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Tax payment is a financial levy charged to citizens by government in order to raise funds and run the economy of the country. On 1 April, 2013, VED - most standard rates and first year rates - increased in line with the rate of inflation (see chart, below). The Government had been considering reviewing the structure of VED but has now abandoned any reform in this Parliament. From 8 April, 2013, the VED exemption for disabled drivers will be extended to individuals receiving the enhanced mobility PIP (Personal Independence Payment). The amount of time that a tax disc does not have to be displayed following the payment of road tax will be extended from five working days to 14 calendar days.

Tax payment is mandatory depending on the law and the amount or charge is decided by the government based on the income of the individual. A new 50% VED discount will be introduced for individuals receiving the standard mobility PIP.
Additionally, legislative changes will allow advanced registration year round and 14 days in advance rather than just four days. This is paid by  the manufacturer on the finished good when it goes out of the factory.
However, it is different from custom duty because custom duty is charged on goods produced outside the country.Excise Duty is levied on all goods, except certain goods that are exempted.

When we buy a product there are two parts of payment: one is the price of the product and the other is tax levied on it.
So, when we make a purchase we tend to pay both amount knowingly or unknowingly.Sales tax is levied on sale or purchase within the State.
Different states levy different levels of sales tax, while there is a Central Sales Tax levied on sale or purchase in the course of interstate trade.If the GST is introduced it would streamline most of the taxes including states taxes and excise.

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