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This post should tell you about how behind I am in my storytelling—this story is from an event I attended in Arlington TX, on April 30th, and May 1st. I told Emily, I’d review the edX platform, and provide some feedback, that they could incorporate into their strategy. Courses - The 175+ courses available on edX, should also be available in a machine readable format, via the edX API.
Faculty & Staff - The 400+ faculty and staff involved in producing edX courses should be available in a machine readable format, via the edX API. Schools & Partners- All edX partners should be available in a machine readable format, via the edX API. Dedicated API Portal - Simple, dedicated portal for edX API integrations, that isn’t just for developers. Simple Landing Page - The home page of the edX API portal should be dead simple, explaining what the API does, providing easy one click access to get to whatever any API, or potential API consumer will need.
Interactive Documentation - The standard for all APIs in 2014 is to provide interactive documentation, making learning about an API, a hands on experience. Code Samples & Libraries - Developers need all the help they can in getting up and running with an API, and right after interactive API documentation, code libraries and samples are critical to onboarding API consumers.
Twitter Presence - An active Twitter presence is common place for leading API platforms, and edX will need an active Twitter account to support its other communications, and support operations. Support Ticket System - An easy to use, trackable support system for the edX API platform will be essential to establishing a feedback loop with API consumers. Discussion Forum - Discussion forums are common place in APIs, and provide potential indirect, community support, that can help new and existing API consumers find what they are looking for.
Terms of Service - Provide simple, liberal terms of service that incentivize integrations and development. Code Licensing - Clearly license all client side code samples, libraries and event potentially server side code for the API. API Licensing - Make sure the API definition is openly licensed, so that it can be re-used, re-mixed in many ways--consider putting into API Commons.
Branding Requirements - Provide clear direction when it comes to branding requirements around API integrations. Rate Limits - Help developers understand what rate limits are in place to keep system stable, and what ways there are to get more access. Partner Tiers - Establish multiple layers of API access, allowing trusted partners to achieve higher rate limits, and write access to resources.
In reality, this advice for designing, deploying, managing, and evangelizing an API applies to any company with an online presence. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is used for morphological, chemical and microstructural characterizations of superconductors. SEM is equipped with a Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) microanalysis which provides both qualitative and quantitative informations about the chemical composition of the sample, and with an Electron BackScattered Diffraction (EBSD) system that allows to resolve local crystallographic orientations in the range of 100nm.
Left picture shows the described SEM and right pictures are sample images of both, surface and cross-section of a multilayer YBCO-CeO2-YSZ-CeO2. The EBSD is a very important tool for the analysis of the YBCO-based coated conductor, since it allows to get informations about the crystallografic orientations, the grain-to-grain disorientations, the texture and the grain boundaries. Example of EBSD applied to a sample of Ni-W after a thermal treatment at 850 °C for 30 minutes.

In the development of YBCO coated conductors, EDX is widely employed for determination of both stchiometry and chemical composition of the superconductor film, as well as of buffer layers and metallic substrates. In order to improve the resolution during SEM observation of non-conducting samples it is useful to coat the surface with a thin gold layer.
Solution-providers, integrators, IT, and designers alike are welcome to join the EDX Solutions Alliance. EDX is a robust standard format for the exchange of library, component and design data between the design authoring systems and ANY consumer of the data.
EDX is an XML in zip format based on existing IPC and OPC standards, yet refined specifically for PCB data management applications and processes.
An EDX package has a standard definition for Design, Partlist, Library, Component, and Work Instruction data. The EDX package includes a manifest which defines each of the data objects included within the package.  Each individual data object may also have its own child manifest which defines each of the individual files included within it.
The EDX package definition, the use of the manifest, and the security requirements are all defined further in the EDX format specification.
Join the EDX Solutions Alliance now for full access to the format specification and supporting documentation! Edx offers free online courses and classes find the latest mooc from the world’s best universities including mit, harvard, view all 500 + courses.
Take free online classes from 140+ top universities and coursera provides open, free education for take the world's best courses, online see full. Educational technology is defined by the and discussion groups and virtual worlds such physical universities and newer onlineonly colleges offer. Take free online classes from 140+ top universities and partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online.
Mit economics courses available online and for free many of our majors go on to have influential careers in the worlds of research, archived economics courses. Charter oak state college is an accredited public college offering online courses and degree completion programs. Plan your free online education at lifehacker u: of free courses from leading universities like the some of the best free online classes available on.
Above you can read our explanation about Edx Free Online Courses From The Worlds Best Universities.
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NIMT edX is a state of the art learning management system that uses several high end technology to deliver a rich learning experience. One of the major challenges of the distance or online education has been that a student very much feels isolated and major drop offs occur on account of lack of motivation. NIMT edX solves this with course specific discussion forums where a student can post his questions or just hang out for a refreshing discussion with fellow students and mentors.
While in Arlington, I spoke to a group of professionals who were crafting an online data & analytics course. Seemed like an obvious question, to which Emily Watson, the program manager at edX, responded, “Its on our roadmap”!
It should be easy enough for anyone to learn about the edX API, without too much technical detail front and center.

Modern API management solutions like 3Scale work very well in managing this layer of access, and service composition. There are some common approaches to defining an API using machine readable formats like Swagger, which will automatically generate interactive documentation for consumers. Github issue management works very well, for an out of the box, API support ticket system for all public APis.
Don’t limit yourself to a local discussion forum, there are SaaS solutions, as well as existing developer driven communities like Stack Overflow. If there are, make sure and clearly explain what is free, and at what points do resources cost. It is a pretty proven formula extracted from watching multiple API leaders like Twitter, Google and Amazon.
Furthermore, the EBSD is a surface technique, since the signal is obtained from depths of tenths of nm and it is thus particularly effective for the characterization of thin films. The colour of each point is associated to the local orientation, as shown in the standard triangle. Similarly, for microanalysis, a thin carbon film can be deposited in order to avoid electrostatic loading effects of the sample. The EDX format is a neutral format that is independent of the internal tool database structures and will ensure stability as the PCB design applications and flow continue to evolve. The Work Instructions specifically add support for Engineering Change Orders, New Part Introductions, and Part Change Requests. If you aren't already a member, join now for access to the available tools and information. I hope Spring 2011 video courses from leading universities 5 best websites to learn linux the good news is that with so many courses available for free online,.
Students can ask questions  or initiate a discussion on any question or section in the course. From interactive periodic tables, mosfet analyser, circuit builder, protein builder, code-jail and many more. A couple of the participants were from edX, the online course platform partnership between MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley and other universities. It is too late for edX to be API-first, which would have been much easier, but you have just get your basic APIs, the supporting business and political building blocks, and get down to the hard work of evangelizing, managing, and iterating on the edX API.
In this particular scenario, edX needs to get on the ball--it is difficult for me to imagine being an online education platform that operates between multiple universities in 2014, and not having an active API. The EDX package definition is also flexible enough to incorporate additional files which commonly are used to support the PCB design process – this might include firmware files, test plans, design specifications, or Specification Control Drawings.
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The learning doesn't start until you have the API up, being consumed, and have engage users who are providing feedback for the roadmap.

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