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It is, in fact, Beaux’s parfum, as re-imagined for a more contemporary audience by Chanel nose Jacques Polge in 1986. Care to explain how the usage patterns and choice of a parfum, EDP and EDT differs or should ideally differ? Beauty is my lifeline and after years of picking the brains of some of the world’s most acclaimed skin experts, hair stylists, makeup artistes and photographers in my various jobs as Managing Editor at Vogue, Beauty Director at Marie Claire and Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan, this is what I know and enjoy the most! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. To be perfectly honest, there is no right answer – except for the question on the perfume that I am wearing, which may or may not suit you. Fragrances are so personal to us because of our relationship to the unique fragrance notes used to create a scent, some of which you may not be able to detect individually.
Fragrance notes refer to the special ingredients combined in perfumes to help create that sensual experience. Most women have a signature scent, having found that perfect chemistry of how a scent smells on their skin – which in turn is dependent on her age, body chemistry, diet, stress levels and overall mood. EDP (8-15% perfume oil) is generally more expensive than EDT, and has a longer lasting fragrance smell. Note that EDP and EDT versions of the same perfume with the same name may use different concentration of notes, or different notes altogether! Fragrances are personal to you, and will vary depending on your personality, mood, occasion etc. Floral notes range from delicate spring-like combinations like orange blossom and lilac to strong heady flowers like rose and gardenia. Spritz on floral when you want to show off your sweet, feminine side – e.g first dates or meet-the-parents. These sensual blends usually feature a more mature scent such as musk or ambergis, which is often combined with warm notes such as amber, cinnamon, cloves and resin.
Spritz on an oriental perfume when you want to seduce – eg for the rare night out without the kids, a special date, or maybe a masquerade ball. Fresh fragrances encompass a wide range of scents from citrus and fruity families to green, herbal and aqua families. Spritz on a fresh perfume when you’re in a fun mood – eg a hot summer’s days, when on vacation, or merely a simple day out to the market or to meet your girlfriends for brunch. Woody scents are built on base notes of bark and oak moss, and sometimes combined with patchouli and bergamot to create a more chypre scent.
Spritz on a woody perfume if you are going into an important board meeting, or for your next performance review. About MeAs a professional image consultant, I have spent years observing, educating and inspiring individuals to project his or her unique selling points. Although I do not have a degree in perfumery, having the right fragrance to suit the occasion contributes to your overall image and can help set you apart from the competition.
Perfumes are classically defined as a combination of top, heart, and base notes released over a period of time.

Perfume is considered the most beautiful form of fragrance because it releases the top, heart, and base notes over a period of time, as opposed to one faster than the other (due to its high concentration of essences). Eau de Parfum, the heart (middle) notes become noticeable after the top notes have faded away. Eau de Toilette, on the other hand, with up to a 10% perfume concentration, is a lighter, more refreshing scent, and very suitable particularly for warmer climates.
Annick Goutal -a fresh breath of the Mediterranean - with its fresh citrus fruit combination of lemon, grapefruit, green mandarin, cypress, and ylang ylang.
Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum is a perfume by Bvlgari for women and was released in 2013. 5 parfum contains jasmine from Grasse – the EDP is crafted with flowers from other, lesser sources. I would say that if the parfum is haute couture, the EDP is the Little Black Dress – both are thrilling in their own right but the former is definitely more majestic.
5 as an example, the same story runs across all perfume houses, from Dior to Van Cleef & Arpels. They are the ones that breathe life back into your skin and endure your various activities throughout your busy day.
The term Eau de Parfum (EDP) or Eau de Toilette (EDT) simply refers to a perfume’s oil concentration (as a % of alcohol content).
They can also be combined with citrus notes to make lighter fresher florals; or with spicy oriental notes to create a more regal scent. They are seductive, sultry and mysterious – think candlelit moments of deep inspiration or carnal seduction. Figure out what you want your scent to say about you, and play to your strengths and surroundings.
It is first important to understand the different types of perfume, and how they interact with onea€™s skin, before choosing the exact type of smell that suits an individual.
One could think of Eau de Parfum as a bit heavier and long-lasting than Eau de Toilette. It is refreshing for hotter climates and can be reapplied as needed due to the speedy evaporation. The elegance of roses combined with softer musk and woody tones makes it a chic and sensual option among all the generic fruity sweet summer fragrances. I didn't know goats sweat (I know for a fact that dogs and cats don't)!Glad to hear you enjoy this one as well! In fact if, like me, you are only familiar with Chanel No 5 EDT or EDP, discovering the parfum will be like finding a completely different fragrance.
As you go up the fragrance ladder, it’s not just the concentration that changes but also the materials and their quality. Impossible to say for sure but when you smell the two simultaneously, the parfum does deliver a fresher, more rounded jasmine story. Perhaps it’s the smell of lilies from your grandma’s garden that makes you feel loved or the smell of roses used in your wedding bouquet that brings back wonderful memories.

It takes you on an emotional ride which evokes memories, creates experiences and infuses our imagination with a subtle power, hinting at a secret identity. Florals can either be single floral notes, or a bouquet of flowers to create a classic feminine appeal. They are best enjoyed as a daytime delight – the smell that wakes you up on a dewy summer morning.
Although they tend to smell more unisex than other fragrance families, they conjure an image of no-nonsense femininity.
Eau de Parfum is also often used on hair and clothing, however one must be careful with delicate fabrics as they could stain due to the oils. I also opt for clean, minimalistic furniture at home and my cupboards look close to these bottles mounted free on the wall. I have about half an hour dedicated to make-up, during when I don't think about anything else but which blush to apply to match the lipstick. Narciso EdT has a softer, more elegant start while EdP chooses to reveal itself louder by the first whiff. After perhaps 15 minutes the heliotrope makes a nice appearance, to my nose it smelled like 'pink spices'. The last two weeks have been a struggle to get anything stay on my face although I didn't give up trying. Parfum version is edgier, has more of the uniqueness it offers but therefore I can see it being harder to love. 5 Eau de Parfum is not really the legendary fragrance created by Ernest Beaux for Mademoiselle Chanel in 1921. The softness and pleasantness of the new Eau de Toilette version would appeal to more people while keeping the spirit unchanged. Although usually Chikuhodo GSN-01 is too scratchy for my taste, but needed a goat mix to combat the sweat. Narciso EdP has a good projection on me so I felt like it would be too much for a warm day. I don't know about that but I like my summer fragrance to be resistant to sun ray, so here you go. After 30-40 minutes there's some soft, 'thin' but pleasant wood and a modest to small amount of benzoin, creating a relaxing dry down. Now that the brand offers an EdT as well and tunes it to be a fresher and subtler version, I am in. I had a bottle of For Her a couple of years ago and I used it up and liked it, but it was never as great on me as it was on the friend who inspired the purchase LOL!

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