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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. On rental of EVDO card = 1000 (security) + 500 (activation fee) + 200 (first month rental) = Rs. As of August 2010, BSNL is also giving various EVDO tariff options under both prepaid and postpaid plans. When you get BSNL EVDO, you will be given a box which contains EVDO card, user manual and a CD for installing drivers in Windows systems. After you start the EVDO software, you need to configure phone number, user id and password (see the above section). Update in August 2010 – Now unlimited EVDO is costlier and there are many limited bandwidth plans available at lower cost. If the signal strength at your area is weak, experiment positioning the card at different places.
Typically BSNL EVDO service doesn’t give you a public IP (As of August 2010, public IP is available for a monthly fee of Rs.
The easiest way to share EVDO Internet connection between two machines is to use a proxy server. If you are having troubling connecting to EVDO network or accessing Internet, try the following steps.
BSNL’s EVDO broadband is a good choice if you cannot get wired broadband service (for example if you are staying in a rented house). I m very satisfied after reading your information n thanks a lot… well also wanna mention that this information is the best info available overall on net.
I am using BSNL Evdo from sept 2010, its quite well in compare to others, before buying bsnl evdo it is better to check out your local evdo signal tower, if its in the radius of 3-4 km then it will be good option.
We at India  have been watching a tag-of-war between mobile operators on basis of voice call and SMS tariffs for a while; it also put its feet in the desk of VAS to cut down the ARPU and net profits of mobile operators in an overcrowded market which brings mobile phones to the masses.
But we never saw the intense tariff war on internet or data segment in spite of about 373 companies having ISP license from TRAI out of which 99 are category A ISP (i.e. In mobile broadband market we presently have only two technologies available – EVDO from CDMA operators (Tata Photon+, Reliance Netconnect Broadband+, MTS MBlaze, BSNL EVDO and Virgin vFlash) and 3G from GSM operators (BSNL and MTNL covering the nation).
I am often asked “what to choose 3G or EVDO?” and this question comes only for Internet access while on move, but as I am comparing these two technologies I am covering other conveniences of them also. 3G have awesome coverage, BSNL is doing an awesome job to cover most of the places before private operators put their footprints in 3G market.
While other EVDO operators (all are private telcos) have no unlimited or night-unlimited plan. Interestingly most users of EVDO are not happy with the customer care services, and speed with their EVDO connection. In BWA auction Mukesh Ambani promoted Reliance Industries owned Infotel Broadband becomes the only pan India basis operator except BSNL. As a solution to the increasing number of spam callers, Google has updated its phone app with spam detection.
The first one comes with an internet speed up to 144 Kbps with CDMA and the second one is available with EVDO data card service with an unbelievable speed up to 3.1 Mbps. As you know BSNL is the largest organization in telecom services in India, you get the facility of enjoying the uninterrupted service from it. There is also a pre-paid limited plan with special recharge offers and the details are given below. BSNL has discontinued its service in Chandigarh and has already given 3g cards to its customers and transferred same plan.
Computers can be used with 3G networks through the use of an external dongle or network connectivity adapter. Most smartphones transmit data via a mobile 3G network, which offers on-the-go internet connectivity. 3G EVDO is the abbreviation for 3rd Generation Evolution-Date Optimized, and it refers to high-speed Internet access via a wireless network.
Download speeds for EVDO fall in between the range of 400 to 700 kbps, and the network can burst up to a 2MBps speed.
TweetTo place own position at the top of the Indian ISP list BSNL launched BSNL CDMA EVDO Data Card Service in India.
Why Prepaid - For a new prepaid connection a customer needs to pay the data card cost with zero activation charge.
Prepaid connection for the first time avails an initial free data usage of Rs 399 for 50 days as its validity. Why Postpaid - A new postpaid connection  available with an activation charge of Rs 500, monthly device charge of Rs  200 & a security deposit (SD) of Rs 1000 (refundable).
Advance payment of ten months monthly charge (FMC) at a time a special discount of next two months charge will be provided as Discounted Annual payment option for the postpaid customers by BSNL. In reality, no plans are unlimited, your speed will be throttled after consuming a certain amount of data. I started using BSNL EVDO connection almost five years ago when 3G was not so popular as today.
I was using the same modem for last five years and fortunately the speed is constant till today.
