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Understanding how to positively drive innovation, whether at the organizational, city, national, regional or global levels, remains an elusive goal.
The bottom line is that defining exactly what innovation is, measuring it and measuring impact remains a “work in progress”.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Open Innovation is now a very fashionable term and many companies are rushing to implement an open innovation process without fully understanding its value nor how it fits within their existing product development process. Social innovation is about creating social change, sharing creative ideas and connecting social entrepreneurs worldwide. In the end, social innovation must be about ensuring that more resources are allocated to what works, in order to accelerate our solutions to the tough social issues that we face now and those that will arise in the future. Executive management?s role is to ensure that it institutionalizes the?expectation that managers will lead the continuous?improvement of their teams AND that time is allotted?for them to lead?improvement initiatives.? Based upon my experience, managers are not systematically held accountable for continuous improvement of their teams.? Indeed, innovation looks different at varying levels of the organization, but continuous improvement must happen at all levels.? When innovation snobbery results in our thinking that innovation must be separated from the mission-delivering part of the organization and it is ?outsourced? Current performance management models seek to hold employees accountable for their output rather than their overall effectiveness. Rather, employees should be accountable for giving their best, and managers should be accountable for the output of their teams.? The fact that many organizations offer bonuses telegraphs the idea that organizations believe most employees are ?holding back?, and bonuses will coax employees into giving their best.? Relieve employees of output accountability, but expect full commitment and their best advice to their managers.
Perceptiveness on the part of every leader at micro or even macro levels plays a major role in sensing the need and then strategise on the accountabilities. I agree completely that much academic attention to this subject is, in effect, self-absorbed snobbery that simply acts in an accessory role to the widespread tendency to inflate the role of the individual and downplay that of the system. It’s a bit ironic, perhaps, that academia would find itself developing theory out of whole cloth to support various notions of the great leader, such as his or her putatively heroically creative and central role in organizational innovation, rather than examining organizational dynamics from a broader, more general and objective perspective, but there it is. Accountabilities (tasks, projects) related to strategic goals will be job-specific and they need be changed and updated as circumstances change. I am proposing system-wide standard worldview that is consistent, fair and aimed at enducing trust rather than the paranoia which I believe current systems stir up. How can employees be accountable for their output when they do not choose their assignments, they do not supply their own resources, and they cannot control all circumstances? I hope you enjoy viewing my Mind Maps – there are hundreds more planned here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog plus ongoing creativity and drawing tips.
Also available: E-Books designed to help you create stylish and artistic mind maps of your own.

If you know someone who could benefit from this post and others here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog please share with them. Innovation is the development of new customer value through solutions that meet new needs, unarticulated needs, or old customer and market needs in new ways.
In recent years, the term innovation has been used extensively in business and media to describe many different things. He relayed his journey from “nerdy engineer” to polished TED Speaker that evolved through his obsession with analyzing the delivery of speeches.
Professor Michael Roberto challenged the audience to focus on creating an environment where employees could flourish rather than expending effort to recruit the best talent. Ishita Gupta spoke about her real life story of overcoming fear, while working on a Six Month Alternative MBA program under Seth Godin.
To be competitive in today’s digital environment, companies are evolving to create a culture that promotes innovation, collaboration, agility and transparency. Lisa Bonner is an experienced change agent and Senior Vice President with Roberts Golden Consulting. Specific initiatives can be difficult to articulate because our concepts of what is innovation and how it can be measured are continuing to evolve over time. In this Chapter of the “Beyond Stage Gate” series we will discuss the different definitions of Open Innovation, where does it fit in the development cycle, software tools available and a case study.
We simply describe it as innovations that are both social in their ends and in their means. Further, most believe innovativeness and creativity are characteristics of a select few, and that it need only occur at the highest levels of the organization.? When a warehouse employee discovers a different way of stacking raw materials to load more materials per pallet and the result is more material delivered each trip, you?ve got innovation at level 1 – increased productivity. 3 of an organization are concerned with current operations and their innovation focus should be value adding adaptations to current processes.?
Further, managers should be accountable for leading their team in continuous improvement efforts.?
As long as employees are held accountable for their output, why would they take a risk on innovation which could lead to reduced output?? If bonuses fueled innovation, when bonuses were threatened at the end of the year due to budget shortfalls, we should expect a burst of innovation.??Rather, we?see open jobs left unfilled, and travel, dining, and holiday parties cut from the budget. What I would advocate and perhaps reinforce output accountabilities with innovation accountabilities to attain an advantage for the organisation.
Last week’s TEDxAsylumHill event explored this topic through the lenses of entrepreneurship, strategy, education, design, and new media. He went on to say that creating a safe place and offering opportunity to fail (failure=low cost experiment!) will free employees from “the old” and generate new ideas, processes and products.
She relayed that you cannot force innovation; the fundamental way to be innovative is to solve a deeply personal need. She helps global Fortune 500 companies solve organizational issues and manage major changes to drive achievement of bold business objectives.

In 2005, the ‘technological’ qualifier for innovation was eliminated, innovation in methods was added, and for the first time, innovation in the public sector was mentioned as an area needing further study.
We will show how Smarty Ears, a developer of iPad apps for Speech Therapy and Communication, has used open innovation to greatly increase the number of ideas to market, as well as accelerate the product development cycle. Social innovations are new ideas (products, services and models) that simultaneously meet social needs (more effectively that alternatives) and create new social relationships or collaborations (from the Open Book of Social Innovation). Further, it robs the mission-delivering part of the organization from the ?psychological kick? At review time, managers should make judgments (not calculations) about their direct reports? Managements should focus on a culture to bring out these two abilities in every employee to awaken them towards innovation.
The speakers were dynamic, thought-provoking storytellers who share a commitment to redefining their fields and pushing the boundaries of “business as usual.” It’s too much to cover in one post, so I’ve outlined below some of the key points, and I plan to share highlights from other speakers in future posts. Check out his book, How to Deliver A TED Talk: Secrets Of the Worlds’ Most Inspiring Presentations. This was reinforced in 2010 when the OECD Ministerial Report on Innovation Strategy suggested that statisticians should attempt to measure public sector innovation as well as innovation for social goals (now more commonly referred to as “social innovation”).
This involves tackling major social issues, spreading solutions and implementing them on a large scale. Ignorance of work levels led to trouble when kaizen meetings were filled with people from multiple levels of the organization, as their focus was different and rightfully so.? Additionally, employees do not supply their own resources nor choose their assignments, their managers do.? This history suggests that our concepts of what innovation is will continue to evolve in the coming years. Multiple-level meetings left some attendees?feeling pulled into the weeds by minutia and others annoyed by pie-in-the-sky conceptual, strategic topics.?
Therefore, accountability for personal output alone is cruel, and frequently fuels corruption.
Ishita was truly inspirational.  Her raw emotion was so powerful that the audience sat motionless and her words hit a deep nerve that sent a chord resonating and rippling through the crowd.
Both need tending to, but during separate meetings led by accountable managers at the appropriate level. To read more about overcoming fear, living with confidence and living in alignment with your passion, check out Ishita’s digital magazine, FEAR.LESS.

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