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Now that we’re a week into 2014, it seems appropriate that we take a look back on the best things in EDM in 2013. EDM fans everywhere questioned the direction Avicii was going after his set at UMF this year. Disclosure came out nowhere this year to release one of the most highly acclaimed albums of the year, Settle.
In Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDMing), or Wire-Cut EDM, a thin single-strand metal wire is fed through the work piece, typically occurring while in a submerged tank of dielectric fluid or deionized water.
This process is used to cut plates and to make punches, tools, and dies from any conductive material, including hard metals that are too difficult to machine with other methods, such as; metal allows, graphite, carbide and diamond. Wire is threaded easily through work pieces with pockets on the top and bottom surface, improving threading success rate. Without technical know-how, the high precision machining achieved by experienced engineers can now be easily performed by anybody. In Wire EDMing of parts, the necessities of performing high precision machining on complex shapes with stepped height is increasing.
Taper Flex 45 is available as an option for further advanced high angle taper cutting up to 45 degrees. Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a non-traditional machining process that uses electricity to cut any conductive material precisely and accurately with a thin, electrically charged copper or brass wire as an electrode.During the wire EDM process, the wire carries one side of an electrical charge and the workpiece carries the other side of the charge. EDM can easily machine parts with very thin walls, complex geometry, narrow slots, small corner radii, very small features, etc. Wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) is a method of cutting any conductive material, regardless of hardness, using an electrically charged, small diameter wire.
Independent control of the upper and lower heads allows for tapers to be cut up to 45 degrees. The set featured bluegrass influences and a live band, which was something that nobody was expecting form the Swedish producer. Diplo spreads his talents everywhere across the musical spectrum, and produces hip-hop,moombahton,  trap, reggae, and dancehall songs. Leading up to the album, the trio from Chicago dropped new songs and remixes every Wednesday to build hype.
The French masterminds that have been creating electronic hits for decades, decided to include live instrumentation on their 2013 release.
This British duo of brothers make music that doesn’t conform to the typical EDM standards today, but the brilliance behind it is unmistakable. The latest Wire EDM machines from Sodick feature not only high precision and highly responsive linear motors, but the automatic processing and surface finishing of complex shape workpieces without the need for adjusting machining conditions, leading to high speed and high precision machining.

Even with workpieces with varying thicknesses, the machine can automatically adjust and even complex shapes can be machined without the need to process machining conditions.
When the wire gets close to the part, the attraction of electrical charges creates a controlled spark, melting and vaporizing microscopic particles of material. House music stayed just as popular as ever, while 2012’s Dubstep took a step back and let Trap have 2013. Tim Berg also had a disastrous interview with GQ that ultimately cost him a great deal of fans.
The guides move in the (X-Y) plane controlled by a CNC, the upper guide can also move independently in the (Z-U-V) axis, giving rise to the ability to cut tapered and transitioning shapes and can control axes movements.
This new function ensures a higher success rate in threading wire through a hole on a submerged workpiece or a small diameter hole.
The function consists of three parts, high angle guides, compensation jig and specialized software. The spark also removes a miniscule chunk of the wire, so after the wire travels through the workpiece one time, the machine discards the used wire and automatically advances new wire. EDM can cut hardened steel, titanium, Inconel and other difficult materials without the limitations of traditional machining. But one thing was certain, EDM continued its reign as the go-to genre for music producers, and it looks to continue that trend in 2014.
Daft Punk recruited Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, Nile Rogers, Panda Bear, and Pharrell Williams to work with them on RAM, and each collaborator brought something fresh to the table. This gives the Wire-Cut EDM the ability to be programmed to cut very intricate and delicate shapes.
High pressure water is forced through the upper and lower nozzles, which surround the guides. The spark erosion occurs along the entire length of the wire adjacent to the workpiece, so the result is a part with an excellent surface finish and no burrs regardless of how large or small the cut.Wire EDM machines use a dielectric solution of deionized water to continuously cool and flush the machining area while EDM is taking place. EDM can reduce production costs with stacked parts machining using wire EDM as well as multi-up fixturing for wire, sinker and hole pop EDM. The remix features Tyga and 2 Chainz delivering raunchy verses and Bruno Mars singing one of the catchiest choruses to ever focus on asses. Krewella is one EDM act that has massive appeal to fans of all genres and doesn’t look to be going anywhere but up in 2014. The genius and popularity of this song is reinforced by its nomination for Record of the Year at 56th annual Grammys. In many cases the entire part is submerged in the dielectric fluid, while high-pressure upper and lower flushing nozzles clear out microscopic debris from the surrounding area of the wire during the cutting process.

Use EDM over broaching for better precision, accuracy and finish, no need to make a custom broach, and no risk of introducing unwanted debris into the finished part. This system works well, and has the tremendous advantage of keeping the workpiece at a constant temperature allowing for extreme accuracy without changing temper. There is little change in the mechanical properties of a material in Wire EDMing due to its low residual stresses. The fluid also acts as a non-conductive barrier, preventing the formation of electrically conductive channels in the machining area. Use EDM instead of short-run stamping for straight-edge cuts with sharp corners and no shear or break as well as reduced costs by eliminating the need for special tooling. When the wire gets close to the part, the intensity of the electric field overcomes the barrier and dielectric breakdown occurs, allowing current to flow between the wire and the workpiece, resulting in an electrical spark.
On most wire EDM machines, the path of the wire is controlled by computer numerically-controlled (CNC) diamond guides, which can move independently of each other on multiple axes for tapered cuts and complex shapes such as small-radius inside corners and narrow slots. Like wire EDM, hole pop EDM uses spark erosion to remove material; however, in hole pop EDM the size of the hole is controlled by the diameter of the electrode. Dielectric fluid is pumped through and around the electrode during the EDM process for cooling and flushing of eroded particles.
CNC hole drilling EDM enables unattended drilling of multiple holes quickly and easily without the risks of manual positioning. Hole pop EDM is ideal for parts requiring start holes, vent holes, coolant holes, ejector pin holes or other blind holes, and is useful in removing broken taps and drill bits.Sinker EDMSinker EDM, also known as ram EDM, conventional EDM or plunge EDM, employs machined electrodes of varying shapes, sizes and materials to remove material from the workpiece. Electrodes are usually made from graphite, but copper, tungsten or brass as well as combinations of these materials are also used, and the geometric features of the electrode can be customized to reach the required specifications. In the sinker EDM process, both the workpiece and the electrode are submerged in a dielectric fluid of oil or synthetic oil and the machine guides the electrode toward the workpiece automatically using CNC technology. As in wire EDM, as the electrode approaches the workpiece, the strength of the electrical charges breaks the barrier of dielectric fluid and a spark is created, eroding away a small amount of material by melting and vaporizing microscopic particles. The process repeats hundreds of thousands of times per second, and as material is removed, the machine continues to direct the movement of the electrode until the desired dimensions are achieved.
Sinker EDM allows us to machine complex 3-D shapes, blind cavities, intricate internal features, threads into hardened parts, and much more. In addition, sinker EDM has the ability to use multi-up electrodes for multi-up parts production—in some cases, we can sinker EDM 100 pieces simultaneously.Why use EDM?

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