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The Congress needed something desperately to bounce back after the humiliating defeat in the Lok Sabha elections.
As Congress escalates attack on the Human Resource Minister Smriti Irani, the options before the BJP leader and her party are getting fewer by the day. Initially the Congress did question why a person who is not even a graduate can head the ministry that will take decision for the sector.
Where Congress has caught the BJP and Smriti Irani on the wrong foot is the two affidavits that Irani submitted in the two elections she contested. What remains to be seen how Narendra Modi solves this crisis in the initial days of his stint as the Prime Minister.
In Smriti Irani’s educational qualification fiasco they have finally something to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Uma Bharti did try to throw the ball in Congress’ court when she asked Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s educational qualification.

This argument holds little value simply because the Aviation Minister does not hold a pilot’s licence nor does the mining minister a degree in mining. Much to embarrassment of the saffron party the difference is between B A and B Com course she has mentioned. With this one issue Congress has managed to do what it could not in the entire Lok Sabha election campaign – corner Narendra Modi. That was before some smart alec in the grand old party used the affidavits Smriti Irani filed which a candidate contesting election has to file and declare everything from assets to educational qualification.
She has not progressed beyond the first year in either of the courses but that is not the point of debate. Which ever way you look at, it all ultimately leads to Modi and that is something Congress is not going to let go of that easy.
It is possible that Irani first enrolled for the BA course and later realised she needs a better degree and switched to B Com.

So far there is nothing official on the issue and Congress in likelihood will sharpen the attack in the coming days and will be knocking on court doors soon. This is something we are assuming and unless either the BJP or Smriti Irani come clean on the issue this is the best we can do.
Look at her affidavit at ECI site pg 11," he tweeted, wondering how could someone who has not even clearly mentioned her educational qualification be made in charge of HRD. The Prime Minister has given her the portfolio (of HRD) on the basis of her capabilities," said Prasad, who also holds the portfolio of Telecommunication and IT.

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