he wants revenge for the saviors that the survivors killed. One of the Saviors tells Dwight that Eugene is not in a situation of power; they still decide to use him as a bargaining chip and has him lead them back to Alexandria.
One of the other Saviors try to get at Eugene but Rick shoots him and tells Dwight to leave or they will all die.
Without an agreement from Rick, Negan makes a deal; Everything that belongs to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, now belongs to The Saviors.
Refusing, Dwight tells the others to attack; one Savior tries to kill Rick's group using the machine gun they took from Abraham but gets shot in the head by Andrea. She then instructs the others to make a line against the wall so they can pick off the Saviors.
After a long talk about who he should kill using Lucille, he finally picks his victim at random: Glenn.
He won't let anybody else die because they've come too far and he doesn't think he can fight Negan.
Not today, not tomorrow, but I will kill you." Negan tells them the Saviors will be back in one week to collect half of everything in Alexandria, then turns around and leaves with his men, leaving the survivors with Glenn's body.

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