My roaming experience is mixed; in some places it worked flawlessly, but in others it refused to get connected. If you want to use BSNL EVDO on mobile phones, tablet or any other device, you can get a Wi-Fi 3G router and share the internet connection. After using BSNL EVDO as my primary internet connection for a long time, I’ll happily recommend it to anyone who is looking for a true unlimited wireless internet connection. If you ask me, I’ll take a 3 Mbps unlimited connection over 10 Mbps connection with just 20 GB data limit any day. I have a micromax cdma Modem with bsnl cdma sim but it always show MTS signal and never connected.

Today got call from bsnl that evdo service is now going to terminate permanently due to cdma spectrum is not alloted to bsnl. TweetIndian ISP Market pointed BSNL as the top digital data communication provider with its high speed internet. Advance payment of ten months monthly charge (FMC) at a time a special discount of next two months charge will be provided as Discounted Annual payment option for the customers. Yet months before that BSNL has introduced 3G in the form of wireless EVDO broadband service (the advantages of being a public sector company!). It is a telecommunications standard for transmitting digital data through radio signals and hence is used for wireless Internet access. If you already have a BSNL service (land line or a post paid mobile connection), you just need to fill out a form. You will also be given a receipt for your payment along with details of your EVDO connection.
You may have weak signal at your area or there may not be any EVDO coverage in your BSNL network antenna. You just need to plug the EVDO card and then configure the dial up connection using phone number #777, your user name and password.
According to some reports, each area is given about 60 public IPs and the first 60 to connect are given those. If you have online banking account of SBI (State Bank of India), you can register your EVDO number in bill pay options. You need to confirm subscription by clicking on the link sent by feedburner to your email address.
Private GSM operators who won 3G licences will roll out 3G high speed data services shortly, as spectrum allocation hopefully will be in coming September. If you need to access Internet on move on large scale try to get BSNL EVDO, if available in your working area. Wireless speed depends on various factors like distance from EVDO towers, congestion of network, spectrum allocated to the operator etc. As it is reported they will initially roll out WiMAX, followed by Long Term Evolution (LTE).
As you know data services come in the shapes of prepaid and post-paid, BSNL has two kinds of services, fitting the needs of the customers for internet. Wireless communication has become essential to many modern businesses and for the modern way of life as people go online to chat or send e-mails to family, friends, and colleagues. For it to operate, it relies on a signal from a cell site, as opposed to a wired line or DSL cable.
3G EVDO aims to provide wireless solutions to transform the Internet into a wireless, mobile, and convenient system by completely eradicating the need for lines and cables. Digital data communication or high speed internet service is going up with a heavy demand from the Indian Telecom Market & because of that demand BSNL like many leading companies started their wireless data access service through PCMCIA USB Modems or Data Cards using latest wireless network technologies. If the customer brings own data card then an activation charge of Rs 350 will be applicable. Except state-owned BSNL, no other companies are offering ‘True’ unlimited data on any wireless connection.
While these limited plans might be suitable for some users, but, if you are a heavy internet user like me, you will be disappointed. There were very few wireless internet service providers (Tata and Reliance) and those companies were using CDMA 1X connection at that time.
Unlike other networks which has become slower (both MTS MBlaze and Airtel 3G are now slower here).
If your city doesn’t have EVDO coverage, then the data card will work on CDMA 1X mode which is available all over the India (Except Delhi and Mumbai). There are many Wi-Fi 3G routers like TP-Link MR 3220 which supports ZTE AC8700 and other BSNL EVDO data cards. A few times a month I experience connection issues when the modem will not get connected to the internet.
At present time when we have blazing fast 4G internet connections available, the speed of BSNL EVDO might not be able to match it, but the true unlimited plan is the biggest advantage. An introvert by nature, he loves to daydream about things that are never going to happen in real life. While doing set up select MTS and just change the username and password to your BSNL modem details.
Main lucknow me rehta hoon mujhe bsnl evdo kharidna hai lekin jab bsnl office bhootnath gaya to waha ke office ke employee se maine poocha ki mujhe bsnl evdo chahiye hai tu us ne kaha ki aap check kariye ki app ke ghar ki taraf aa raha hai ki nahi. Even I have been using EVDO for last five years, but after reading your review I realized that I didn’t know many things about it. My EVDO stopped working in EVDO mode on Oct 1st, it doesn’t able to reach any remote server in EVDO mode. I faced similar problem in the past, when I lost EDVO signal and the modem was only working in 1X mode but usually this problem used to get solved within a few days. BSNL now launching up-gradations with its wireless data access service & network technology. It will open settings window and enter your details there (don’t forget to replace 11111111 with your number). Also if there are too many customers connecting to a specific BSNL network antenna, you will see slow access speed. After this registration you will receive EVDO bills in your SBI online banking account (internet banking account) and you can pay the bill by just a mouse click!
