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Thank you very much for sharing and appreciating my presentation likewise those authors that I have quoted.
In many communities, assets are increasingly stressed from over-use, under-funding, and aging.
However, it is becoming clear that what we have been doing in the past will not be sufficient to address the growing and increasingly complex challenges that lie ahead. Practical, advanced techniques for better managing physical assets have been developed and refined over the past several decades around the world.
These techniques - a blend of processes and practices - have been slowly integrated into a holistic management framework over the past two decades. Let's briefly examine each question to get a better understanding of just what asset management is all about. The capacity to produce output of value to our customers is directly related to sustained performance of our assets using the process of triple bottom line evaluation of the services provided utilizing environmental, social and economic analysis. Sustained system performance is the result of successfully managing failure within the asset base. The management of failure in the asset base is highly constrained by cost; that is, customers are not typically willing to pay for zero likelihood of failure.
Failures vary substantially in their consequence to the organization, that is, in terms of the production of valued output to the customer. Investment in assets (their acquisition, operation, maintenance, renewal and disposal) should be guided by the likelihood of failure and its consequence to the customer and regulator.
The more we understand about our assets - the demand for our assets, their condition and remaining useful life, their risk and consequence of failure, their feasible renewal options (repair, refurbish, replace) and the cost of those options - the higher the confidence we can have that our investment decisions are indeed the lowest life cycle cost strategies for sustained performance at a level of risk the community is willing to accept. Quality elements are fundamental components of an organization's business model that drive its sustained success.
Asset management is about creating a management framework that leads to sustained performance at the lowest life cycle cost (while meeting requirements of stakeholders at a level of risk acceptable to the community). This framework drives the production and constant revision of an asset management plan, which is a dynamic strategic framework similar to the agency' s budget. This view poses five core questions that all managers of assets should be constantly confronting with their management teams. Finally, asset management can be viewed as a set of systematic steps that lead to specific deliverables, the most fundamental deliverable being the Total Asset Management Plan.
To successfully execute the steps, an organization must master the basics of the associated practices and processes. Over the past two decades, considerable attention has been focused within the private and public sectors in a number of countries on improving financial performance by applying asset management processes and practices.
At least 85% of a typical organization's total annual expenditures are associated with two areas - its operations and maintenance personnel and its capital budget. In some cases these numbers represent actual reductions in expenditures, in other cases a reduction over where the organization feels it would have been had it not pursued an AM strategy.
Over time, the perspective expanded from the development of narrowly focused techniques by separate groups of engineers and materials scientists to the integration of those techniques into a conceptual framework that could drive management decision-making. This integration into a framework has led to a consensus process that has, over time, proven to be highly cost effective. We have identified five major strategies that an organization might pursue in institutionalizing asset management. The graphic below illustrates the five strategies for getting started on an asset management program. How often has your IT department been asked to present their ideas on developing innovative software, or a new app for the mobile device market, or the implementation of some piece of infrastructure? As your organisation continues to grow, and more demands are placed on your IT department, you may be witnessing unsuccessful solutions, or even failure to deliver what your CIO is asking for.
In such occurrences, it’s paramount to consider the advantages of outsourcing your IT WishList, as it were, to a company well versed in the Agile Project Management (PM) process: Daysha Consulting.
At its core, Agile PM uses an approach where all of the project’s requirements  are continually revisited and reassessed based on their contribution to business value.
The project team rather than the project manager is responsible for figuring out the best way to deliver the business objectives. When an organisation partners with Daysha, they’ll receive our best practices in all phases of the assigned project, be it Software as a Service (SaaS) or Project Management as a Service (Pmaas). The greatest advantage to our clients is the flexibility they have in choosing the various stages they wish our firm to engage in, allowing them to keep full control of costs along the way. Contact us the next time you’re thinking of using traditional practices to solve complex business problems. We offer staff Project Management augmentation services on and off site as well as Defined PM services.
We help companies deliver their IT projects, transform their capabilities, and deliver value to their customers and stakeholders.
Would you be concerned if someone was illegally taking money from your bank account every day? For most people, the LIBOR Scandal sounds far away and disconnected from their day-today lives.
LIBOR is important to you because it is used as a benchmark for a wide range of financial instruments.
Banks reported artificially high LIBOR rates, thereby manipulating the LIBOR for trading profits (to make higher profits or avoid trading losses).
Banks aggressively pushed the use of LIBOR as a benchmark instead of a better, more reliable metric such as US Treasuries, which was readily available.
Your community banker will learn about your business and be able to provide more personal service that meets the needs of your company. You will be keeping money in your local community, which increases economic development and eventually, creates more jobs. You can make your voice heard, to stand strong and no longer help a banking system that has run amok. While the ongoing series of financial scandals undermines our confidence in Wall Street, the underlying economics on Main Street are sound. Please email me with additional ideas or steps that you have taken to highlight leadership in challenging times. Tagged auto loans, Banksters, business process improvement, capital loans, CFPB, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, credit cards, Dodd-Frank, Evan J. With all due respect to the Founding Fathers, the “Executive” Branch is somewhat of a misnomer.
