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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This presentation gives a brief overview of the features of Edmodo, the free LMS available online. Just wanted to say that I have been trialling Edmodo with groups of low level NESB students. After the recent publicity about cyber bullying, stalking and grooming recently, I like the idea of a secure site that teachers can use to communicate with their students. Feel free to utilize any of the videos below when you are first setting up your class, managing student accounts or contacting your students.
Use this edmodo tutorial to help you create your first assignment or learn how to load one from your library if you made a previous assignment.
Use this edmodo tutorial if you are getting lost with all of the features and images on your home page. Use this edmodo tutorial so that you can send files such as images, Office documents or audio files to your students.

Use this edmodo tutorial to utilize some of the easiest ways to connect and get feedback from your student.
Wanna tell other teachers what is Edmodo all about, be sure to check out the lens that I created on technology writing  on Squidoo and other web 2.0 and open source software programs that you can use in your classroom to connect with your students through social media.
This entry was posted in Lesson plan, My writing, teacher journal, tools for school, Tutorial and tagged "social media", "what is edmodo", assessment, blackwatermiddleschool, cellphone, classroom management, edmodo, edtech, embedr, feed, horry county teachers, how to, jing, jing tutorial, lessons, mobile, rss, staff development, tech writing, texting, tutorials by James Gorcesky.Bookmark the permalink. There are currently four guides; a how to for teachers, a how to for students, posting to edmodo and uploading an avatar. After a very simple registration, and a little orientation, the students seem to be taking to it very well. It has some great features and it’s wonderful to hear that the students find it easy to use.
Do you want to know what is Edmodo and how you can safely communicate with your students and their parents by using social media aspects?
You can download the actual videos below, or you can watch them in a streaming fashion through the Embedr playlist.

I show you which links to click on to help you sort through all of the posts and how you can update your public profile. After posts have been added to a user’s locker, they can be organized and filtered using tags.
Is K-12 in danger?Why was Jem and the Holograms the Best Cartoons in the 80sWhat is Edmodo? My biggest problem is actually getting the students to read my instructions first and not just jumping to the links immediately.

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