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The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) is a new credit transfer system which has replaced the National Qualification Framework (NQF).
The QCF system is based on units which have credit value and levels (from Entry Level to Level 8). To gain an award, it is necessary to have 1 to 12 credit points which equals 10 to 120 hours of learning. In addition to developing units, developing and accrediting qualifications, and awarding credits and qualifications, the regulators of the QCF are also responsible for maintaining a unit databank and monitoring the organisations that operate within the QCF in order to ensure that all awarded qualifications meet the regulatory requirements. Just like the QCF, the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) also covers schools, colleges, and vocational training.
The Young Leader Qualification is designed to help you take an active, positive part in running a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit.
Module 3 - Planning - This module allows the Young Leader to demonstrate how well they understand the programme for the section they volunteer with. Module 4 - Working with girls - This module allows the Young Leader to demonstrate that they understand the girls they work with and provide the best opportunities for them to grow and develop.

Module 5 - Local guiding - This module looks at the structure of guiding in the Young Leadera€™s local area and how the Young Leader is supported within this. Module 6 - Your role in guiding - This module is about the Young Leader showing that they understand the Promise and Law, and their commitment to guiding. Look Wider and More record book (order code: 6110) contains the YLQ syllabus and sign-off space for the qualification. One credit roughly equals 10 learning hours which allows the learners to evaluate how much time they will need to gain the desired qualification. Learners who have 13 to 26 credits (130 to 260 hours) are awarded certificates, while those who have 37 credits or more are awarded diplomas. These are specified in the Regulatory arrangements for the Qualifications and Credit Framework that has been developed jointly by the regulators in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The SCQF too is based on awarding credit points which reveal the size of qualification and the system of levels which indicates qualification’s difficulty but in contrary to the QCF, the SCQF has 12 rather than 8 levels. It is open to anyone in The Senior Section aged 14 to 18 and is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills to help you in the future.

It will help them to make sure that the programme is right for the range of ages and abilities in their unit, that all girls take part in planning the programme, and the activities are enjoyable for the girls.
And since each unit has a credit value and the credits can be transferred, the system gives the learners the ability to get qualifications at their own pace. The QCF system gives awards at any difficulty level from 1 to 8 which is due to the fact that it reveals the size of qualification and not its difficulty level. Just like in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, one credit point in Scotland roughly represents 10 hours of learning.
The latter is indicated by the title of qualification which, however, also reveals the size of the qualification and its subject. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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