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EDM is the most common and useful way in re-marketing or Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Please download iShiners Quotation Form and send via the following methods, and our sales manager will contact you soon. Ease of use and flexibility were the two main factors we used to make judgments; winners were easy enough to use, didn’t require coding, and offered flexibility to move beyond the template and create an email we loved. We also added an Autopilot compatibility grade – straight up pass or fail – that indicates how easy it was to import the email into an Autopilot journey.
Stamplia’s pre-fab templates give you a few options – pick one and simply switch out their text and photos for your own, or move, add, or delete modules to make something entirely new. Pricing: Stamplia is free, but if you want to branch out beyond their six free templates without building your own, you’ll have to pay. You can either use them as-is or mold them to your own needs by adding additional columns, images, and text. Other than the fact that it’ll allow you to create emails, EDM Designer is completely different from both Bee and Stamplia. The options we’ve described so far skew toward one side or the other of flexibility and ease of use. Pricing: Because Knowtify is also an email campaign creator, it’s more expensive than the options above.
Mailchimp is also both flexible and easy to use, though slightly less so in both departments than Knowtify. Pricing: Like Knowtify, Mailchimp is an email campaign creator, so it can get more expensive than the options above. We’d love to hear what tools you’ve had success with – or didn’t, and what your impression is of the tools above based on your own personal use.
Make It Personal: We send new subscribers a note a few days after they sign up or show interest in a link, and ask about their interests, career, goals and what they hope to gain from your newsletter. Encourage Interaction: Include polls, surveys and other ways for your readers to interact with you. No Hard Sell: Yes, the purpose of your newsletter is to increase traffic and boost sales but nothing turns a reader off quicker than the hard sell. ClipCube develops a template for our clients in English and Thai, copywrite all text, manage images (ensure they are legal), create landing pages for links and distribute your newsletter to the your mailing list.

ClipCube Media is a Digital Media Marketing Agency which produces and distributes inhouse digital media content, providing an end to end digital branding service.
We create campaign plans, the media, and implement across specific platforms be it the Internet, TV, outdoor advertising or mobile devices. After a week of testing about 10 email editors and creating a lot of strange content, we’ve narrowed it down to our five favorites. For reference, we were importing responsive HTML emails with basic modules in them, such as photos, buttons, and text. While the product isn’t as flexible as others on the list (what you see above in terms of modules is pretty much what you get) it’s really easy to use. That may change in the future; on the website, there’s a tab called “Go Pro” that asks users whether or not the company should build a more robust option and charge a small monthly fee.
Heavy on flexibility, it’ll allow you to mold emails to many whims, such as altering spacing on each side of a text box down to the individual pixel level. Because you can’t export the emails you create, it’s difficult to grab the email from Knowtify to use it anywhere else. The plus is that while Mailchimp will also fire an email campaign for you, it gives you the option to export your email and send the content with whatever product you like. But it does have a free plan that’ll allow you up to 2,000 subscribers, and 12,000 emails per month.
But, being too infrequent with your communication will likely cause your customers to forget who you are. Fill your newsletter with relevant content, education and an occasional plug and you’ll see results soon enough. But more than that, we manage the process, manage and clean your database, create and proof the content (English and Thai) which boosts your search engine ranking, manage the images and create triggers to follow up on clicked links.
When you log in, you have the option to choose from six free templates (you can buy more online) or start from scratch. Like Stamplia, Bee allows you to add basic content to your email by dragging and dropping, such as text, images, and social sharing buttons. The catch is that it’s also an email campaign creator, and it doesn’t allow you to export emails into other products – you’re tied to sending emails with them. You could potentially pull the HTML code from your browser if you’re willing to put in the time to do so for every email you create.

For example, in the picture attached you can see how padding and borders can be edited down to each side of the selected button. We also create analytical reports on performance and identify the country location of each recipient. Because the module options are so simplistic and straightforward – there are only a few options, and each one shows clearly what it does – building from scratch wasn’t as intimidating as it was with other editors. The experience is intuitive and simple, so that most people won’t need any sort of tutorial to start using it. It requires manual clicking and entering text rather than dragging and dropping, and its myriad of options makes it more intimidating to start an email from scratch. It doesn’t have as many pre-built modules (13, to be exact), but you could create something similar if you’re willing to put in the time. Because when someone inside the company asks people of a similar or higher position in the company, to submit content, people tend to delay and the organizer is shy to keep asking. When you log in, you choose between basic or rich templates, and among four options – simple, promo, newsletter, or e-commerce. But if you feel roped in by the lack of flexibility in other editors, EDM should vindicate you, allowing you to add borders, bullets, make things rounded or square, define the size of different headings, and much more.
While you could manually do many of the same things on Stamplia, Bee and EDM Designer, Knowtify has already thought about what you might want to create – call-to-action modules, for instance – and created buttons to allow you to include them. There are more than 20 template options, and because they’re in grayscale, it’s easy to visualize your own content.
BUT when a 3rd party is being paid to make the newsletter, are not employees and are accountable to the process, they will make every effort to comply with deadlines, or the newsletter is late and peers and superiors will not be too happy. And the templates they offer are beautiful in their own right, so as long as you like the options, most of the work is done for you. With more than 30 modules to choose from (as opposed to five or six for other editors) it’s robust. In addition, if you do not have the skills in house like a graphic designer, experienced copywriter, a knowledge of SEO or the management tools, your newsletter will be detrimental to your brand and could portray your business poorly.

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