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Building process evaluation activities into programme implementation and using the results of these activities to conduct continuous quality improvement is perhaps one of the most important yet overlooked strategies in public health practice. Evidenced-based interventions cannot be expected to work exactly the same way in all contexts and cultures.
The importance of environmental scans in creating a community profile: The purpose of environmental scans is to describe the physical and spatial aspects of communities (see Assessing the Built Environment). The importance of key informant surveys and interviews in creating a community profile: Surveys can be used to assess implementation and enforcement of policies and other local practices, from a community perspective.
The UW monitoring and evaluation system allows the charting of coalition progress over time, improves peer-to-peer learning among the different coalitions and helps government agencies target technical assistance to their needs. On a regular basis, coalitions should be assessed for their ability to collaborate as well as impact its targets.
Access and equity – do all members of the targeted group have equal access to coalition efforts? Information and advocacy – how has information been increased for your constituency and policy makers? Additional considerations – What is the coalition doing together that is really working well?
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Parents always have the right to privately pay for their child’s IEE, and can then bring the report to the Team for consideration.  In Massachusetts, the Team must reconvene within 10 school days to consider any IEE reports. A recent BSEA decision helps to illustrate the risk that a school district takes when it fails to follow the appropriate procedure after a parent requests an IEE.  In Newton Public Schools, BSEA # 13-0077, a hearing officer awarded a parent full reimbursement for their privately obtained IEE, in part, because Newton did not respond to the parent’s request for a publicly funded IEE within 5 school days or provide the parent with information about how to obtain an IEE.

Parents should be aware that if a school district agrees to fund an IEE, the district is only required to fund an evaluation from an independent, qualified clinician who accepts the approved “state rate” for testing.
Students use this tool to think about the good things in their project, how to improve it, and then make a plan to improve it. To take the initiative in improving the quality of education that they provide for their pupils. To identify areas in need of development and to decide on actions that should be taken to bring about improvements in those areas. To report to the school community about the strengths in the work of the school and its priorities for improvement and development.
Teachers reflect on their work and on the learning that their pupils achieve as part of their daily professional work.
School self-evaluation places greater emphasis on collecting, examining and sharing evidence about the work of the school when making decisions about what is working well and what areas need to be improved and developed. More detailed information on SSE is available in the School Self-Evaluation Guidelines for Primary Schools. The political, geospatial, socioeconomic, physical and cultural characteristics of each community are critical in determining what is needed, appropriate, and effective. Although created to collect and summarize work across multiple tobacco control coalitions, its comprehensive listing of coalition activities may generate ideas for any public health coalition. How do other non-coalition members obtain access to the information and services of the coalition members? During SSE, the principal, deputy principal and teachers, under the direction of the board of management and the patron, and in consultation with the parents and pupils, engage in reflective enquiry on the work of the school.

For many years schools have used the school development planning process to identify what is working well and what might need to be improved. Experience in Ireland and in other countries shows that when teachers reflect on their own practice regularly and focus on improving teaching and learning in classrooms, they can improve the learning achieved by pupils. Teachers who engage in SSE reflect on how they teach and share ideas and questions with their colleagues in a professionally rewarding and supportive way.
Drawing from field experiences, the challenges of collecting process data in diverse settings will be addressed and potential solutions provided.
Interviews can occur after the surveys are reviewed to provide a more in-depth understanding of barriers and facilitators to community change.
The goals section of the UW CCAS addresses progress made on each of the group’s goals, including important inclusion of specific benchmarks (e.g. What types of databases or directories have been created to facilitate sharing of information? How much volunteer and professional time is being focused on a particular problem because of the collaboration?
School self-evaluation is a way in which this process of reflection, improvement and development can take place in a more systematic way.

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