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A primary school teacher sharing resources, practical ideas and thoughts on blogging, global collaboration and technology integration.
I thought having a class blog would be a bit of fun and a good way to connect with parents. As time has gone on I’ve come to realise that blogging brings many educational benefits. Social Skills and Confidence: While some people may be quick to say that blogging and online social media can inhibit social skills, I see blogging as a terrific starting point.
Internet Safety: Everyone will agree that teaching students to be safe online is an important issue. Maths: While using blogging as an avenue for teaching and learning literacy may be more obvious, blogs can also be used for maths. ICT Skills: Blogging assists students to become more ICT literate which is a crucial 21st century skill. Authentic Audience: In the traditional classroom, the only audience of student work was the teacher and sometimes classmates and parents. I’ve created a couple of videos with my students in the past to allow them to highlight some of the advantages of having a class blog.
Last year I presented at ISTE in San Diego with my Los Angeles blogging buddy, Linda Yollis. Blogging is a fantastic starting point for introducing technology and collaboration into your classroom.
Additionally, there are so many wonderful online tools out there which have more value when you can embed them in a blog.
This entry was posted in Blogging and tagged "educational blogging", benefits, benefits of blogging, Blogging, blogs by Mrs Kathleen Morris. As for putting our full names and location in a blog post, the children do not post their full name although this rule doesn’t apply to adults of course.
Our interpretation of YAPPY is to not give out your home address or future plans but all our students have permission to have their first name and school name on our blog. As I talked about in that digital footprint post, there is a fine line between being scared to do anything online and posting too much information.
I have just begun to explore blogging with my 6th grade students and have been thrilled with their response. I think it was one your earlier posts on blogging that inspired me to get into classroom blogging.
One thing I have learnt is to not put the year in the URL of the class blog (i used to have sgd2012 in the url) as two years in a row I had to start again. I am a parent, work full time and I’m also a part-time university student, I came across your class blog while doing research for a paper I am writing.
All the best to you and your students, I hope you don’t mind that I will be referencing your blog and the work you do in my paper. Once again I’d like to say how wonderful your blogs have been, and I hope I can engage my future students in learning, in the same way you have engaged yours. To successfully negotiate for special ed services that provide educational benefit, you need to know how to interpret test scores. In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you will learn how to use psychological and educational achievement test scores to measure your child's educational growth.
If you compare your child's educational test scores over time, you will know if he is receiving educational benefit. Learn how test scores provided objective evidence in this case that Frank Evans did not make progress in the public school program - that he did not receive educational benefit. Before you can participate in the development of an appropriate special education program, you must have a thorough understanding of your child's strengths and weaknesses.
Courts have held that while children are not entitled to a Cadillac program, they are entitled to a serviceable Chevrolet that runs. In order to provide FAPE, the law requires schools to provide services that are individualized to meet the unique needs of each child. Over the arts, children should depend relating to themselves wonderfully, so they figure out how to solve issues better, while developing to be able to rely upon them to create new ideas on the world. Party, drama and also music that happen to be performed looking at many most people or readers are able to belong inside performing martial arts styles.

