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Houston Truck Deals is the premier online resource for Houston truckers looking for trucks and trailer equipment. The trucking industry is leading the economy out of the recession, however just as it is one of the first industry sectors to feel the benefits of recovery, it is also one of the first to feel the adverse effects of any stalling in the economy.
California is already experiencing $4 a gallon gas prices, and the rest of the country is seeing increases across the board. The trucking industry shed over 300,000 jobs during the recession, however it wants those drivers back now. Increases in demand, shortage of drivers and also a shortage of trucks (there has been a 13% reduction in trucks on the road between 2008 and 2010), are all going to put the cost of freight under pressure to increase. We already know two key things: the behind closed doors negotiations between Hilary Clinton and her Canadian counterparts on an actual re-negotiation of the NAFTA treaty, and the new cross-border trucking deal with Mexico. Nafta is the north american free trade agreement, a treaty between canada, mexico, and the united states that has been in effect since 1 january 1994.. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), is a multilateral free trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico.
When NAFTA came into effect in 1994 it created the world’s largest free trade zone, and laid the foundation to strengthen the relationship between the three NAFTA countries by supporting their shared economic growth.
As intended, it has proven to improve international relations between these three countries by eliminating most tariff and non-tariff barriers to investment and free trade.
The Office of the United States Trade Representative reported that in creating the world’s largest free trade area, NAFTA has now linked 450 million people who produce $17 trillion in goods and services. Goods must be produced entirely in one of the three countries, exclusively from originating materials.
Some offshore goods may be eligible, as long as they underwent further processing in North America that resulted in a tariff change. Under  NAFTA, the exporter is responsible for fully completing the Certificate of Origin, also referred to as the NAFTA Certificate.
For NAFTA, as with other preferential trade programs, the importer bears responsibility to claim the benefits.
If you need assistance in determining if your goods qualify, or if you have questions on how to fill out the NAFTA Certificate of Origin, please contact one of our Trade Compliance Specialists. Additionally, take an in depth tour of NAFTA, by attending an upcoming NAFTA Workshop wherein you will gain a better understanding of NAFTA, learn how to manage NAFTA compliance and utilize this free trade agreement to your benefit. Canada enacted NAFTA through a treaty with the United States and Mexico that took effect on Jan. NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement, a treaty between Canada, Mexico, and the United States that has been in effect since 1 January 1994. International commerce, the process of importing and exporting goods from one nation to another, is usually regulated by customs duties and fees such as tariffs. One effect of the treaty is on immigration, as certain workers from one nation can apply for temporary residency in another while working under the auspices of NAFTA.
The agreement also eases restrictions on international travel, particularly for the transport of goods from one country to another. Another effect is that goods shipped between the three countries are required to have labels printed in the languages of those countries. The North American Free Trade Agreement has been updated with two major additions, the North American Agreement for Economic Cooperation (NAAEC) and the North American Agreement for Labor Cooperation (NAALC). A single trade bridge between Detroit and Windsor account for all exports to China in a single year. American companies sell over 1-1.5 trillion dollars in goods and services in Canada each year, which, to put that in prospective is enough money to finance the entire war in Iraq and half the American debt.
Then to top everything off, when we are making grounds on selling something into the US (like softwood lumber) the US government start to step in. I understand people wanting to remove NAFTA so we can more Made in America sold right here in the USA. Have you guys stopped to think why there is this "invasion" of illegal immigrants in the United States? To better understand what the real issue is, we must look at the life of an immigrant (which should be seen as a human, not a terrorist) There is a huge misconception where people in the U.S.
If we get rid of NAFTA, then we need to create another free-trade agreement with Canada at least. I can tell you President Obama supports NAFTA and that is one of many reasons why I do not support his government or in better terms, the shadow government. Reply to: anon25696I work for Perot Systems corporation, owned by Ross Perot and Ross Perot Jr. Americans and Canadians can just get ready for the obvious; the earth has already been divided into ten areas or territories. The Canadian economy my now be around 6.1 % but we are not talking about the loss of 3 million jobs in the 1990's.
What are the major set-backs and other drawbacks that might be surfacing from the progression of NAFTA? The NAFTA agreement when it came into Canada caused the loss of 3 million jobs in Canada almost overnight. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. While Republican presidential hopeful John McCain supports NAFTA, Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both say that as president, they would renegotiate NAFTA’s terms.
35 years in the trucking business and living in Mexico for the past 15 years, make me uniquely qualified to offer my insight and opinion into the Mexican trucking industry and other border issues.
