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An industrial type of processing machine special columnar press for various types, of metals such as: stainless steel, aluminum sheets, etc. Through this line, corrugated or plan sandwich panels can be produced automatically., It is comprised of roll forming unit, laminating unit, cutting system and unloading, table.
CNBM, China National Building Materials (Group) Corporation, is the largest group , corporation in China for building materials & equipment industry. Do not post business enquiry here, click Get a quote to contact the supplier if you want to buy it.
Hardness heat treatment and high precision grinding worktable assures structure precision and life.

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Providing 5 groups undulation setting function, the same one mold may establish 5 different undulation ways. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

Large EDM series the machine structure is designed via computer analysis to anti-pull, anti-press and anti-stress, ensure machining accuracy.

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