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One of the main goals of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is to improve efficiency in the US health care industry.
The use of EDI alone can boost the speed, data quality, and cost-effectiveness of health care information exchanges - a vital ingredient for improving processes and services in health care.
Whenever people are introduced to a regulation, they usually don't see the benefits right away. Imagine a health care provider who needs to submit a health claim to an insurance company or health plan. Unlike the previous method, which required lots of human intervention, this one's fully automated.
It applies to all health plans and health care clearinghouses, as well as those health care providers who transmit electronic health information through the said transactions.
These transactions include the following: health care claims or equivalent encounter information, health claims attachments, health plan enrollments and disenrollments, health plan eligibility, health care payment and remittance advice, health plan premium payments, first report of injury, health care claim status, and referral certification and authorization. There are special documents called Implementation Guides, which provide technical details regarding each transaction. Health plans may in turn furnish health care providers with a Companion Guide, which contains instructions and other pertinent information about the electronic transactions the two parties will be engaging in.
In the event of non-compliance, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can impose civil monetary penalties on any covered entity caught violating HIPAA transaction standards. The penalties for non-compliance combined with the benefits of complying have proven to be strong motivational factors. In fact, although health care providers are allowed to submit claims in paper form, the number of providers who still submit in paper form has dwindled. To the average person, the contents of an EDI file - with all the data elements, segment separators, identifiers, clinical and non-clinical codes, and a host of other symbols - will only appear gibberish. This means, if you transmit EDI messages in the clear, they can be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attackers who can eavesdrop on your connection. Individually identifiable health information (or information that can be used to identify an individual) stolen from health care EDI transactions can be sold in the black market where they can be bought by identity thieves. Having recognized the threats to individually identifiable health information, which in HIPAA terms is known as PHI (protected health information), the government also issued the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. AS2 is one of the secure data transfer protocols supported by JSCAPE MFT Server, a platform independent managed file transfer server that supports a wide range of security mechanisms for meeting various laws and regulations like HIPAA. JSCAPE MFT Server comes with a FREE fully-functional evaluation edition which you can download today.

Learn more about the ASC X12 837 Health Care Claim Transaction, the benefit of filing electronically, and how to use the transaction.
To achieve this, HIPAA mandates the use of electronic data interchange (EDI) in health care transactions and requires HIPAA covered entities to adopt national standards when implementing EDI. If, as they often do, the business systems of the two parties differ from one another, the data format (e.g. A single patient can actually have more than one health plan and a single health care provider can have hundreds of patients.
EDI system forwards the non-standard format data to the health plan's business applications to continue claims processing. Various organizations in the health care industry already started transacting through EDI in the 1990's. These guides include information on how data should be moved electronically as well as how health care software can be programmed to meet HIPAA electronic standards requirements. Depending on the conditions surrounding the violation, penalties can go up to as high as $25,000 per person per violation. Unfortunately, they also expose those companies to a new breed of risks and vulnerabilities. Meaning, their contents can be viewed even through regular text editors like Microsoft's NotePad.
Some of them can work with developers to build customized software that can parse EDI messages. The following transactions, included in the 5010 version of HIPAA-mandated healthcare ASC X12 transactions, are used most frequently in the dental industry.
A response to an eligibility inquiry stating whether patient has coverage and often providing additional information on patient benefits.
Generated by an insurance company or clearinghouse to return information about the delivery or processing of a claim to the provider in a standardized electronic format. Request for payment from a provider to an insurance company or a statement of the proposed services sent as a predetermination.
Serves as a receipt for an ASC X12 837 claim or encounter file or the contents of an ASC X12 837 claim or encounter file, and offers information on the validity of the data content and syntax of the transaction.
In fact, there are thousands of health plans and millions of health care providers all over the country, many of whom can be running different IT software, supporting different data formats, and requiring different form entries. In other words, both sender and receiver know exactly how many data elements there should be, what content each element holds, and in what order those elements are arranged.

Now, although you can certainly view the contents of an EDI message, reading and interpreting what the contents mean is an entirely different story altogether. Through the collaboration of our members, NDEDIC works to standardize data sets and implementation guidelines that will maximize the value of the transactions for dental. NDEDIC is making great strides in promoting effective use of these eligibility transactions within the dental industry.
The ASC X12 277CA transaction is created without the need for the provider to request information using an ASC X12 276 Claim Status Inquiry. The transaction contains payment and adjudication information for multiple claims or predeterminations from an insurance company to a single payee (provider).
The ASC X12 999 is a superset of the ASC X12 997 Functional Acknowledgement transaction that was part of the first version (4010A1) of HIPAA-mandated X12 transactions for healthcare.
And in the case of the HIPAA EDI provisions, the benefits far outweigh the initial inconveniences.
Although these organizations have been transacting with each other for decades, they've been doing things in a very inefficient and costly manner. The ASC X12 835 transactions are typically used when a provider uses EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) as a means of payment from the insurance company. There are three types of claims: dental claims, medical claims, and hospitals claims, with each type of claim warranting its own transaction.
For instance, a health care provider could only carry out EDI transactions with health plans who used the same EDI format that it was also using. The ASC X12 277CA offers a common interface to the insurance company and the provider, thus standardizing the response. NDEDIC is working to make the ASC X12 835 transaction more uniform and useful for the dental industry.
Because a claim may progress through several different statuses before reaching a final processing disposition, a provider may receive multiple ASC X12 277CA transactions for a single claim.

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