Enter your email address to subscribe to MTO and receive notifications of new posts by email. When it costs over $1,000 to fill up a rig you know there is something going on which is seriously causing headaches for everybody’s financial planning and budgeting. 200,000 driver jobs are expected to be created this year alone, with a similar number in 2012.

This is in addition to the general inflationary pressures which accompany the economic environment as we move out of recession and into recovery – as demand picks up, so will the price until equilibrium is established.
What is the 'north american free trade agreement - nafta' a regulation implemented january 1, 1994 in mexico, canada and the united states to eliminate most tariffs. Since its inception, the effect of NAFTA has more than tripled the amount of merchandise trade between these countries. By eliminating or reducing duties it has lowered the cost of doing business internationally, and aided trade partners in being competitive in cross-border markets. If you are exporting or importing NAFTA eligible goods and you are not the producer or the manufacturer, request a copy of the original NAFTA Certificate to be used as a basis for filling out your own certificate. A claim for preferential NAFTA treatment is done when the Certificate of Origin is supplied  with the customs documents used when the goods enter Canada, Mexico or the United States.
Customs administrations will still exist and goods entering Canada, Mexico or the United States must still comply with each country’s laws and regulations.
The agreement was designed to increase trade among the three nations by reducing or eliminating restrictions on commerce, such as tariffs and import quotas.
These measures are designed to promote a country's native businesses by protecting them from outside competition.
In order to get this special visa, called a TN visa, the job must be on a list of approved professions and the specific position must require the services of a NAFTA professional. Items shipped into the US and Canada must have English labels, those imported into Canada must include French, and those exported to Mexico, Spanish. Critics feared that national autonomy would be compromised as each nation altered its individual laws to comply with the treaty's provisions.
The treaty does include environmental provisions, and lead to the establishment of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC).
A later addition was the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, designed to foster cooperation on issues of national security.
It's 2012, he is with another company, and once again after 10 years, he is losing his job with a manufacturing move to Mexico. I saw enough people I know lose their jobs in Canada because their factories were moved to the USA or Mexico. The only problem, is that, as long as Unions have their hold in our economy, the alternative would be to outsource. Before immigrants were labeled illegal, immigrants would always come to the country to work seasonal jobs. The real issue here is the drug cartels business that easily dominating the war on drugs, human, and weapon smuggling.
Our government is far too slow to do anything through our bureaucratic snail structure as opposed to the Drug cartels pyramid like hierarchical structure where actions can be made over night through the word of mouth. Canada is our #1 trade partner as of October 2010 (yes, barely beating out China) and we import a good amount of oil and electricity from Canada.
It created the world’s largest free-trade zone, with a combined population of almost 400 million and more than $6 trillion in combined gross domestic product. Before NAFTA, for example, Mexico slapped a 20 percent tariff on imported American cars, which made them prohibitively expensive for most Mexicans.
Jim Cole, owner of Noshok, a Cleveland-based maker of pressure gauges, credits NAFTA with transforming Noshok from a struggling start-up to a company with $20 million in annual sales and 49 employees. That finding reflects disappointment that NAFTA hasn’t brought widespread prosperity to Mexico.
Economists point out that trade agreements don’t have much effect on the total number of jobs. A contributor to SiriuxXM Road Dog Channel 106 and to the award winning Lockridge Report, Mexico Trucker Online continues to publish the unvarnished truth about the subjects we cover.
We can expect more fuel increases as the Middle East unrest continues to gather pace, particularly with US military involvement in Libya and elsewhere in the region. The incoming HOS rule changes are going to amplify the shortage of drivers on the road, as existing drivers see their road time increasingly restricted.
Importers need to be aware that NAFTA does not allow for the unchecked movement of goods among Canada, Mexico and the United States. It is one of the most powerful and wide-reaching treaties in the world, governing the entire spectrum of trade and commerce on the North American continent. Other regulatory measures, including environmental, health, and labor regulations, are often imposed on the companies that operate within a country. Individuals who apply must have the appropriate qualifications and experience for the position. Goods must also have a certificate of origin verifying that they were made in one of the three countries.
Congressional and parliamentary debates focused on labor and environmental regulations that could be bypassed or superseded by the requirements of the FTA. Under the agreement, however, businesses that are prevented from some activity by a nation's environmental laws may be able to sue that government for damages if the action was in conflict with the provisions of NAFTA, which carry the force of international law. Almost everything sold on the retail level in Canada is sold through American owned companies. Believe it or not, unions is what is destroying this country and forcing companies to bail out. Anyone form the southern border could easily walk across the border without the interruption of anyone. It can make the difference between providing food for their children to live healthy or die of hunger. People made fun of Ross Perot's big ears but Ross was right and the stupid people didn't believe him, they believed a republican.
