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They research and formulate theories through observation and experiment about human behavior in various circumstances.
A Clinical psychologist assesses and treats those who are suffering from mental, behavioral and emotional disorder.
There has been a revolutionary change in the job market.  There are unlimited career options for graduates, under graduates, researcher post graduates etc. Career counselors help these people to make career decisions by evaluating a client’s personality, field of interest, assessment, education, skills, and the like. This is an exciting career choice, though may not be as glamorous as portrayed in television serials and movies, but still there is lot of potential for a good career scope as a forensic psychologist. School psychologists work with educational institutions, particularly schools to help children overcome academic, social and emotional problems.
Job opportunities in this field are plentiful as there is lack of qualified professionals in this field. Minimum qualification for becoming a licensed counseling psychologist is master degree in psychology. Sport psychologists work with sports persons to motivate them to improve their performance, focus on their goals and deal with anxiety and stress of competition.
Engineering psychologists work in various industries and conduct research on how people can work best with different machines and technology.  These professional often become a part of the team to improve designs, technology, work settings and environment for understanding human mind and behavior. For example, they would think of a design of computer that prevents eye strain and fatigue. Industrial-organizational psychologists work using psychological principal to increase productivity of workers, and improve work place behavior.
The Industrial organizations appoint them and they command higher salary, if they have post graduate or doctoral degree. Evolutionary psychologists do research on human thought, behavior, feelings, adaptation, and mutation. Many psychologist works as a teacher in school, colleges, and universities to teach students psychology.

They develop strategies that help to change poor health habits and promote physical and emotional health of a patient. Rehabilitation psychologists work with drug addicts, accident victims, people with development disabilities, epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation.
Social relevance of educational psychology- relates to everyday life- educational psychology is ubiquitous! What do primary students think about the qualities of good teaching?What are the similarities in beliefs about good teaching among primary students, preservice teachers, and inservice teachers? Preservice teachers beliefs about teaching are strongly influenced by their experiences as students. Preservice teachers often are unrealistically optimistic, expressing the view that problems experienced by others will not affect them. One finding is that elementary students don't differentiate the quality of teaching by experienced teachers and student teachers.
All three groups believed that important characteristics of good teachers are that they are1. There were differences between the adults and students on the importance of these characteristics1.
University students enter teacher education programs with several preset, and probably deeply held, beliefs about quality of teaching.
Check out these reviews of online psychology degree programs from across the country - including industrial psychology degree programs.
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They conduct researches, work as consultants for organizations and communities, and teach psychology in schools and colleges. A Clinical psychologist treats chronic conditions like depression, phobias, schizophrenia, and adolescent rebellions.  A clinical psychologist can work in hospitals, mental health clinics or practice on his own.
Doctors seek their consultation when patient has some psychological cause behind his physical problem.
They often help their client in preparing for interview, writing resume, locating jobs etc.  They also guide students about the course that will be best for them and where they can study to get best results. Their help is often sought to solve Child abuse cases, child custody dispute and insurance claims etc.

Rising concerns for child health, and their emotional problems has raised the demand for qualified school psychologists in many countries.
You can perform private practice as a counselor or work with schools, colleges, universities, and social welfare organizations. A graduate training and degree holder or under graduate degree holder in psychology, biology, public, health, sociology or nursing can become a genetic counselor. They mostly work with national and international teams, athletic centers, universities hospital, or research centers. Their research and study help to understand human behavior like compassion, aggression etc.
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Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychology related professions will have great opportunities in the job market and the growth will be faster than average. To become a clinical psychologist, you need to have a doctoral level degree with minimum one year internship in clinical psychology. One can work with government organization as well as with NGOs and social welfare organizations. Teacher training programs on special education is necessary and a bachelor’s degree is necessary to work in this field.
The researchers noted that the pictures showed evidence of preservice teachers' preoccupation with classroom management. The good teacher and good teaching: Comparing beliefs of second grade students, preservice teachers, and inservice teachers.

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