These artworks will often be created simply by many artists and are generally displayed at the time of exhibits however, unlike accomplishing arts; the presence in the artists will not be required or will not be necessary in the least.
Said scholarship is part of the PNP-INFORMATICS Educational Benefit Program for PNP personnel and their dependents, and entitles the scholar to a 50% discount at Informatics Colleges and Institute in the country. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERThe German interior minister has announced his intention to drop educational standards in the country to help migrants get into school or find a training place. To counter this problem federal interior minister Thomas de Maiziere has said the standards long exacted at state run schools will have to be dropped, as the system struggles to provide for the tens of thousands of new, unplanned-for pupils . Rapidly growing class sizes as Germany’s young population balloons and the number of teachers and classrooms available fails to catch up are now officially accepted as a fact of life by the German government. With 20,000 new teaching positions needing to be created, such change is likely to be extremely expensive for the German taxpayer. What effect on the German labour market and wage levels the introduction of potentially thousands of foreign competitors with artificially inflated qualifications was not explored by de Maiziere in his speech. It is little wonder the German state is having to go to such extraordinary lengths to roll out education to migrants as they arrive from around the world. With so many young men arriving who have never seen the inside of a classroom, the government has already anticipated a knock-on effect on the unemployment rate. These changes would echo those already observed in Austria, which has just posted the latest unemployment figures, showing steep rises in areas most effected by the migrant crisis. Statistics showed foreign born adults were twice as likely to have become unemployed over the past year as natives workers. It can help certain individuals to practise their skills and transfer them into the “offline world”. Just two examples are our daily use of Clustrmaps and the Our World, Our Numbers blogging project we’re currently involved in. Through blogging, we’re able to incidentally discuss many ICT skills such as keyboard shortcuts, Creative Commons, researching online and troubleshooting. Blogs provide a much larger audience for student work and an avenue for feedback and self-improvement through commenting. I have found that students really take pride in the work that goes on the blog and want to do their best for their impending audience.
Blogging can help flatten the classroom walls and over the years we have got to know many classes across the world who we call our “blogging buddies”. Blogging can provide a really diverse learning platform and while it takes a lot of work, the benefits to students definitely outweigh the costs!
Because blogging does take work, I find teachers really need to see the benefits to commit the time to it. I am a third year pre service teacher and looking for meaningful ways to integrate ICTs into the classroom.
My students are enjoying it and we are definitely experiencing some of the benefits you have described above. Unfortunately, I commented and asked the author to remove the post and they have not done so. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education at USQ and am doing a course about using technology in the classroom.
I am new to blogging, and think you brought up some really good points about technology in the classroom.
This information is contained in tests that are used to measure your child's abilities and educational achievement.
They are in an internal space that is definitely constantly interested, expressive, actual physical, at have fun with, and in place. It basically means whenever children get involved in the conducting arts people become far better equipped to think about the planet from several vantage elements.
This method of art takes a different approach from nasty arts which unfortunately only contain several artworks fabricated from different form of materials just like clay, coloring, wood plus metal. When it reaches performing martial arts disciplines, the writers and singers themselves coupled with their shows are those that the audiences want in. Government owned banks, suffering from rising level of stress loans would be see a marginally reduction in bad loans as some of bad loans in education portfolio would be upgraded as performing accounts with centre promising to pay interest component on loans taken prior to 2009 by a section of borrowers. Also in photo are Director of Personnel and Records Management PDir Dominador Aquino Jr (right) and INFORMATICS Vice President Charlyne Ebetuer (left).
Former staff are to be brought out of retirement to teach German to migrants, and present staff are being asked to work extensive unpaid overtime, reports News4Teachers.de.
According to leaked internal government documents reported on by Breitbart London last month, 81-per-cent of arrivals to the country in the coming year will have absolutely no educational or vocational qualifications whatsoever.

Anticipating a 400,000 rise in the claimant count from just migrant arrivals, the federal employment agency has pre-empted the growing stresses on the system by appealing to the government for more staff and money. I have previously written about how students with ASD and confidence issues can improve their skills here. Reluctant writers wanted to write for a purpose and students were using blogs to purposefully communicate and converse with others.
A real sense of classroom community can be developed through blogging and establishing a class identity. We put this short video together with snapshots of our students talking about what they get out of blogging.
In this day and age it would be impracticable not to meet some people you connect with online (I have certainly met plenty) but the children realise it is not something they should do without gaining parent permission.
As I have talked about in a previous post, I wonder if having no digital footprint is almost as bad as having a a negative one. I have shared it with some of my colleagues in the hope that they will see that there are benefits to blogging that they hadn’t seen before! I always use blog posts and comments as a tool for explicit teaching of English, although a few typos have still found their way into the published world!
Your Youtube videos on the benefits of students blogging is exactly what I was looking for, for one of my assignments. As an education student, we are constantly discussing bringing technology into the classroom.
The fact that nurturing this kind of creativity is actually well documented and has now amazing features.
Stress in education loan portfolio had risen post 2008 as several students found it difficult to find placements on accounts downsizing taking place due to global meltdown. Through being heavily involved in blogging, my class has opportunities almost daily to discuss cyber safety issues and appropriate online behaviours in an authentic setting.
Blogging is part of my literacy curriculum so I use blogging to explicitly teach English conventions. A sense of understanding and tolerance develops and students can learn a lot about the world in which they live. Adults would be wise to use their full names for online professional work in order to build their digital footprint. There are so many things that blogging can be used for and the students I’ve taught enjoy seeing their own work on the blog. I am assuming I will have a lot of control over the project in the beginning, but eventually the children will develop the skills necessary take on more management of their blog, well that is what I am hoping.
Of course these rules have gone out the window for me because I team teach and share a blog.
We are learning about IPads with apps, the smartboard and other ways to integrate technology in the classroom.
A child who will be exposed to make sure you and active in the performing martial arts often develops an improved capacity intended for learning. When youngsters engage on performing martial arts activities they can be stripped connected with pretenses where they speak from your heart. Blogging is an excellent way to learn about being a responsible member of an online community. Making it possible for these students to communicate with in school classrooms is a very good way to boost their confidence.
In the interim budget, finance minister, P Chidambaram said that the government pay for interest component on loans students had availed loans prior to end of March 2009 and if it is outstanding as on December 2013. Chidambaram said that the centre would allocate Rs 2600 crore and about 9 lakh students would benefit with this move.
Unlike now, students from economically weak section, who borrowed prior to 2009 were not provided interest subsidy scheme. In today’s world, it is so important to help students understand about cyber bulling.

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