After NAFTA, the tariff was cut in half (it was eliminated altogether in 2004), immediately boosting U.S. Instead, they shift employment patterns, with some sectors losing jobs and others gaining them.

All three nations would come to the table with its own wish list, and any gains would be offset by politically unpalatable concessions. Upwards pressure on oil prices is going to increase due to increasing demand from every sector of the economy as business and consumer activity heats up. Although it was designed to benefit its member nations economically, it has been the subject of controversy since its inception.
Free trade agreements (FTAs) are designed to encourage commerce between two or more nations by easing these restrictions. The concern was that the economic benefits of NAFTA would not be sufficient to offset the loss of safeguards that had been established by the older tariff system. When combined with agricultural reforms in that country, many Mexican farm workers lost their jobs as the methods of production changed and the industry faced more competition from U.S. I know this for a fact, because my company is a union shop and the things that happen there will leave you with your mouth open.
Since this country is ran by politics, it sounds logical that a great emphasis in the subject is needed in primary schooling. The NAFTA zone is now attempting to equalize it's economy and the economic status quo of all of it's people. NAFTA was launched 20 years ago to reduce trading costs, increase business investment, and help North America be more competitive in the global marketplace.? As of January 1, 2008, all tariffs between the three countries were eliminated. However, this system was largely replaced by tariff-rate quotas or ordinary tariffs.? All agricultural tariffs between Mexico and the United States were eliminated as of January 1, 2008. It’s true that America has lost more than 3 million manufacturing jobs since NAFTA’s adoption, but those jobs went primarily to China, India, and other low-wage offshore manufacturing centers, not to Mexico.
As a result of the agreement, these duties were reduced over time, eventually being eliminated in 2008.
They were then situated more centrally between Canada and mexican markets and also a broad range of tariffs were being eliminated.
You cannot fire anyone, even if they are incompetent, and the salaries they get compares to one graduating from college. Look at the following real close If we keep buying foreign, where will our children work !!!! Of course American made products will have to deal with the union wages (or NOT) and then price and produce accordingly. Many were immediately eliminated and others were phased out over transition periods of 5, 10, or 15 years.
NAFTA also set timetables for eliminating agricultural subsidies and for easing restrictions on cross-border commercial traffic. The plant where he worked shut down when it couldn’t compete with low-priced Mexican textiles. In that same year, these countries were two of the top three suppliers of imports to the U.S. Although they still have their critics, these treaties seem to be less controversial than NAFTA was when it was approved.
Living to Americans means owning a home, having a job and spending time with their families when they are not working. Senate approved it by 60 to 38 on November 20, three days later.? It was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on December 8, 1993 and entered force January 1, 1994. The north american free trade agreement (nafta) is a treaty entered into by the united states, canada, and mexico; it went into effect on january 1, 1994. We now truly do hear talk of a new currency called the Amero being chosen to mainstream all three of our currencies. Many Americans do not understand the way of life in these Countries that have workers who will work for Half of what American workers work for! In fact, more than half the value of agricultural trade became duty free when the agreement went into effect. Although it was signed by President Bush, it was a priority of President Clintons, and its passage is considered one of his first successes. And renegotiation would only be a first step—winning congressional approval for a revised deal would be a long, messy wrangle. Trade between Canada and Mexico has also increased, with Mexico becoming Canada's fourth-largest source of imports.
Certainly at our inception we were able to stand on the premise of "Give me your poor, hungry, and down trodden" We are now given out! Tariff reductions between the United States and Canada had already been implemented under the CFTA? Both Mexico and the United States protected their import-sensitive sectors with longer transition periods, tariff-rate quotas, and, for certain products, special safeguard provisions. Like it or loathe it, then, NAFTA will probably be around for a long time—which in a way makes it the perfect campaign issue. That is the real reason for the volatility in the job stability and the job market at large. However, now that the 15-year transition period has passed, free trade with Mexico prevails for all agricultural products. NAFTA also provides for strict rules of origin to ensure that maximum benefits accrue only to those items produced in North America. Such disputes are addressed by a mediating body with representatives from all three treaty partners. Yet some Canadians fear that competitive pressures will force them to dismantle their European-style social safety net in favor of the harsher American model.

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