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I carry 2 knives with me all the time and I really enjoy how this knife allows me to get on the animal and get that skin pulled back in a hurry to start cooling the meat so this is the first knife I turn to.
I used this knife on a recent combo hunt in Arizona on Javelina and Deer this last January. Ever since I bought Gerry Roach's 14er guidebook 4 years ago, I have been intrigued by Capitol.
The ApproachBrad and I set off at 2:04am under a moonless sky along the Capitol Ditch trail. We took a long break here to refuel for the second part of the climb, the traversing grind up the boulderfield to K2. At this point, Brad put on his La Sportiva mountaineering boots and we climbed the east ridge to K2.
One more class 4 pitch over K2 and the difficulties other than the tedious boulder hop was over! I was wanting to take a shot at nearby ranked 13er Daly since it was less than a mile to the south, but Brad wisely decided to call it a day.
I finally made it down to the car at 5:04pm, happy to be done with arguably CO's hardest 14er by the standard route! When I read about the narrow knife edge across its' n.e ridge, I quickly wrote this peak off my list.
This trail avoids the 400' elevation loss on the standard route and is relatively flat for the first mile.
I decided on grabbing the ridge and using the footholds on the south side, which didn't seem quite as steep.
We basically did an ascending traverse to a rib, at which point the route wraps around to the back side and hits the ridge just below the summit.
We missed picking up the climbers trail near the saddle, but after some searching and bad routes, we found it.

I had read of Ryan Schilling's report of going from Daly to Capitol and that Daly's south ridge was not bad.
I met some cows along the way that I missed on the way up, a couple of which were plopped down right on the trail! It was so warm at 9400' that I had to crack the windows and hope that the mosquitos were done for the night. It was a scphinter tightening experience again this time as I pretty much used the same technique. After some class 4 climbs here and there, I felt that I might be able to do Capitol along with the other class 4 14ers. We found the two creek crossings just prior to where it joins the standard trail without any problems.
I attribute that because I slow down considerably on exposed ridges and ledges due to my exposure wussness. I only had one day on this particular weekend to climb Capitol because of a wedding committment, so a long day hike was in order.
We ended up going a little too far east of K2, but the slight detour afforded a unique angle of our goal ahead. We came to a difficult spot that would have required a jump, so we contoured to the right and found easier terrain. My two potential partners bailed and I was fortunate as Brad Snider from summitpost was up for the abuse on short notice. A couple miles before Capitol Lake we did miss a turn in the trail and started going up a dry creek bed, but quickly turned around and got back on track. Towards the end of it, he went to the grab ridge and use the footholds strategy on the north side. The rest of the narrow parts could be avoided by contouring below on either side, climbers right being the easier side.

There were probably around 20 people on the mountain this day, which was surprising as usually I don't see many people on the harder ones.
I decided to just gain the ridge and after doing so an unreasonable downclimb presented itself.
The forecast was looking great and an insanely early 2am start was planned to maximize our chances with the long approach.
The view from here was depressing as there were plenty of ups, downs, and gullies to traverse, so I decided to bail. I am surprised there are not more accidents on the route, because there were plenty of spots were rocks let loose. We must have missed the turnoff for the trail leading to the saddle, but we quickly found it and were hammered by the steep grunt to the saddle, arriving at 5:35. Capitol was a first 14er for one of the climbers, so I told him it's all downhill from here! At this point we were making excellent time, but we would slow down considerably from here. We ended up staying a little higher than our ascent route than the descent, and the moves seemed a little more exposed.
I never felt that there was any point where the moves were worse than class 3 on the face though.

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