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Similar in the way America invented punk before Malcolm McLaren nicked most of it’s ideas from the New York Dolls for the sex pistols.
There are awful people in all walks of life – to simply associate them with the EDM scene as you have done is small minded, as you put it. Both bands from the post-punk movement – one went on to become stadium-fillers making, for the latter part of their career anyway, very bland music with a mass appeal. I doubt you would see many people attending a Gang of Four gig getting up in arms about the vulgarity of the latest U2 show, but this juvenile dichotomy between those that associate themselves with a more underground electronic music scene and more popular forms of the music prevails. It’s all to do with the psychology of how people attach themselves to groups and ideals. The term soccer actually originated in England, an upper class way of differentiating it from other types of football. So, all that is happening is they are using a term, coined elsewhere, to differentiate between a more prevalent form of football. The thing is, we don’t know how much transposition has taken place here, so while the staccato and syncopated notes are all very very similar, transposition could be at play here so the keys of each tune match perfectly making those tunes sound even more similar.
Plenty of examples out there in other genres too… for example the chugging E chord with a change to F that typified Trash Metal. Ultimately, all music is just rehased from previous genres with only the orchestration changed anyway so I don’t see the massive fuss, my only gripe would be the tunes mashed up in the example above is all lowest common denominator EDM tripe enjoyed the most by coked up knackers.

The commonalities between jam bands like the Grateful Dead and EDM artists are what result in cult like followings of fans that line up at the gates to melt their faces off and download anything they can find. The Grateful Dead are notorious for their religiously dedicated group of fans dubbed "Dead Heads" that have surrounded the iconic, original jam band since the 1960s and followed the band across the country to see their extended jams performed live. Over the past decade, we have all witnessed the explosion of EDM into the mainstream with fans that travel to and from all corners of the world to dance all night long at some of the most extravagant music festivals in history. The fans of both jam bands and EDM artists exhibit the same type of devotion and just can't seem to get enough. As long as you make great music, it is more important to spread that music to as many ears as possible to truly build a real fan base organically that is as passionate about your music as you are. They've mastered how to truly nurture a growing fanbase, paying attention to their most loyal fans first over begging new fans to hear them, and letting their music spread naturally by providing it to the masses. Note: There is a great book called, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead by David Meerman Scott that has deeper insight into the business practices of the Grateful Dead. The forms of culture get recycled all the time, the only thing that ruins it isn’t the country but how the mass culture regurgitation machine spews it out. There’s great music out there, use your energy seeking that out rather than working yourself up into some kind of froth over something you will never enjoy.
Club culture as defined by those genres in the past 20 years has reputation for openness, acceptance, A true counter culture in many respects.

Another stayed closer to an original aesthetic, and didn’t reach the same levels of mass appeal.
Whether in tribal africa or American frats houses, the more difficult the initiation ritual the higher people think of the group they belong to. That being said, all of us who went crazy to Higher States of Consciousness back in the day should have seen this coming!! They didn't focus on restricting the access to their music to protect their potential revenues.
EDM attracts many of the bro types that would be completely at odds with the type of people you would have in the Berghain on any given night.
You can attach a similar thing to how people view culture, the difficultness of attaining cultural knowledge is directly linked to how highly people think of the investment they put into it. The promoters and managers behind it all are awful people with some reports of homophobic statements from them. I think this is especially the case these days when you consider how easy it is to get music for free now, when the outlay for the music is less and less about money you have to use other kinds of value, and generally these revolve around notions of authenticity, this (in part) explains both the rise in TV talent shows and hipsters.

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