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Ramsey Electronics is a popular source of FM transmitter kits and fully assembled transmitters. Since the FM Broadcast J-Pole is an external antenna, you will need coax feedline to connect the antenna to the transmitter. Naturally our inclination is to position the transmitter close to the computer feeding the audio signal to it, but remember your highest quality signal will be achieved by putting the antenna outside and keeping your feedline run short. Like I mentioned in the introduction, I love watching the synchronized holiday light displays on youtube.
A licensed amateur radio operator since 1999 and earning his Extra Class license in 2002, Michael is the Owner of KB9VBR antennas and regularly writes his blog on antennas, emergency communication, amateur radio technology, and operating. Follow KB9VBR Antennas on the popular social media channels or enter your email to receive our monthly newsletter full of information and special offers. I received my 220 J-Pole today and installed it, and immediately started contacting people on the Condor Connection.
Just wanted you to know how great I think your antennas are, first one I bought was the J-Pole,very good, then I bought a slim jim better yet,at 34ft.on top of my house, i can reach a repeater 90 to 100 miles away. I have been using a prototype of Michael’s UHF Slim Jim antenna for about a year now. I thought Id let you know about my experience since I’ve owned your 2 meter jpole for a few months now. Just a quick note to tell you the [Slim Jim] antenna was installed and worked extremely well. Thank you for reading my blogIf you enjoyed this article, why not subscribe to our newsletter. Is the physical world that we see, touch, and feel in fact real or just an illusion in our minds translated in to 3D energy?
A physicist at the University of London, David Bohm, developed the theory that a human brain works similar to a hologram. Living in a holographic universe does not necessarily impact you; it just shows another way people work. The Shogun & Assassin (and family) have proven extremely popular in video production workflows worldwide. Broadcast, Pro-Audio, Military and Medical Contractors & Installers all love to work with TecNec on a Custom Basis. Don't forget to check our Line Card for the extensive list of brands TecNec is authorized to distribute. We have built strong relationships with our suppliers, giving us an edge over the competition.
Paired with exceptional customer service, you can rest easy when you make TecNec your Exclusive Wholesale Distributor! Run The Trap was created in July 2012 to bring underground trap music, Hip Hop, Club Music and other related genres to the forefront. We hope you don't only get your Trap Music fix from our site, but you allow us to help you diverge into various other related underground bass music genres; as well as expose you to some of the culture, style and fashion that exists amongst these communities.

I know I’m in awe of those specular Christmas displays with the synchronised lights and music. You could get by with an amplifier and speakers, but unless you really like the music and have understanding neighbors, loudspeakers are really not an option. If you are an electronics hobbyist, building a kit like the FM-30B can be fun and rewarding. The half-wave design of the J-Pole antenna does not require a groundplane and it has an omnidirectional radiation pattern to provide a good signal from all directions. A better option is to keep the transmitter close to the antenna and run a longer audio cable from the computer to the transmitter. If you put together a synchronised display, drop me a line or leave a comment, I’d like to hear more on how you did it.
With the top of the antenna less than 30 feet in the air, I get great signal reports from more than 25 miles away while running on a 5-watt HT.
Just ordered one more to put on a tower, will be around 47ft high, I expect to be able to reach further. Tonight I had an APRS come through from your hometown of Wausau which is 244 miles from me and over the lake ! A 25W landmobile portable set up as a base was able to be heard 28 miles from TX point on a handheld!! Farther ( by a lot) then we needed but proof that it gets out.
The reality though may not be as people see it and the interactions between two things might be different, though this idea raises many questions and opinions. Atomos improves video production workflows by designing cutting-edge, affordable tools that make the best possible use of recent advances in hardware and software. Our in-house workshop and state-of-the-art fiber lab contains the newest polishers, lasers, welders, metal working and precision test equipment to quickly & skillfully fabricate what your customers need, and when they need it. We at Run The Trap are very selective of the music we post, and make sure to only share the utmost quality works on our website. Well if you want to create a synchronised holiday light display you’ll need a little imagination, a lot of hard work, and of course an FM radio transmitter and antenna. Wouldn’t be nicer if viewers could drive up the street, tune in their radio and hear the synchronised sound over their car audio system while watching the light display.
Otherwise the fully assembled and tested Ramsey FM35BWT is ready to go for your light display. That doesn’t sound like much, but with a quality antenna it will give you enough range for a high quality signal throughout your neighborhood. The antenna can be placed off to the side or behind your house on a short mast driven into the ground or attached to a fence or deck.
These connectors mate to the SO-239 on the antenna and the SO-239 that would find on most larger transmitter. They work great for amateur radio, public safety, scanner listening, business band, and GMRS purposes. As my QTH is 20 miles north of Grand Rapids mi, it has performed well with satellites perfectly and have caught some amazing QSO’s.

So while you wait for the insanity of this 16 track album, you can at least get a preview of the madness. In that experiment, Aspect and the team discovered that regardless of the distance separating two subatomic particles there can still be instantaneous communication between the two.
Far more tests, experiments, and conclusions are yet to be drawn until an answer is reach as to whether or not we do live in a holographic universe. They are focused on solving real world problems such as long run time challenges by providing continuous power technology and affordable digital recording to high-capacity HDDs or SSDs. Our custom labor rates are extremely competitive, with solid margins proven to keep your profits up. There are several transmitters on the market, but for most residential users, an inexpensive .1 watt unit is enough to give you a couple of blocks of coverage.
These transmitters do feature a high stability PLL synthesized design for higher audio clarity and less frequency drift.
I don’t have any experience with these Chinese transmitters, they are inexpensive, so your mileage may vary.
These antennas are designed to be small and compact, but are not a good choice if you want to get some range out of your transmitter. After the holidays are over, the two piece design is easy to dissamble and store away for next year. Radio Shack does sell RG-58 coax with pl-259 connectors on each end, but unless you only need 20 feet, this coax will have too much loss for low power FM broadcast transmitters. Is what we actually see, feel, and touch the real thing or does our brain just interpret it the way it wants to and we live in an illusion of a physical world.
EDM products are kits, so basic electronics knowledge is required, but the instructions are easy to understand and most people should be able to assemble the transmitter in a couple of evenings. My recomendation for a 25-50 foot run would be RG-8U coax and the best choice for a 75 foot or longer run would be LMR-400 or Belden 9913. A BNC to SO-239 connector (Radio Shack #278-120) will be needed to connect the coax to the transmitter.
The performance is so good that I can hit repeaters 75+ miles away with “full quieting” signal reports, of course the repeaters are at 8,000+ feet and the greater Phoenix, AZ Valley is propagation friendly, but still, the Slim Jim is an amazing performer. If the antenna is directly connected to the back of the radio, you are going to end up dealing with a hashy signal and interference from neighboring devices. All antennas come pretuned to your specific frequency and they will stay in tuned with no maintenance for years to come. My favorite source for coax is The Wireman or Cable Experts. Local 2-way shops will also have coax on hand and may be able to sell small quantities.

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