As we approach the upcoming election, there has been a great deal written about how relevant business experience is in determining whether a candidate would be a successful government leader. In 2009, after a highly successful career in the private sector, I was appointed as Chief Financial Officer at the U.S.

Notwithstanding my idealism and desire to make a difference, for a variety of reasons, I quickly learned that I was wrong to assume that my private sector experience could be transposed to the government. As a CEO in the private sector, a business leader develops a strategic plan and puts together a budget that is used to implement the plans required to achieve the defined objectives. In reality, our agency’s budget proposal was only part of the overall Administration budget, in which a number of programs and priorities were competing for limited resources.
As for the claim that business experience translates to effective stewardship of the economy, as I explained in a recent piece on job creation, it’s certainly valid to examine the economic records of candidates for higher office.
For my part, it’s unfortunate that my success in business wasn’t more directly applicable to my government service.
Developing, improving and redesigning your business processes can significantly lower your costs, improve productivity and increase your ability to capture new customers.
We embraced Total Quality Management processes and leveraged it through our ISO 9000 Registration. An important caveat to business process improvement is the absolute necessity for top management commitment. Tagged Alan Brache, BPI, business process improvement, business strategy, CMU, DMAIC, Dormont, Entrepreneurial, Evan J. BOEING - “Providing customers with products and services that consistently meet their needs and expectations. Quality is a dynamic state associated with products, services, people, processes and environments that meets or exceeds expectations.
Total quality is an approach to doing business that attempts to maximize the competitiveness of an organization through the continual improvement of the quality of its products, services, people, processes and environments.
Internal customers: define the quality of people, processes, and environment associated with the products or services. Hard data are used in establishing benchmarks, monitoring performance, and making improvements. Quality improvement is NOT another management innovation but a whole NEW way of doing business that requires an entirely new corporate culture.
Continually improve systems (environments) where products are developed and services are delivered by people. Involving and empowering employees to simultaneously bring more minds to bear on the decision-making process and increase the ownership employees feel about decisions that are made.
Create constancy of purpose toward the improvement of products and services in order to become competitive, stay in business, and provide jobs. Improve continuously and forever the system of production and service, to improve quality and productivity, and thus constantly reduce costs. Lack of constancy of purpose to plan products and services that have a market sufficient to keep the company in business and provide jobs. Emphasis on short-term profits; short-term thinking that is driven by a fear of unfriendly takeover attempts and pressure from bankers and shareholders to produce dividends. Personal review systems for managers and management by objectives without providing methods or resources to accomplish objectives.
Using only visible data and information in decision making with little or no consideration given to what is not known or cannot be known. Provide teams with what they need to be able to diagnose problems to determine root causes, develop situations, and establish control that will maintain gains made. Change the design of the product, process, or both to achieve a Six Sigma processes performance.
Six Sigma is an extension of total quality management which has the aim of taking process and product quality to levels where all customer requirements are met.
A total commitment to continually increasing value for customers, investors, and employees. A recognition that sustained growth requires the simultaneous achievement of four objectives all the time, forever: (a) customer satisfaction, (b) cost leaderships, (c) effective human resources, and (d) integration with the supplier base. A commitment to fundamental improvement through knowledge, skills, problem solving and teamwork. Tardiness to accept fully the notion of internal customer-supplier chains, and to explore the perceived quality of these. Hoshin or outrageous goals • Public sector institutions are being to achieve beyond its comfort zone • Wayzata, Minnesota USA: “all students will achive the performance standards for each grade of schooling, if they do not, the school system will provide support and training until they do”. These best practices are under continuous development and refinement, lifting the industry or organization that incorporates them to higher levels of performance.
The returns in both cases have been substantial, with asset management becoming a basic strategic competency in such organizations as General Motors, Coors and British Petroleum and in large utilities of all types (water, gas, electricity) throughout Australia and New Zealand. Similar to the organization's annual budget, the Total Asset Management Plan is both document and process.
No one approach is inherently superior to another; the best approach is the one - or the blend of several - that fits the unique circumstances of the organization. It should be noted that one solution does not fit all and there are many ways of starting an AM program. Typically this occurs because by the time the project team are assembled and working toward a goal, the requirements have changed. This happens throughout the project and allow us to deal with inevitable changes that occurs as the business environment changes.
The goal of each sprint is to produce something that can be demonstrated so that you can get feedback from the business and refine your deliverable.
It is less command-and-control oriented and the focus is on facilitating the process, removing any impediments to the teams progress, and performing typical project management duties such as reporting progress, risk management, and issues tracking. The team decides collaboratively how to resolve issues, who to assign tasks to, what technologies and practices to use. Then you might want to understand the LIBOR scandal and consider the 7 Steps you can take to protect your business. LIBOR is a benchmark for many other rates and is the most widely used benchmark in the world. For businesses, this may include equipment and capital loans, lines of credit, inventory financing, receivables financing, etc. Renegotiate debt agreements: Meet with your banks and insist that the interest rate on your loan agreements, equipment financing, lines of credit, et al. Personal Debt: Review your personal loans (home mortgage, auto, student) and credit cards to see if interest rates are tied to the LIBOR benchmark. What specific actions will they introduce to help protect businesses from the predatory practices of large financial institutions? I encourage you to be proactive, take positive steps to improve your operations and demonstrate to your team the leadership needed to steer through rough waters. Mitt Romney in particular has claimed that the country needs someone with business experience in the White House.