Company and many sites says that there is no bandwidth limit, but in torrent and download manager i had noticed that in the starting of the month speed goes around 80-120 kbps, but after downloading 9-10 movies and personal downloading i have observed the download speed goes to 45-55 kbps , so i am sure there is bandwidth limit, and that is 512kbps after your beyond bandwidth limit.
In 2004 Broadband Policy was announced with directions for the growth of Broadband which was defined as always on connection with minimum speed of 256 Kbps.
The first phase of WiMAX will show the speed upto 23 Mbps and the second phase of WiMAX (802.16e), will deliver 50 Mbps.

You can use this in your USB or PCMCIA kind of data card.  The best advantage of this is it is wireless and you can carry it wherever you go. It easily suits the Operating software like Window-XP, window-vista, window-7 and linux etc. Not everyone, however, has DSL or a broadband service outside of the office or school, and not every location offers WiFi. The modem comes in the form of an air card that functions as the receiver of signals that allow its users to gain access to the Internet. Verizon Wireless pioneered 3G EVDO’s commercial release in 2003 and expanded to over 125 million users in the United States by the end of 2005.
Because the signal can travel on the same cell sites as mobile phones, customers can easily access their corporate virtual private network (VPN) from any location just as long as they can receive a secure and encrypted cellular signal. I think most cellphones have 3G now but when it first came out it was definitely only on the higher end phones. If you are interested taking BSNL EVDO connection, then go and visit your nearby BSNL office and ask for it. Plaban keeps himself busy exploring gadgets, learning about new technologies and watching cat videos. As my company provided data card, my personal evdo was deactivated.The Performance was very good and speed was also good.
To maine kaha ye mein kaise pata karo mere ghar se 100 meter ki doori par bsnl ka tower laga hai. If you are experiencing this problem for long time then I’ll suggest you to contact the local telephone office.
Wi-Fi Routers are now used as latest wireless internet connectivity mediums for multiple users or systems at a time. But if there is no EVDO coverage is your area, the EVDO card switches to CDMA 1.0 based Internet access which gives speeds up to 128kbps.
BSNL EVDO broadband service is still in experimental stages and not many people are currently using it (people know it from friends and relatives). This typically doesn’t cause any issues, except in cases where the public IP is important. Another interesting aspect I noticed is that the Internet speed is not uniform, it varies a lot (see image – this shows downloading a large file).
This way you can configure any number of machines to use the same EVDO Internet connection. It is fact that on wireline broadband segment BSNL is still the king, making its landline business still viable.
3G EVDO addresses these concerns because, as a mobile broadband service, it offers totally wireless, always-present Internet service to its users. As of 2009, more and more 3G companies are employing the innovative concept to meet the demands of consumers worldwide. Customers can also download and run video clips in real-time, and EVDO provides service to customers that live outside of cable-modem or DSL areas. You might have seen many so-called ‘unlimited’ plans available on 3G or other wireless connections. While some reduce it to 72 Kbps, some even make worse by limiting to 32 Kbps that is even lower than speed of ancient dial-up connection! That is good enough for surfing the internet and streaming videos on YouTube at 360p or 480p resolution. I tested this modem on different locations, sometimes I was lucky to get 2 Mbps download speed and sometimes on crowded networks the speed dropped below 500 Kbps. Helping others by sharing knowledge and ideas is what he loves doing most.Web AdvicesLoved the article? This article will give you a complete picture of BSNL’s EVDO service, its features and a list of frequently asked questions(FAQ) on it. May be we will not get such speed, but still can dream for 10Mbps wireless connection in coming years. However, if you dig a little bit, you will notice how ISPs are misusing the ‘unlimited’ term to lure customers. The download speed is mostly stable except some occasional connection hiccups which happens a few times a month. But before solely relying on this connection, make sure that EVDO coverage is present at the place where you are travelling.
The upload speed issue is due to the hardware I’m using, the network cannot be blamed for this.
Since you are sharing the same IP with a lot of other EVDO users, you may not be able to download from Rapidshare (free service) at all! The network is capable of offering better performance if you use a newer modem with 1.8 Mbps upload speed, you can expect far better speed.
If EVDO is not present, then it will work on the 1X connection (Max speed 144 Kbps) that is only good for light internet use.
Video calling is actually using ur MOBILE to call another mobile and talk and watch videos! My testing is based on an older generation modem so the performance will be affected by the hardware limitations. And yes download speed is technically 2 MEGA BITS PER SEC which means 250 KILO BYTES PER SEC.

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