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KANGSHI® EDTA Tube, Lavender cap vacuum blood collection tubes with EDTA K2 or EDTA K3 as additives, applies in examination of whole blood. Invert the tube for 6-8 times immediately after drawing blood, the inverting times should be increased accordingly if the temperature outside is higher than 35. KANGSHI® products are the result of planned research and development in chose-co-operation with our partners and customers.
China Good Quality 3D NLS Health Analyzer, Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer and Digital Blood Pressure Monitors International Trade Site. Feature silicone-coated, colored stoppers for safety and convenience; ideal for a variety of applications.
NOTE: Confer with you vet or lab before selecting a blood collection tube to be sure you are meeting their requirements. Description: Vacuum Blood Collection Tube-Purple cap The tubes are applicable to the clinical blood test and suitable for the blood cells analysis. Enter your message here, then click a€?Senda€? button to send to the contact person of this company.

EDTA Tube is widely used in clinical haematology as well as various kinds of blood cell test instruments.
We offer spray dried K3edta and K2edta tubes, that are used in clinical hematology, HbA1c and Thallassemia testing.
Kangshi Medical offers comprehensive additional services all around the product by providing expert support and technical support and training when a hospital or laboratory converts to the KANGSHI blood collection system. For procedures requiring plasma or whole blood, general hematology and certain chemistry procedures, non-silicone coated tubes feature lavender stoppers and contain liquid additive EDTA (K3) [0.10 ml, 15% solution], 16mm, 5 ml draw. The internal walls of the tubes are coated with the anti-sticking agent, and meanwhile add the anti-coagulant. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. These tubes not only protect cell morphology and effectively stop the clumping of platelets, but they are also Cell Counter compatible. Erythrocytes, Leucocytes and thrombocytes in an EDTA anticoagulated blood sample are stable for up to 24 hours.

A further specific focus of the company is the continuity of customer care, achieved by employing well trained and experienced sales representatives. EDTA anti-coagulant has low effects on the blood cell integration and blood cells configuration, which can restrain the platelets integration.
Meanwhile, it offers a comprehensive protection for blood cell, especially for protecting the blood platelet, so that it can effectively stop the gathering of blood platelet and makes the form and volume of blood cell uninfluenced in a long time. The Safety Enclosure tubes can be used in autoloader of Cell counters without being actually opened. K3EDTA or K2edta additives are carefully spray dried in the inner walls of the tube in proper proportion so as to prevent coagulation as well as preserve the original morphology of the cells.
Invert the tube for 5-8 times immediately after drawing blood, the inverting times should be increased accordingly if the temperature outside is higher than 35C.

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