The goal is clear: maximize the return for your shareholders and continue to build the economic value of your business. In theory, at USDA, I was part of a leadership team that managed a $100 billion enterprise. And the final funding decisions were made by members of Congress, whose interest in getting reelected often overshadows their commitment to good government. And I continue to believe that having a range of perspectives can only strengthen one’s ability to lead. Manufacturing companies face a numerous challenges in their ongoing battle with offshore competitors. TQM utilizes the involvement of management, workforce, suppliers and customers – in order to meet or exceed customer expectations. Six Sigma uses the DMAIC model (an acronym for Define-Measure-Analyze-Implement-Control), a data-driven improvement cycle used for improving, optimizing and stabilizing business processes and designs.
Although it may sound counter-intuitive, we found that the more we invested in quality, the lower our costs were. Absence of systematic evaluation in general, and in particular of internal products, either by the immediate customer or by the preceding supplier.
Lakeside, Wales UK • Identifying quality issues and assessing the viability of TQM for the school. The Guidelines section of SIMPLE describes the steps and associated processes and practices in considerable detail.
The British Isles, France and increasingly Canada and Europe have widely embraced the approach.
It needs to be structured, but it can start wherever the most critical need is today, so long as the structure is recorded and value added as the program develops. The end result of what’s been described as an “iterative” and “incremental” process is the opportunity to keep the project team focused on what’s important to the business and handle change effectively. Firstly its difficult to define what you need and secondly its difficult to select from the myriad of choices out there. For consumers, this may include credit cards, student loans, auto loans and home mortgages. In the process, they distorted the actual value of key financial instruments such as credit default swaps. It also increased the interest paid on municipal bonds by government entities, creating a back-door tax increase. The Move Your Money Project is a nonprofit campaign that encourages individuals and institutions to divest from the nation’s largest Wall Street banks and move to local financial institutions. I am not a big fan of using litigation to address large, class action issues – but it may be worth having a conversation.
If the rates are tied to the LIBOR benchmark, press the lender to change to a US Treasury benchmark or switch to another financial institution. Read about the issues and become knowledgeable about the facts (for example, “How to Liberate America From Wall Street Rule”).  Contact your elected representatives and demand that they take action to put confidence back into the financial system.
Lowering your costs, improving productivity, increasing quality metrics, eliminating waste and redundant steps – all of these actions will enhance your bottom line and better position your company for growth.
At the time, I believed that the skills, experience, and knowledge I had obtained could be applied to the government.
Our goal was to efficiently manage the agency and effectively utilize taxpayer dollars for the good of our country.
But rather than hearing about which candidates are more qualified to run a business, I’d like to hear about the ones who know how to run a government–including how to make it efficient despite its inherent challenges, where it can be most helpful in influencing economic conditions, and when it should step aside. The most effective way to combat this existential threat is to strengthen and improve your business. Business Process Improvement is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.
Among the many important concepts in Lean is the elimination of waste throughout your organization. Our ISO registration provided our customers with the knowledge that we embraced world-class quality and subjected our business to independent, outside audits on a regular basis. Management must learn that it is a new economic age and awaken to the challenge, learn their responsibilities, and take on leadership for change. It is calculated once a day when major banks in London tell Thomson Reuters the interest rate they would expect to pay from another bank.
This masked the market risks associated with certain financial instruments, including the many forms of highly speculative derivatives that helped drive the financial meltdown in 2008. If you had a $10 million dollar loan, 1% higher interest translates into an extra $100,000 in interest payments. Demand that they fully fund Dodd-Frank Bill, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Using some of the Lessons Learned in “From Local To Global”, you can then explore growth opportunities through joint ventures, partnering, licensing and buy-sell agreements that bring new, value-added product offerings to your customers. Romney isn’t breaking new ground–business executives aspiring to elective office have been making the same pitch for decades.
In a time of budget constraints and economic challenges, my ability to drive cost-savings using proven techniques (Lean Processes, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management) would be welcomed and embraced. The key areas to address are human resource investment (People), new product development (Product), business process improvement (Process) and alignment of government policies with business strategies (Policy). A great resource for BPI is Alan Brache, a highly respected consultant who has written several excellent books on this topic. This can be redundant steps on the factory floor and also includes time-consuming administrative activities.
The result of embracing business process improvement will be a reduction in your cost structure. It is based on an honor system, which starts to get at the root of the problem in a cutthroat financial world. You might also ask your bank if they are going to pursue any remedies on behalf of their customers.
And lower costs will enable your company to aggressively pursue larger customers, both domestically and internationally.

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